Sunday, April 20, 2014

In Dan’s Garage…#97

97 front
Happy Easter my friends. It’s a beautiful day to write a blog post so I figured I’d try to get this one out real quick-like today before I go feast on leg of lamb and other goodies. The usual suspects on this go around, including a few that were previously issued on “Sixties Uncovered”, the very first collection of vinyl transfers I posted on this blog. I re-recorded them and they should sound much better than the previous attempts. Enjoy.

Arondies – Class Of ‘69 / All My Love (1964)
From Pittsburgh, they were once thought to be The Fantastic Dee Jays. Originally released simply as “‘69” but you know why they changed it.

Playboys – The Scramble / The Cat Walk (1965)
A couple of raunchy instrumentals from California. Probably the LA area.

“You Know Who” Group – Don’t Play It (No More) / Run (I Wanna Be Free) (1965)
The third 45 from this “mystery” group.

Sparkles – No Friend Of Mine / First Forget (1966)
Bone crunching classic garage/punk from these Texas legends.

Mystics – Didn’t We Have A Good Time / Now And For Always (1966)
Another Texas group delivers some nice up-tempo garage. Also released on Dot Records.

Bogis Chimes – I Think You’ll Find / Please Don't Forget (1967)
bogis chimes
These guys had a 45 on the same label as “The Road Runners”. Blue eyed soul from Wisconsin.

Changin’ Times – How Is The Air Up There / Young And Innocent Girl (1966)
Fuzzed out punker recorded by a group that mainly focused on folk-rock sounds. Outstanding.

First Crow To The Moon – Spend Your Life / The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind (1967)
Found this for 25¢ way back in the day. Slightly warped but great anyway.

Cryin’ Inside / Sometimes You Just Can’t Win (1968)
More legends from Texas!

Impacts – Don’t You Dare / Green Green Field (1966)
One of my all time favorite 45s from the Pacific NW.

Catfish Knight & The Blue Express – Deathwise / I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ (1968)
Utterly demented fuzzed out psyche from a bunch whose origin eludes me at the moment…….

City Zu – Eeny Meeny / Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast (1969)
city zu
Good two sider from another Pacific NW group who still play to this day.

Troggs – Hip Hip Hooray / Say Darlin’ (1968)
Always tough sounding, The Troggs never lose it even when they’re singing fluff like “Hip Hip Hooray”.

Rupert’s People – Reflections Of Charles Brown / Hold On (1967)
This “Whiter Shade Of Pale” rip-off was allegedly recorded and released Procol Harum had their huge hit. Who ripped off who????? B side is fantastic.

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