Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#37

Hello all!!! I'm gonna skip any rants and just get to the meat and potatoes of this thing today (or spaghetti and meatballs if you prefer...). Here's another lineup that goes from wild to mild and from sane to wacky, so settle in, have a cocktail, and enjoy In Dan's Garage #37!

Liverpool Five - That's What I Want / Everything's Al'right (1966)
One of my favorite bands ever. Here they tackle the Carter-Lewis number "That's What I Want" origanally sung by The Marauders, and covered by countless bands on both sides of the atlanyc. This version definitely has more "teeth" in my opinion, and ranks as possibly their best two sider ever. The Mojos' "Everything's Al'right" gets the same treatment. These guys definitely had an uncanny ability to take a song and give it a life all it's own.

Dynatones - And I Always Will / The Fife Piper (1966)
Her's a real weird one. The top side is a moody ballad thing fueled by an electric piano and the flip is an instro that sounds a bit like Paul Butterfield's "Born In Chicago" but features a jazzy flute thing. From West Virginia.

Family Tree - Live Your Own Life / Prince Of Dreams (1966)
What I've found out about this group was that a couple of members were in The Brogues and started this outfit when they broke up. Real good folk rock with tinges of British beat.

Sheffields - Fool Minus A Heart / Blowin' In The Wind (1967)
Terrific merseybeat backed with a great take on Bob Dylan's folk anthem. The Sheffields were from Holland, MI just outside of Grand Rapids, and were a very popular local group back in the day. I think this copy may have been autographed by the band, but it's tough to say for sure.Released on the totally awesome Fenton label!

M.P.D. Limited - Little Boy Sad / Wendy, Don't Go (1966)
Fantastic, yet short lived group from Melbourne, Australia, these guys reportedly had a wild stage act. This is a prime example of a small US label picking up on a beat group from the UK or Australia and trying to cash in on the "invasion" . Both sides are great, and this version of "Little Boy Sad" is my favorite.

Monotones - When Will I Be Loved / If You Can't Give Me All (1963)
Another example of a label trying to cash in. This time the bigwigs at Hickory records took a demo and released it in the US without the group's knowledge. Read the whole story here....

Minute Men - I Won't Lead You On / Mr. Mistake (1967)
I can't find a thing on this one. A pretty decent folk rock two sider.

New Lime - There Goes My Girlfriend / The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair (1967)
Cincinnati, OH group who had a slew of records on Counterpart, and were active for ten years from 1962 to 1972. Real good teen garage with an upfront Farfisa organ on this one.

Woody with The Goodies - I Can't Hide It / You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (196?)
OK. I'm not sure what's up with this 45. There's a guy in Columbia, SC named Woody Windham who does a radio show every morning called "Woody With The Goodies". Apparently he's been doing this since 1960, so I'm guessing this is the same guy. Nice job on this Mitch Ryder cover. It's actually better than the original in my opinion.

Racket Squad - Hung Up / Higher Than High (1967)
Originally known as The Fenways from the Pitsburgh area, they once backed The Vogues on "Five O'clock World", released several 45s themselves and then morphed into a fine pop/psyche group. This is their first 45.

Sweet Bippies - Love, Anyway You Want It / Bubblegum Music (1969)
I know "a lot", but I don't know everything. Jimmy Curtiss is one of those guys that kind of escapes me. It seems that he had a rather prolific career in the 60's into the 70's and was involved with the pop/psyche acts The Hobbits as well as The Bag. If you need more info try checking out this site...

Magic Reign - Jefferson Street / Charcoal Sketch (1969)
Terrific psyche from an Arlington, VA group who had one other 45 which is also great.

Arnim-Hamilton - Pepperman / Walking Midnight Coffee Break (1970)
Here's a truly great pop/psyche 45 with a bubblegum flair to it. These guys were from...wait...I'm really not sure where they're from specifically, but somewhere in Texas is a sure bet. One of the more obscure releases from the great International Artists label. I think.....

Poets In Motion - Never To Leave (1970)
Another mystery. This is not exactly "garage" or even psyche, but real nice pop. I dig tunes with that "harpsichordy" thing....

Victors - We Struck A Match (196?)
Sheesh! I can't find any solid info on this on either!!! Let's end this shebang with a total weirdo, almost novelty 45.

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  1. Thanks for another great comp.And,small world,I went to school with Bobby Winkler of the Magic Reign and we recently got back in touch.Not sure if he was playing drums or organ on this one.

  2. the Dynatones side Fife Piper was a Top 30 type hit in Boston around the Fall of 1966. they'd have the news at the top of the hour so always needed a few instro's to lead into the News. you could turn the pot back at any time on an instro without pissing off too many listeners.....

  3. I can help shed a little light on the Poets In Motion record. The "Never To Leave" side was issued as by Two Bits, on the Big Deal record label (and was also issued on the Vantown label under the same artist name, I don't know which came first). It is the EXACT same recording as the Poets In Motion record. However the Poets In Motion release on RCA has a different B side (I'll Start Over) than the others, which share the same B side (Things Must Change), so I don't know which came first and why there was a group name change and why all three didn't use the same B side.

  4. I forgot to add also, the members of Two Bits were actually John Gummoe and Gabe Lapano of the Cascades. Thus it is reason to speculate that perhaps the Poets In Motion were the same two guys (it is not listed in their official discography while the Two Bits disc, only credited on Big Deal records, is).

  5. .. seems the Victors were from CA (comped oon GPF Extraterrestrial Sojourn, Pt. IV).... thanks a bunch for another batch of gems


  6. Looks excitingly bland and mundanely insane, thanks

  7. Nice one... Thanks///

  8. and...
    ’’Victors We Struck A Match’’ seems to be from 1966 (Alpha 603 1966 Hollywood, CA USA #086)

  9. The Minute Men on Parrot were from Hialeah, Florida. There's lots of history on them, and several photos, on this 6-page-long thread at the Limestone Lounge:

  10. never missing a beat... thanks as always for the great 45's :)

    Peace and blessings.