Sunday, August 9, 2015

In Dan’s Garage…#112

112 front
Greetings one and all!!! I hope you are all enjoying the summer months as much as I have but I must say it goes by way too fast. Soooo busy these days attending affairs and being a grandfather(“Papa Dan to my granddaughter!) which has kept me on my toes over the past couple of months, not that I’m complaining. During rest periods I like to get a few records ripped and when I have a spare hour or two I’ll write this blog which I hope you are all still digging on! This post is a good one with several obscurities that are tough to nail down. Enjoy.

Underbeats – Annie Do The Dog / Sweet Words Of Love (1964)
annie do the dog
The Underbeats were one of Minneapolis’ most popular groups rubbing elbows with the likes of The Trashmen and Gregory Dee & The Avanties. This is a great example of what was popular in Minnesota at the time.

Vibratos LTD – I’ll Be Back / Something Else (1965)
vibratos ltd.
The Vibratos LTD. were a big deal in Phoenix, AZ along with other local bands like P-Nut Butter and Floyd & Jerry and The Counterpoints. This 45 is a great lo-fi garage take on The Beatles’ classic “I’ll Be Back” with a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Something Else” on the flip.

Sound Of Phyve – Shame Shame (196?)
Here’s a mystery. I can’t find any real concrete info on this group but my guess, judging from the label, would be that they were from the southeast. Good garage/R&B/Soul type sounds here…..possibly a “Beach Music” band?????

Spirit – Man Enough For You Baby / No Time To Rhyme (1966)
Another mystery, although what little info I got was this was an act from NYC. Deadly cool two sider with great fuzz guitars on the A side and a haunting mid-tempo garage rocker on the B.

Cherokees – It’s Gonna Work Out Fine / I've Got Something To Tell You (1965)
An Australian group from Melbourne that had several records released through their short career. This one is an interesting example of how a small label like this one (Gary) would license a group like this in the hopes of possibly cashing in on the beat invasion of the times. There were scores of 45s like this released in the US.

Fogcutters – Casting My Spell / I Want Your Love Again (1966)
fogcutters casting my spell
Featured on IDG #27 & 67 this group ‘s origins were in Colorado, but they relocated to California where some of the members formed The Fantastic Zoo.

Fred Gartner & The Ferraris – A Good Girl Is A Pretty Girl / All The Young Girls (196?)
fred gartner
Here’s another stumper. Real lo-fi fare from a bunch of garage greasers that were most likely from Ohio, probably Columbus, but that’s just an educated guess given that this 45 was pressed at the immortal Rite Records Co. based in Cincinnati.

Hoppi & The Beau Heems – I Missed My Cloud (1966)
Back in IDG #104 I feature Hoppi and his gang doing a number called “When I Get Home” which sounds like more than a passing resemblance to Jim Morrison and the Doors. On this earlier 45 they decided to copy “? Mark & The Mysterians”. I think both decisions were genius.

King James & The Royal Jesters – I Get A Feeling / Girl (1968)
kng james
Here's one that I know a bit about! Plato records was based in Milton, WV and had their records pressed by QCA in Cincinnati. King James and his crew were from Point Pleasant which was in the middle of West Virginia, but close enough to Milton and Cincinnati. A great 45 driven by a cool organ and vocals. For some in-depth info click HERE.

Pedestrians – Think Twice / Snyder’s Swamp (1966)
I love Fenton Records. I just wish I had more of them because it had quite a few killer bands on their roster. Tis one’s not exactly a killer, but is great IMHO. The Pedestrians were from Grand Rapids and apparently this 45 was #1 for quite a while in that area as well as hitting the charts in other parts of the country. For more info click HERE.

Psychopaths – Till The Stroke Of Dawn / See The Girl (1966)
As I’ve said before, I don’t generally do re-issues unless they merit inclusion because they’re almost as scarce as originals or they are just killer 45s like this one. I remember seeing this in it’s original state on a set sale list back in ‘86 or so and passing on it because the seller wanted a whopping $12 for it. What a mistake that was!!!! From Boston.

Plasma – How Many / A Night Like This (196?)
Here’s another dead end. I tries Googling this but came up with lots of medical sites and a bunch explaining how a plasma TV works. All I’ve got to go on is the label which looks like it was pressed in the northeast. That's as good as it gets. The record?? The A side starts off with some mellow jazzy guitar riffing and goes into a mid-tempo moody number. The B side is even moodier.

River Deep – Take A Ride / Shelly Tell Me Why (1969)
river deep
This same song was featured in IDG #89 by Pawnee Drive simply titled “Ride”. This one has a slightly different mix and a different B side as well.

Robbs – Next Time You See Me / I Don’t Feel Alone (1966)
The Robbs had a slew of 45s in the mid to late 60s and were mostly a great mix of pop harmonies, folk rock, and a bit of garage/psych. All are worth seeking out.

Shillings – Wild Cherry Lane / Strawberry Jain (1969)
the shillings
The Shillings from Allentown, PA had four 45s that ranged from moody punk, to folk rock, to the bubblegum pop featured on this one. These guys must have liked fruit a lot.