Saturday, June 5, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#34

YAY! Summer is just around the corner, and I'm already starting to focus much of my attention on outdoor things like Friday night bonfires in my backyard, cocktail parties, and lots of grilling. I can't believe I've got thirty four of these comps to date! When I started out it looked like I was going to max out at about fifty, but I can't say for sure how many I'm going to end up with now. I'm happy that everyone is enjoying this, and I'm ecstatic with all the input from you folks out there. Don't be afraid to drop a comment and PLEASE check out the other fine blogs I've listed.

Dyanamics - Summertime U.S.A / Coast To Coast (1964)
Since summer is pretty much here why don't we start with a nice summer tune eh? Although I can't get any info on this, I'm guessing the Dynamics were a Chicago area group since they were on the famous U.S.A. label, and left us with this slice of surfy teenage garage pop. 

Dynamic V - Hey Little Rich Girl (1966)
Weird Buddy Hollyish thing from 1966.

Elite - One Potato / Two Potato (1966)
The first 45 by legendary Fort Worth, TX group who gave us the classic "My Confusion". This is a real great Papa Oom Mow Mow thing (although I think they're singing "mama ooh wow wow")  that has the same tune on both sides, but the A side is a "vocal" and the B side is instrumental. Real genius.

Gary & The Nightlights - Glad You're Mine / Bony Maronie (1966)
Another in the series of "listening and dancing" records from the Seeburg jukebox company which included The Del Vetts and Gary & The Nightlights, who reportedly went on to become The American Breed and hit it big with "Bend Me Shape Me".

Cloudwalkers - Sunglasses / Never Told Me So (1966)
Way cool pounder from Brooklyn, NY.

Gants - Little Boy Sad / (You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings (1966)
The second 45 on Liberty from these Greenwood, MS legends. This is a particular favorite of mine because "Little Boy Sad" was a staple in Projectiles' set lists.

Hands Of Time - Midnight Rider / Got To Get You Into My Life (1966)
Obviously this was Davie Allan & The Arrows in disguise doing a "re-recording" of a song featured on the Wild Angels soundtrack. I had to include the flip because I'm a sucker for Beatles covers.

I'des Of March - I'll Keep Searching / You Wouldn't Listen (1966)
One of my all time favorites!!!! (seems like everything is an all time favorite....) Before these guys became huge with "Vehicle", they crafted some of the best invasion styled pop in the U.S. and this one is their best in my humble opinion.

Changin' Times - Pied Piper / Thank You Babe (1965)
The first of four 45s released by this duo on Philips Records, most of them folky pop affairs with the exception of  "How Is The Air Up There?", a bona fide garage punk classic. They had two more on Bell, but I've never heard them. Note: The Sterlings "Thank You Babe" featured on IDG #20 is the same group, and this is a different take of the same song.

"In" - Just Give Me Time / Midnight Hour (1966)
I'm not to sure where these guys are from, but they left us with this cool, fuzzy, two sider.

Illusions - Just Be You / But It's Alright (196?)
You know what, I gotta plead total ignorance on this tough sounding two sider. But I'm guessing they were from somewhere down south maybe?????

Evergreen Blues - Three's A Crowd (1968)
Here's a great tune from a Miami group that has a few horns in it, but the great guitar and vocals really make up for it. They also did a cover of the Grass Roots' "Midnight Confessions", which is also pretty good.

Groundspeed - In A Dream / L-12-East (1968)
Fantastic psych from a New York City based group. The singer sounds a little like Marty Balin singing over a super cool garage band. On "In A Dream", notice how the organist changes from a Farfisa to a Hammond somewhere in the middle of the song. Check out more info here.

Last Friday's Fire - Something's Happening / Stand Up And Shout (1967)
 More psyche, this time from Phoenix, AZ. This was most likely a studio effort featuring Mike Condello whose "Phase 1" LP is a psychedelic classic.

Lovin' - All You've Got / Give It To Me (1967)
A very nice mod/psyche single which was a Larry Page production, the same guy who handled The Troggs. In the interest of "full disclosure" I hafta admit I cheated on this one. The "Give It To Me" file was lifted from another comp because my copy was just too messed up. Sorry.

Gents - I Wonder Why (1968)
A band from Utah that apparently won some kind of "national battle of the bands" thing in 1967, so they got to record this 45. They made great use of this one side, which is a monster psychedelic number, but the other side is a total piece of crap.

Wrest - Hatfield Junction (1969)
This 45 I really like! I think this group was from Wisconsin...but then again...I might be wrong...

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  1. thanks dan another saturday treat!! keep them coming

  2. another great set, Dan. Thanks. I remember Ides of March - You Wouldn't Listen being a Top 30 hit on WBZ Boston about 44 years ago this week.

  3. Thanks for another great set of tunes.A lot I never heard before.

  4. Great batch, Dan


  5. More fabulous stuff. I love it.

  6. Hi dan I hope you'll have a great summer time (adnd I hope it to me :))
    Thanks a lot for your marvellous comp ... every week I must :) ceck your blog because it's so interesting.

  7. i've just stumbled upon your blog, amazing collection, thanks a million. I'm listening now to part 1 and can't believe there's another 33 comps to go.... keep it up!

  8. Hi Dan,

    thanks for another load of gems that'lighten up my weekend.... btw: "In" seem to be from AL, whereas the Illusion probably hailed from KY (according to Fossil-comp "Burn your Body)


  9. Take this for what it's worth, but some Facebook guy named Ron on a teenage reminiscences comments roll recalls The Illusions from his hometown of Winchester, KY (east of Lexington). Since I had to access a cached Google page to see the comment in question, I'll reproduce the members' names from that post here for posterity: Lonnie Cole (who wrote "Just Be You"), Britt Sewell, Steve "Skinny" Van Hoose, Bill Kennon, Ronnie Willoughby.

    For corroboration, there's a Lonnie Cole listed on Gotta be our man: Clark High School, Winchester, KY, 1965-1969. "Just Be You" was a new one on me: some amazin' fuzztone on that 45!

    The Dynamics were indeed from Chicago. Here's a link to Norman Welch's (songwriter/group leader) website.

  10. The Last Friday's Fire single sounded like Mike Condello, so I did a search and, yep, it's him (he had an eclectic LP on Scepter that used to be in the $1.99 bin but now goes for %55+). The group also backed up other artists on Lee Hazelwood's LHI label.