Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Dan’s Garage…#83

83 front
   Any of you guys ever have to hide while you’re wife/girlfriend/significant other is hosting a baby or wedding shower???? Well friends that’s what is going on this very minute here at Dan’s Garage central. A horde of women are invading my home to play kooky games and “shower” my daughter-in- law, who will be giving birth in a month or so, with fabulous gifts. The upside to all of this is that I get to munch on some tasty leftovers and I’m left entirely alone for about 3 hours which gives me ample time to write this blog.

    Hey you folks in the northeast! Look outside lately? Yup that’s about two feet of snow that’s turned my neighborhood (and probably yours) into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Don’t worry though, spring is right around the corner and I’ve got a hunch this is the last biggie of the year.

   On the beer front, you may remember me waxing poetic about our local brewery Genesee. Well, they’ve come out with this limited edition “Heritage Collection” of brews that were popular way back when. Included is old standby 12 Horse Ale, Genny “Red”, which was produced in the 90s and is an excellent full bodied lager very similar to Yuengling which is very popular in these parts, and my favorite, “Fyfe & Drum” which is a nice crisp clean lager.

   The best part is that you can get a 12 pack around here for $5.99. You can’t get a six pack of cruddy ol’ Budweiser for that cheap. If you see ‘em, buy ‘em up. They won’t last forever and you will certainly like them a lot.

   Alrighty then, enough jabber about beer, snow and babies, let’s get to volume #83…..
Dick Dale & The Deltones – Peppermint Man / Surf Beat (1962)Dick Dale
”The King of The Surf Guitar”. Dick vocalizes on the A side of this and the flip is typical Dick Dale instrumental genius.
Tren-Dells – I’ll Be There / Everyday (1964)trndells
A Louisville, KY group that takes Ray Price’s country classic and turns it into a British Invasion tune that sounds a bit like Gerry & The Pacemakers. The flip is a great rendition of Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”
Don Hudson & The Royal Kings – Funny What You Do / Holding Hands (1964)donhudson
Not much is known about the greasers who grace the cover of this volume, except that they had at least one other 45 on the same label and they indeed were from Fort Worth, TX. Excellent guitar work on the A side. B side is a do-woppish ballad.
Ian & The Zodiacs – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / Message To Martha (1965)ianzodiac
This second level Liverpool group recorded a handful of 45s and a few LPs which consisted mostly of cover versions. I think, if I’m not mistaken, that they were more popular in Germany and made a few appearances on the fantastic “Beat Club” show.
James Boys – Bad Reputation / Sometimes You Walk In The Sunshine (1966)jamesboys
The James boys were a duo which consisted of Donny Marchand and Harry Giosaso and had  one other 45 on Columbia as far as I know (which ain’t much).
Melinda & The Misfits – Sweet Love / My Kind Of Man (1966)melinda
Melinda and her Misfits hailed from Kansas City, Mo and produced this nice piece of garage/pop with some very cool girl group vocals.
Senders – Chintz And Rubies / Whats Your Sisters Name (1966)senders
This one’s a real head scratcher. All I know is that it’s on the same label as The Nightcrawlers’ “Basket Of Flowers” which might indicate they were from somewhere in beautiful sunny Florida.
Spats – Gonna Tell Ya All About It baby / Billy, The Blue Grasshopper (1966)spatz
A case of defective labeling led to this 45 having “Billy” printed on both sides. “Gonna Tell Ya” though, is about as tough and menacing as garage gets, kind of like “Knock, Knock” by the Humane Society with some cool harp and a fast break in-between.
Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) / Luvin’ (1966)proons
OK. I know this is considered “common” by collector standards, but it is a classic. So I present it to you in all it’s monophonic 45 RPM glory.
Changin’ Times – All In The Mind Of A Young Girl / Aladdin (1966)changintimes
Artie Kornfield and Steve Duboff  were the masterminds behind this excellent garage/folk/pop group. They also had a 45 on Mercury as The Sterlings.
London & The Bridges – City I Was Born In / Tell It To The Preacher (1966)londonbidge
A group from Great Neck, NY that had a few 45s, this one their best, in my opinion. You can read more about them HERE.
Maddening Crowd – As Long As I’m With You (1968)maddeningcrowd
Parrot Records’ catalog numbers are so confusing, but I did nail a 1968 date on this one. This was co-written by an Albany, GA musician named Herb Ryals and it’s a slow moving song that reminds me somewhat of “Whiter Shade Of Pale” with some very soulful horn work that doesn’t really muck it up.
Elfstone – Louisiana Teardrops / Beat The Clock (1968)elfstone
Another Michael Lloyd / Kim Fowley collaboration and the results are a somewhat heavy Hammond Organ drenched A side and a lighter more psychedelic affair on the B side.
M.C.² – S.S.T. / My Mind Goes High (1967)mc2
Dreamy folk/psyche from L.A. with some outstanding vocals.
Free – Decision For Lost Soul Blue / What Makes You (1968)thefree
Not to be confused with the heavy British blues rockers, this bunch were from Detroit, MI and left us with this fabulous piece of psychedelic garage. Dig the crazy fuzz out guitar solo!