Saturday, May 30, 2015

In Dan's Garage...#110

   Greetings once again friends and music lovers! Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted due to my busy schedule these days, but I made a real effort in the last week or so to get this one out. I spent a couple of days rifling through several boxes of records that contained new un-posted 45s and I have a stack or two sitting close by that need to be filed, so we’re up to our eyeballs in records here at Dan’s Garage central and that means a plethora of new sounds for all! YAY!
   One of the coolest things I did while I was away from this blog occurred just last weekend as my lovely wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Connecticut to visit two dear friends of ours, drink some wine, and then attend The Who concert at Mohegan Sun Casino/Resort on May 24. For anyone out there who think that Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are a couple of washed up old guys, you are sadly mistaken. Yeah, Daltrey has lost a bit of his edge in the vocal department (I would at 71), but he can still bring it and moves about like he’s got a lot left in the tank. Pete Townshend is utterly amazing. He is one of my guitar heroes and in my opinion I one of the GREATEST songwriters of the 20th century. Their entire concert was filled with some of the greatest songs they’ve ever recorded, but when they played Amazing Journey/Sparks I was totally stunned. Pete played and sounded just as good as he did in his Live At Leeds days. No Joke. This show was actually better that the one I attended in 1982 in Buffalo when they were calling it their “farewell tour”. Good thing they didn’t give up because it’s nice to know people our age can still dig on some great live music like this. Speaking of “people our age”, the crowd at this show was interesting in that it was either old farts like me or the children of old farts like me. Way to raise your kids on great rock & roll folks!!! If any of you out there get a chance to attend one of these concerts, do it, you may never get the chance to hear these guys again.
   As I was saying, a lot of new 45s have been piling up here and I put off trying to sort them out for several weeks which is the main reason the posts have been delayed. It’s been three years since we've moved and I’m still unpacking and organizing stuff, especially records and old stereo equipment , but I’m beginning to get a handle on things so the posts should be more frequent. That being said, I hope all of you out there are enjoying the springtime weather and I know were all anticipating a nice pleasant summer. Here’s a few tunes to get you in the mood……

New Order – Why Can’t I / Pucci Girl (1966)

A group that supposedly hails from “New England”, they released three 45s on WB and this one is by far the best.

Skunks – I Need No One / I Recommend Her (1968)

A band from the Milwaukee area, they released several 45s in as many styles as evidenced on this 45 which features a Byrds–like song on one side with a soul influenced number on the flip.

Barry Lee & The Actions – Try Me / For Such A Little Wrong (1966)
A group from Cleveland, OH that had two 45s released on local labels, and then were re-released on major ones. This is their second and is another example of how bands in those days mixed different styles of music in their repertoires. The A side is a decent garage punker while the B is more of a pop vocal type thing.

Nashville Teens – Whatcha Gonna Do / The Little Bird (1965)

The Nashville Teens were a somewhat overlooked group from the 60s in my opinion. Their hit version of “Tobacco Road” is perhaps the definitive version and the bands backing of Jerry Lee Lewis at the Star Club in Hamburg is one of the all time great live recordings. That being said, they kind of got lost in the mish mash of British Invasion groups at the time, and that’s unfortunate because they were a really good band that had top notch musicians. Originally produced by Mickie Most, Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham took over the production duties for this 45 which is the Teens at their peak. Check out this way cool video as well….

Fabulous Pack – Wide Trackin’ / Does It Matter To You Girl (1968)

Terry Knight & The Pack minus Terry, they issued two 45s on Lucky Eleven both heavily soul influenced like this one here.

Boys From New York City – I’m Down Girl (1968)

The Boys From NYC were led by guitarist Don Sallah who wrote all of their best material including this great pop/garage/punker. They eventually changed their name to The Energy Package and released the fantastic “This Is The Twelfth Night” featured in IDG #16. Dig it!

Believers – Hiding Place / So Fine (1965)

The Believers were one of Joe South’s several projects in the mid 60’s while he was a sideman for Tommy Roe and plying sessions for the likes of Aretha Franklin and then going on to fame and fortune with “Games People Play” as well as writing two of my favorite songs, “Down In The Boondocks”, and “Hush”. This 45 is great because it’s kind of on the raw side and II dig the fuzz guitar in the background!

Cherry Slush – I Cannot Stop You / Don’t Walk Away (1968)

The Cherry Slush were from Saginaw, MI and released two 45s under that name, this one by far the best. They evolved from another local act called “The Bells Of Rhymny” that had a superb 45 on Dicto “She’ll Be Back” featured on one of those “Highs In The Mid 60s” comps (the Vol. # escapes me at the moment..) If you want to read a more in-depth story click HERE.

Berkshire 7 – Bring Your Love To Me / I’m Alone (1968)

I can't say much about this obscure one, except it was released on the Kentucky based Trump label which puts them squarely somewhere in the southeast.

Spindrift – Time Stands Still For Me / Alice In Wonderland (1967)

I’m not exactly sure where The Spindrift were from, but from my research I’ve come up with Oceanside, NY on Long Island. This is a very nice folk influenced two sider with touches of psychedelia on both sides.

Free Reign – Sparkle And Shine / Crystal Chandelier (1968)

Another band from Kentucky that recorded this terrific psych pop 2 sider in Nashville. They were originally known as The Corvettes but as the times changed they figured they’d change their name with them.

Fun & Games – The Grooviest Girl In The World / How Does It Feel (1968)

A pretty cool two sided pop/psych/bubblegum 45 from Texas. These guys were once known as The Six Pents and are featured in IDG #17.

Good Ship Lollipop – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer / How Does It Feel (1969)

In doing research for this 45 I came across one review that totally bashed this 45 claiming that this song (Maxwell..) is a typical McCartney puff piece. Well… yeah, I guess it is, but it’s always been one of my favorite Beatles songs (I don’t know why it just is) and in defense of it I feel it’s pretty creative. That’s just my opinion but what the hell do I know? Maybe McCartney was looking for some filler for Abbey Road and came up with this???? In any case, The Good Ship Lollipop from who the hell knows where, do an excellent job in covering this “classic”. The flip isn't bad either.

Terry &The Pyrats – Just Let The Sun Shine In / Falling In Love (197?)

All I know about this act is that it was recorded sometime in the 70s, and that they were from Portland, OR. A really weird mix of garage, country and polka!!!!!

Badge – Glory Bound / She Put Me Down (1972)

A local band from Ashland, WI that covers a Grass Roots song on the A side and offers up a moody number on the B. Pretty good for 1972.