Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#37

Hello all!!! I'm gonna skip any rants and just get to the meat and potatoes of this thing today (or spaghetti and meatballs if you prefer...). Here's another lineup that goes from wild to mild and from sane to wacky, so settle in, have a cocktail, and enjoy In Dan's Garage #37!

Liverpool Five - That's What I Want / Everything's Al'right (1966)
One of my favorite bands ever. Here they tackle the Carter-Lewis number "That's What I Want" origanally sung by The Marauders, and covered by countless bands on both sides of the atlanyc. This version definitely has more "teeth" in my opinion, and ranks as possibly their best two sider ever. The Mojos' "Everything's Al'right" gets the same treatment. These guys definitely had an uncanny ability to take a song and give it a life all it's own.

Dynatones - And I Always Will / The Fife Piper (1966)
Her's a real weird one. The top side is a moody ballad thing fueled by an electric piano and the flip is an instro that sounds a bit like Paul Butterfield's "Born In Chicago" but features a jazzy flute thing. From West Virginia.

Family Tree - Live Your Own Life / Prince Of Dreams (1966)
What I've found out about this group was that a couple of members were in The Brogues and started this outfit when they broke up. Real good folk rock with tinges of British beat.

Sheffields - Fool Minus A Heart / Blowin' In The Wind (1967)
Terrific merseybeat backed with a great take on Bob Dylan's folk anthem. The Sheffields were from Holland, MI just outside of Grand Rapids, and were a very popular local group back in the day. I think this copy may have been autographed by the band, but it's tough to say for sure.Released on the totally awesome Fenton label!

M.P.D. Limited - Little Boy Sad / Wendy, Don't Go (1966)
Fantastic, yet short lived group from Melbourne, Australia, these guys reportedly had a wild stage act. This is a prime example of a small US label picking up on a beat group from the UK or Australia and trying to cash in on the "invasion" . Both sides are great, and this version of "Little Boy Sad" is my favorite.

Monotones - When Will I Be Loved / If You Can't Give Me All (1963)
Another example of a label trying to cash in. This time the bigwigs at Hickory records took a demo and released it in the US without the group's knowledge. Read the whole story here....

Minute Men - I Won't Lead You On / Mr. Mistake (1967)
I can't find a thing on this one. A pretty decent folk rock two sider.

New Lime - There Goes My Girlfriend / The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair (1967)
Cincinnati, OH group who had a slew of records on Counterpart, and were active for ten years from 1962 to 1972. Real good teen garage with an upfront Farfisa organ on this one.

Woody with The Goodies - I Can't Hide It / You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (196?)
OK. I'm not sure what's up with this 45. There's a guy in Columbia, SC named Woody Windham who does a radio show every morning called "Woody With The Goodies". Apparently he's been doing this since 1960, so I'm guessing this is the same guy. Nice job on this Mitch Ryder cover. It's actually better than the original in my opinion.

Racket Squad - Hung Up / Higher Than High (1967)
Originally known as The Fenways from the Pitsburgh area, they once backed The Vogues on "Five O'clock World", released several 45s themselves and then morphed into a fine pop/psyche group. This is their first 45.

Sweet Bippies - Love, Anyway You Want It / Bubblegum Music (1969)
I know "a lot", but I don't know everything. Jimmy Curtiss is one of those guys that kind of escapes me. It seems that he had a rather prolific career in the 60's into the 70's and was involved with the pop/psyche acts The Hobbits as well as The Bag. If you need more info try checking out this site...

Magic Reign - Jefferson Street / Charcoal Sketch (1969)
Terrific psyche from an Arlington, VA group who had one other 45 which is also great.

Arnim-Hamilton - Pepperman / Walking Midnight Coffee Break (1970)
Here's a truly great pop/psyche 45 with a bubblegum flair to it. These guys were from...wait...I'm really not sure where they're from specifically, but somewhere in Texas is a sure bet. One of the more obscure releases from the great International Artists label. I think.....

Poets In Motion - Never To Leave (1970)
Another mystery. This is not exactly "garage" or even psyche, but real nice pop. I dig tunes with that "harpsichordy" thing....

Victors - We Struck A Match (196?)
Sheesh! I can't find any solid info on this on either!!! Let's end this shebang with a total weirdo, almost novelty 45.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're looking for some help.......

Hello friends, followers, and all of you who just pass by this humble little blog. I may be clutching at straws here, but I'm having somewhat of a minor dilemma and maybe someone out there can help. The True Believers are scheduled to play "Lobster Fest" at Geno's in Portland, ME on Saturday, August 21st. Traveling from Rochester, NY to Portland, ME is a real haul for a one nighter, and we were hoping to get something booked in Albany, NY on Friday August 20th. That's about 1/3 of the way there. Unfortunately, that plan fell through, so what I'd like to know is if anyone out there can give us a tip, or possibly point us in the direction of a possible gig on August 20. Basically were looking for someplace in eastern NY, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or the general New England area. We have no problem warming up for another band, and we work cheap. We're not exactly a "touring" group so this is kinda sorta like a fishing trip for us. We like having a good time. If you haven't heard us yet, check out the "True Believers" box along side this blog, and that'll give you a good sampling of what we sound like. We can also be found at . Our e-mail address is . Thanks to all who've enjoyed this blog so far, and I'll see you this Sunday!!! Hope someone out there can help!
Sincerely, Dan

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#36

HEY!!! Happy Father's Day y'all. I had a very busy weekend hanging drywall yesterday(yawn), but the highlight was seeing Booker T. And The M.G.s here in Rochester Friday night at our annual "Jazz Festival". I gotta admit it was pretty cool and after nine years, it was the first time I ever attended. The bonus was that this particular event was FREE. You know something??? The M.G.s came out most likely as they always have... A Guitar, Bass, Drums, and a B-3 Organ. It sounded as fresh and as vital as anything I've ever heard. Which brings me to this... (here comes my rant) "rock" music totally sucks these days. Yeah. I know, here comes the... "but Dan, you're just an old fogey and you don't 'get it' " line. HEY! I got yer "old fogey" shit right here asshole. If someone played a "Coldplay" or"Nickelback" tune for me today, I wouldn't be able to tell one from another. That's because there is NO difference between the two. At least back during the British Invasion, we could tell the difference between The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds,The Animals, The Dave Clark 5, and even Freddie And The Dreamers!!! Not that it really makes a difference because "rock" has become so homogenized. There really is nothing noteworthy anymore. I don't know what the big hoopla is/was about the White Stripes either. Hell, The Cramps and the Flat Duo Jets were doing no bass player shit 20 years ago fer Chrissakes. What's with the Strokes??? Are they even still a band? All their songs have that same beat. What the fuck??? The Seeds played the same shit over and over again 44 fucking years ago, and they're still getting no credit!!!!! These guys are held up these days as "garage rock icons". What a crock of shit. Then there's the "pop" horseshit. Oh God, who the hell is this "Lady Gaga"??? I thought when Madonna got old and wrinkly we were finally rid of that crap, but here comes another bleach blond "on the edge" doing "outrageous things" selling more garbage to gullible people the world over. Iggy was pulling down his pants and spreading peanut butter all over himself back in '73, and he NEVER got any real accolades, except from people who really knew better and weren't treating Rock & Roll like a can of vegetables on a grocery store shelf. THAT WAS ON THE EDGE!!! THAT WAS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Whew. Glad I got that out of my system! Sorry, just a little ornery today. I've also got a few choice words for the people out there who are bashing "nostalgia" like it was an STD or something, but I'll save that rant for later.... In the meantime, enjoy this latest installment of "In Dan's Garage". Number 36 that is......

Velveteens - Ching Bam Bah / I Feel Sorry For You Baby (1965)
All I know about this 45 is that it's from Fort Worth, TX, one of the most active scenes in the entire US. This makes a great addition to anyone's monkey/gorilla play list!

Avengers - When It's Over / You Can't Hurt Me Anymore (1965)
The first 45 issued by these Bakersfield, CA legends, whose "Be A Caveman" is one of the greatest garage tunes ever, and truthfully, almost defines the entire genre. This one is a great Invasion styled piece.

Cruds - On Lover's Lane / Bright Lights (1965)
While not quite as obnoxious a moniker as "The Electric Toilet", The "Cruds" are certainly in good company. These songs are about a loser who can't get his act together, either with his date on "Lovers Lane", or just an evening out on his own.

Gestures - Don't Mess Around / Candlelight (1965)
"Run Run Run" is the most familiar tune from this Mankato, MN quartet, but they did release this two sided follow up a few months later, and in my opinion is just as good. The flip is a take on Chuck Berry's "School Days".

Derrik Roberts - A World Without Sunshine (1965)
There's a few "oddballs" in this edition, and this is certainly one of them. Derrik Roberts sounds like a crooner trying to be hip, maybe a little like Gene Pitney (who I think is AOK). A pseudo protest song with some interesting changes.

Warlocks - The Temper Tantrum / I'll Go Crazy (1966)
Woo Hoo! I'm all for new dance crazes, and this one is right up my alley!!! These guys go nutso on both sides of this as they do a nice cover of James Brown's "I'll Go Crazy" on the flip.

Mick & The Shambles - Lonley Nights Again / Girls, Girls, Girls (1966)
Wow! You know how much I like "moody" stuff right? Well this is at the top of the heap baby! From Philadelphia (I guess), this two sided gem was released nationally on the Verve Folkways, though that label was reserved for folksier ventures....

Spidells - Find Out What's Happening (196?)
Most likely a studio group from Nashville 'cause the flip is a decent soul number, but doesn't much like the tune presented here, a good country influenced garage rocker.

Camel Drivers - Sunday Morning 6 O'clock / Give It A Try (1966)
*SIGH* I'm so "on the fence" about this one. On the one hand, it's a cool pop/psych two sider that moves along nicely, on the other hand, it's got those irritating horns, most likely courtesy of "Artie Fields" their "producer". Hey Artie, you shoulda kept yer grubby hands off this one, because without you it might have been near perfect, ya asshole.

Lazy Eggs - I'm Gonna Love You / As Long As I Have You (1965)
I don't know why anyone would call themselves The "Lazy Eggs", hell I don't know why anyone would call themselves "The Electric Toilet" either, but this Detroit combo delivered at least two 45s that I know of, and both are great.

Petula Clark - Heart (1965)
Sure. We all know Pet Clark and those great hits she had in the mid sixties, but at first I was unaware that she did this before the Remains covered it, and became one of my all time favorite songs. The Remains were pretty savvy I guess, knowing much more than anyone else at the time.

Us - You Say / Somewhere In The Morning (1968)
Sometime after the Night Crawlers of Mankato, MN (boy that town is getting a lot of airplay in this edition) broke up, lead singer Barry Gillespie rejoined with some old "pre Night Crawler" pals to start this group and re-release the classic "You Say". A very nice version in my opinion....

Crystal Junkyard - Fire On My Street / Mary's Little Lamb (1970)
Nice pop/psyche from a Nashville based group.

Spencer Davis Group - After Tea / Looking Back (1968)
 The Spencer Davis Group took quite a hit in 1967 when Steve Winwood left to form Traffic, but they soldiered on with keyboard player Eddie Hardin, and guitarist Phil Sawyer. The results of this lineup change were pretty good as they dabbled in everything from this fine psych pop tune, to the R&B flip side "Looking Back", which was also done by John Mayall.

Californians - Nausea Beast / Glass Disguise (1969)
Apparently no one in this band was from California, but they were produced by Brian Ross, mastermind behind The Music Machine (with Sean Bonniwell of course), The Light, and a host of other fine acts from the mid 60's. Real great guitar work and nice stereo effects are a highlight of this cool psyche 45. I guess the A side is about some real hideous chick that the singer can't get away from at school. Genius.

I found this in a bunch of 25¢ 45s about 25 years ago and I'm still mystified as to who this is. It's most likely a group from Rochester, but who the hell knows??? It sounds like three vocalists and a guitar, but it's tough to tell if there's anyone else in the background. I only put one side on. I thought that would be enough......

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#35

Good morning!!! It was my intention to get this one out yesterday, but since I don't have to hang drywall today, I decided to leave it for this fine Sunday. I really have nothing to rant and rave about this morning (except for work and you don't want to hear about that) so I'm going just let 'er rip...

Chartbusters - She's The One / Slippin' Thru Your Fingers (1964)
Absolutely one of the best British Invasion style performances by a US group ever. The Chartbusters nailed it down perfectly right down to the 1-2-3-4 at the intro. I could tell you more, but you can read the entire Chartbusters and Bobby Poe story here. Dig it!

Drafi Deutscher & His Magics - Mormor Stein und Eisen Bricht / Das Sind Die Einsamen Jahre (1965)
Drafi was a German (duh) pop singer who had a very long career in the music business. This was his most succesful release, and it straddles the fine line between pop and beat. The title means "Marble Breaks And Iron Bends", and was released in the US on London sung in English.

Everpresent Fullness - Wild About My Lovin' / Doin' A Number (1966)
An L.A. group who had this one released twice with different B sides. "Wild About My Lovin'" is very Lovin' Spoonfulish, but the B side is a raving Bo Diddley style instro.

Riddles - It's One Thing To Say / Sweets For My Sweet (1966)
Very cool Garage/Pop 45 from the Chicago area.

Don & The Goodtimes - You Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You (1966)
Don & The Goodtimes were formed in Portland, OR after Don Galluci had to leave the Kingsmen (he played the most famous electric piano riff in the history of the world on "Louie Louie"). They had a bunch of 45s on different labels in various styles, but their stuff on Jerden is probably the best.

Only Ones - You're The Reason / Find A Way (1966)
I'm a real vocal harmony junkie, and this Michigan garage two sider really delivers the goods.

Sound Idea - Song In My Soul / The Sounds (1967)
Nice rip-off of "Whatever Shape Your Stomach Is In" by a totally unknown group.

Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking / Truth From My Eyes (1964)
Fantastic tambourine shakin' garage number from Memphis. These guys were extremely popular in the area and continued performing into the 90's.

Cobblestones - Flower People / Down With It (1967)
This band was from Bloomington, Illinois, and like the Everpresent Fullness, decided to go "Bo Diddley" on the B side of this cool folk/rock, flower/pop gem.

Dearly Beloveds - Peep Peep Pop Pop / It Is Better (1966)
These guys hailed fro Tuscon, AZ and actually recorded an entire album for Columbia which never got released. 

Fe-Fi-Four plus 2 - Mr. Sweet Stuff / Pick Up Your Head (1967)
Legendary Albuquerque, NM group whose "I Wanna Come Back From The World Of L.S.D." is one one of the most sought after 45s on the planet. While this one here isn't quite as crazed and kooky, it's still a fantastic garage/psyche two sider.

Front End - Eeny Meeny / You (1968)
I can't find any solid info on this terrific bubblegum laced 45. They had at least two others that are similar and also very good.

Clusters - Georgie Porgie / Cause You're Gone (196?)
Alas, I've come to a dead end on this goofy one. I like it though. It's got a pretty decent guitar break, and it's not all that bad...

Electric Toilet - In The Hands Of Kharma / Revelations (1969)
OK, say what you want about this one. It's not exactly "garage". It's definitely "psyche", and it does have a prevalent religious message to it compounded by the gospel style background vocals. But let's forget all that. You gotta give this bunch credit for having the balls to call themselves THE ELECTRIC TOILET. I wonder what their posters looked like? I've seen the album cover (yup, they actually had an entire LP!) and it's got a toilet on it, albeit kind of obscured, but what were they telling club owners when they were trying to get gigs??? Bar owner: "Well son what do you call yerselves???" Band member: Uhh...THE ELECTRIC TOILET. This group had to have been an agent's nightmare, and really, Nasco wasn't exactly Capitol Records, but they did have national distribution. Of course, they faded into oblivion, but fortunately left us with this great conversation piece.

American Dream - Tioga (1968)
Let's end this edition with a way cool moody instrumental. I don't know anything about this 45 either, but it's the B side of an icky folky pop thing, and probably isn't even the same group. Unfortunately, there is no info on this one either.....

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