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In Dan's Garage...#27

Good news!!! While rummaging through my collection I realized I have even more records than I thought!!! No doubt this development will make my lovely wife cringe, but hey, record collecting is a better vice than  let's say....gambling, and at the end of the day I have something to show for my money spent! A nice investment indeed! For your listening pleasure are 28 more obscurities from the '60s, with most of it in the 65-67 time slot. Here goes....#27!!!

Free For All - Show Me The Way / Blue Monday (1966)
 Here's a great one to start off with. This group was actually The Great Scots from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a band that had about 4 or 5 killer 45s, including "Give Me Lovin' / Don't Want Your Love" which I featured in #20.

Rooks - I'll Be The One / Believe In You (1965)
A great (I don't give a shit what Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers says) British Invasion influenced 45 from a bunch of guys who I guess were actually from California, and had connections with Bobby Fuller. There's another Rooks out there, that did the superb "A Girl Like You", but these aren't the same guys.

Beattle-Ettes - Only Seventeen (1964)
HA! This one is one of my favorites because it's soooo cheezy. What we have here is an obvious attempt by girl group guru George "Shadow" Morton to cash in on the Beatles craze. Well...the results were less than stellar, but the final product is a great, if not not inept, girl garage group singing like they wish they were the Beatles.

Creatures - Hurtin' All Over / Love Is A Funny Little Game (1966)
This Irish group was featured in our last episode, and what we have here is more of the same. Excellent production, and cool, ringing guitars throughout. I don't know why these guys haven't gotten more praise.

Devons - Are You Really Real / It's All Over Now Baby Blue (1965)
 Gary Usher is well known for his work with The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Hondells, The Surfaris, and Sagittarius. The Devons may have been a studio group of some sort, but they definitely tried capturing the folk rock vibe that was so popular at the time, and wre one of the first rock and roll groups to attempt the often covered Dylan favorite "Baby Blue", which was a staple of many bands in the sixties and into the seventies.

 Five Empressions - Little Miss Sad / Hey Lover (1965)
Great one from a very popular Chicago band who changed their name to The Five Emprees.

Fogcutters - That's Where I'll Be / It's My World (1966)
A great girl put down 45 from a Colorado group. They had at least two more, both real good.

Baxters Chat - Don't Come Around Today / You're Alone (1967)
Groovy garage/pop with some baroque influenced Farfisa organ driving the whole thing. From somewhere in Kansas.....

Sceptres - Can't Get You Off My Mind (1965)
 Moody, lightweight garage from Montreal, Canada.

Third Booth - Sound Inc. / Mysteries (1967)
Most aficionados will recognize this one under the title "I Need Love" which was released on Independence records in 1968. This however, is the original release from this Peoria, IL group, and as you can see the A side was originally titled "Sound Inc." Check out a more detailed account here.

Cast Of Thousands - Girl Go Do What You Gonna Do / My Jenny Wears A Mini (1967)

Mistakenly thought of as Stevie Ray Vaughn's backup band, this bunch from Texas was an offshoot of The Allusions who were featured in #26. This is absolutely one of my favorites, although the flip is a bit on the goofy side...

Wailers - Tears / It's You Alone (1966)
Legendary Pacific NW combo who irritatingly gets confused with the reggae bunch. This is from a fine album they released in 1966.

Wolf Men - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not / Watusi Beat (1986)
Although the main focus of this blog is on sixties groups, I had to include this "neo garage" 45 because of it's sheer authenticity. Both sides of this are truly fantastic, and they nail down the sound better than 98% of every garage rock band I've ever heard, including The Chesterfield Kings. They even go so far as to put a delta matrix number from 1965 in the trail off wax! How cool is that!!!

Sonics - Anyway The Wind Blows / Lost Love (1967)
The last 45 put out by the original lineup, and it kind of shows. The A side, a cover of a Mothers Of Invention tune shows a clear departure from "Psycho". I really like it nonetheless, especially the "Eight Miles High" ending. The flip shows shades of the old Sonics.

Rumbles Ltd. - Push Push / First To Know (1969)
In #19 we heard "Fourteen Years", a great moody tune from this very popular Omaha, NE combo. This 45, one of their last from '69, has a bubblegum flair to it, but is real catchy


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Holy crap!!!!! I got up this morning, looked at my mailbox and said to myself, "Wow this blog is freakin' blowin' up"!!!!! You know, every once and a while we mess up here at Dan's Garage Central, and we're really glad you all got "our back". That being said, if you've got the time to drop me a line when we're screwing up, you certainly can give us some feedback when we're doing a good job too, 'cause we love compliments here. ;) Every thing's fixed now, and I hope you all enjoy grooving on #26.

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In Dan’s Garage…#26

Greetings once again friends and followers. It’s a pretty nice day here in upstate New York, and after the first day of spring, I can finally feel it coming on for sure. Daylight savings time kinds pissed me off though. Aside from losing an hour, I have to travel to work in total darkness again, and my commute is scary enough when people are driving when the sun’s up, but they get really messed up when the sun’s down and become totally maniacal. Thank God it’s not snowing. (fingers are crossed here…) Today, I present another nice batch of 45s, most of them firmly in the ‘65 to ‘67 era with a couple of them from the class of ‘68. I’ve gotten some new things too and they’ll be up on the next post. I’d like to mention that I screwed up the front cover in the file, so just save this one to replace the bad cover. Now without further adieu… In Dan’s Garage #26!

Judge 'N Jury - Roaches
This song totally cracks me up! Sure, it's a "novelty" tune of sorts, but it's defintely garage, with a frat rock flavor to it. I can't say much about where these guys are from. Interesting to note that Tom Wilson produced this 45 about the same time he was working with The Mothers Of Invention and The Velvet Underground.

Bruthers - Bad Way To Go / Bad Love
Truly one of the all time greats! Actually real brothers, they were from Pearl River, NY which is just the other side of the Hudson River from White Plains. Both sides are incredibly raw and snotty anti girl rants.

Allusions - You Better Think Twice / It'll Never Be The Same
 Here's a group with a very interesting history. They were from North Texas and played shows with such groups as The Five Americans, The Chessmen, and Mouse & The Traps. They signed up with Major Bill Smith and changed their name to Cast Of Thousands whose "Girl Do What You Gonna Do" is absolutely one of my favorites. A detailed story can be found HERE.

Transatlantics - Stand Up And Fight Like A Man / It's All Over
We last heard from this Grays,Essex UK group in Vol. #19. Here's more of the same invasion type harmony pop.

By Popular Demand - You Might Need Me
Here's a great moody 45 from a pretty obscure outfit. I think they're from Ohio, but I can't say for sure.....

Green Gang - She Means That Much To Me / Dream Of Me
Here's a nice lightweight garage number from another real obscure group. This one's probably from somewhere around Nashville, but exactly where is anybody's guess.

Mark Farrell & The New Blue Angels - Sweet Donna Lee
Another mystery record from Orlando, FL. Real cool Hammond Organ sounds from this one...

Bush - To Die Alone / Don't You Fret
Intense fuzzed out song from San Bernardino, CA. They had a couple more 45s, but I think this one's the best.

Creatures - Turn Out The Light / It Must Be Love
Not the same as the fantastic Australian group, these guys were reportedly from Ireland, although I can't really confirm that. This is a terrific two sider, that to me, sounds almost like Dire Straits??????

Vinnie Basile - Gypsy Girl / Girl
OK, here's a real interesting 45, not only because it's on the famous "Davy Jones Records" label, but because there might be some confusion about who this actually is. This 45 originally was released on the Syncro label (from who knows where) credited to The Staccatos. Garage aficionados know about The Staccatos from Ottawa, ON, a very popular Canadian group, but this one is not listed in their discography, or on any of their reissues. So my guess is that there was another "Staccatos", and were eventually picked up by the "famous" Davy Jones and re-released on his label as "Vinnie Basile" who was probably the lead vocalist. All this is speculation on my part though......

Exchequers - Is There Some Girl
Yeah! I had to include the entire scan of this green goodie from LaCrosse, WI. A rare and great, inept folk rocker.

Invasion - The Invasion Is Coming / I Want To Thank You
As long as were in Wisconsin, let go to Milwaukee and check out The Invasion. Here's another "novelty" song that doubles as a snotty punk killer. The flip ain't bad either....

Models - Bend Me, Shape Me
Super cool version of The American Breed's hit. This actually came out before the American Breed's version and has some extremely whacked out editing and special effects. Most likely a studio group, this was also produced by the aforementioned Tom Wilson.

Music Explosion - Little Black Egg / Stay By My Side
Not much needs to be said about this group, but it's interesting to note that this was a 1969 re-release of their 1st 45 from 1967. Both sided are great, especially the flip....

Huck Finn - Two Of A Kind
A very cool 45 from a group that once was The Balloon Farm who released the ultra classic "Question Of Temperature".

Growing Concern - Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled / A Boy I Once Knew Well
Finely crafted psyche/pop. They also had an album which unfortunately never went anywhere.

Chylds - No More Tears / Grey Days
The last of four 45s released by this great Canton, OH group. Although not as cool as Hay Girl / I Want More Lovin', it's better than their almost hit, Psychedelic Soul, and in my opinion, sadly overlooked.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The comments are cool!!!!

    Every week I try to set aside some time to do my blogging, and if you haen't noticed already, I usually post at the end of the weekend. After 25 posts, I've noticed there are some very cool comments from my readers and follwers, and they have provided valuable info on some of these including some links which you must check out. Here are some of the comments with incredibly cool info in them. Thanks to all of you who read and follow. This era of Rock And Roll is by and large sadly overlooked. Has anyone seen the latest inductees to the so called "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame"? Abba???? This is a new low. I'll put my two cents on this subject in another post. Stay tuned...I get real cranky about that topic. The people who lisen to and collect this type of stuff should consider themselves curators of a lost, but significant era of Rock And Roll that was unadulterated by corporate excess, and to a large extent, drugs, although you gotta admit some of the coolest stuff was in the "post LSD/Pot era. "Anyway... a huge THANK YOU!!!!! to all of you, your kind comments, and for your contributions!!!!

 Bobby Poe said...
Spic and Span WERE an early version of The Chartbusters and featured Vernon Sandusky and Johnny Dubas of that band.

WOW!!! How cool is it when a living legend actually chimes in and provides valuable info??? Thank you Bobby. It’s wonderful to hear from you and I'm honored to have you visit my blog.

 Brian Marshall said...
Why didn't you put up the B-side of the Dantes' 45 "80-96?" It's a kiiller instrumental with a great rave-up!

Brian, I’ll include 80-96 on an upcoming “instrumental” post. Yes, it’s definitely one of the best!!!

 Thomas H said...
Re: John Eric and the Isosceles Popsicles. The singer, John Haas, is more famous (in our small world) for being the vocalist on the absolutely stunning "Baby get lost" by the Barracudas, before being nabbed by Jimmy and the Offbeats and renaming themselves John Eric and the Isosceles Popsicles, cutting a cool disc on USA, a rip of I'm alright called I'm not nice. Well worth tracking down, and quite cheap as well! While his voice got sped up on the Barracudas track by accident(?) it's still quite recognizable on the USA and Verve 45s.

How cool is this info????

vinylfool said...
The "Other Five" is Indiana for sure. Check them out at:
Other Five

Anonymous said...
Hi Dan,
Wayward Five: is this the same band out of MI that cut Can't Get Enough Of Your Lovin' on Lee-Records?

I can’t say for sure.  There's no info available on that label, so it's anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...
Excellent stuff - thanks!
Both Chosen Fews (the Co-Op and CanUsa ones) are featured on a '60s comp called "Connecticut's Greatest Hits", so yeah, it looks like they're the same combo.

Anonymous said...
Hey Danny, I found the Other Half
45 at a record store this summer.
They were from Hartwick College, Oneonta New York. This site
has the info:

Thank you my good friend! See you at the next record show!!! (if not sooner)

Tom Diehl said...
Hotrodmike.... CL is NOT Curtis Lee....

The British Walkers, who reunited last year for the first time in some 30 years, are definitely not The Chartbusters.

mister mark said...
dan, you kill me! this is fast becoming my favourite blog. i'm sooo jealous of your 45s i could die..

Please don’t do anything you might regret. I know people that have at least 10 times the stuff I have so I know how you feel……

transoniq said...
I'm more into garage sounds than soul, but I couldn't help trying to track down some info on The Emotional Upsets, and here's what I found: "Maintain Your Cool" was written by Ross Matico (a.k.a. Bud Ross) & Daniel Inncollingo. Matico (a.k.a. Ross) also produced. Both of those guys were co-writers of a song called "Boogaloo (Soul) Party", together with a Philadelphia soul outfit called The Brothers Two, who recorded and released the song on Crimson 1011 in 1967. The funky16corners blog featured that track about a year ago, and you can download it here.

As for the Emotional Upsets, they could've been a "real" band recording a song by the producer and his buddy (a distinct possibility), but if not, then I'd guess that the single was studio one-off. Jamie 1356 came out sometime in mid-'68, definitely after that Brothers Two 45 on Crimson.

Re. Teo Macero: I had a similar reaction when I noticed his production credit on The What Four's "I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy"! That group included the young Jackie-O lookalike wife of A&P grocery heir Huntington Hartford (on bass, no less!). I remember thinking "Jeez--maybe money DOES buy happiness!" Then again, maybe 'ol Teo just came in at 9 every morning and looked at his schedule. One day it's Miles Davis, the next day it's The Tropics or The What Four!

transoniq said...
Declaration of Independence were from the Syracuse area of central New York state and relocated to NYC after they landed their big record deal with Mr. G. in '67

"Morning Glory Man" is a band original written by member Steve Durr, who is still active. One Bruce Tetley was also a member of the group.

Here's a link to Durr's recent doings:

Anonymous said...
Hi Dan,

another package of great, uncomped gems..... my favourits are The London Cimes (quite sure it's not a German outfit but most probably from the UK), never heard the You-Know-Who-Group's This Day Love before, same goes for the GREAT Lyndells (of KAPO fame) and both Talon Brothers tracks.. Lost Tribe are from MD, btw.... as always, hughe thanks for precious moments


Ryder said...
Hi Dan, I was excited to see that you have one of my records that we made in 1965, "The Bounce"/"I Need Your Love" by The Bouncin' Beats. I noticed that you said you tried to find info on our band but couldn't. We were located in Kingsport, Tn. and played mostly from there quite a radius and south to Atlanta and Florida. I would be glad to share info about our group if you'd like. I am presently getting ready to release quite a few songs in near future. One is a record that the Bouncin' Beats cut in Atlanta just prior to our guitar player having to leave the band which unfortunately voided our contract with Columbia Records ie Epic Label.

Dwight Vaughn

This is total coolness!!!! If you’re reading this Dwight, I haven’t forgotten you.  I’ll be back in touch very soon….

Anonymous said...
Thanks Dan,
For all the great tunes - I especially liked I Need You by the Geers. And it made me very curious about the flipside: Please Don't Break My Heart. Is it as moody as the title suggests?
Nice holidays and enjoy them with your family.

I’d like to hear that one too! Unfortunately, my copy has the same tunes on both sides….

transoniq said...
I really appreciate all your work with these. Nicely done.

Thought you'd be interested that Doug Phillips was previously with The Dartells out of Southern California (bass/vox). One of his singles (although not "Here I Am" I don't think) was picked up by Atco around '69. He was later in the hippie/folk/rock group Cottonwood, which cut an album for ABC Records in '71.

Anonymous said...
Hey man, thanks for the comp.! Here's the Smack on Garland, from Longview Wa., about 30 miles north of Portland:

transoniq said...
Rex DeLong, who co-wrote both sides of The Interns 45 and was therefore probably in the group, was previously in L.A. stalwarts The Rumblers and The Fig Leaf Five

Anonymous said...
One more try. The Plebeian Rebellion I believe was a late 60's group from New Orleans. Had a horn section and the song was played on Dick Clark and was rated by a male and a female dancer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#25

YAY!!! It's Sunday, and time to relax and post the 25th edition of "In Dan's Garage"!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this, and once again, I appreciate all the kind comments.Thank You!!! Here's #25!!!!!

Spic & Span - Summertime Blues
 Here's an early sixties rocker, possibly even late 50's. I don't know much about this one, but the teen/pop flip has Sandusky/Poe all over it, so perhaps this was an early version of the Chartbusters?????

Curiosities - Walkin' The Dog
Based in Chicago, Il, Seeburg was one of the biggest jukebox manufacturers in the U.S. during the 50's, 60's, and on into the 70's too. So with all these jukeboxes out there, why not manufacture records to go with them???? I mean, hell, who needs hits when the Seeburg Corp. could provide you with excellent "listening and dancing" music??? Geez, it's even in STEREO!!!! Obviously, Seeburg hired local Chicago bands to do their bidding, and The Curiosities were probably a "house" band for their label. They also used The Del-Vetts, and Gary and The Night Lites who later became The American Breed. I found a bunch of these in the 80's so you'll see more in future editions...

Hangmen - What A Girl Can't Do / The Girl Who Faded Away
 The Hangmen were an extremely popular Maryland/D.C. band in the mid 60's. This is probably their finest moment.

Belfast Gipsies - Secret Police / Gloria's Dream (Round And Round)
Ooooh...This 45 is great! In 1965, Them splintered into two groups, and this was a "rival" group so to speak, minus Van Morrison. What we have here is the same "Them" vibe, but quite a bit nastier, and punkier than the "official" Them. They also released another 45, the classic "People, Lets Freak Out", and an album both produced by the legendary Kim Fowley.

Travelers IV - A Message To You / This Happens To Me
Nice, if somewhat lightweight, garage from Dayton, OH.

Distortions - Hound Dog / Can You Tell
This one from Birmingham, AL is a real laid back, yet raw 45 featuring a slow version of "Hound Dog" and a great moody garage number on the flip.

Billy Bossman - Up The Road
Not exactly garage, but a rousing rocker from who knows where....

Eddie Bannon - Baby Hold On / Love Of A Woman
I'm not sure who Eddie was, but to me he sounds like a crooner who got backed up by a decent rock and roll group. Nice fuzz on the A side.....

Dantes - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of this and finally succeeded! One of my all time favorite 12 string jangly power poppers!!!! From Columbus, OH.

End - Hey Little Girl / I Can't Get Any Joy
Here's an interesting group from England. On this 45 they are a really cool mod/beat group, with a unique mix of keyboards and sax in their sound. They would eventually record another single, and an album of great psyche produced by Bill Wyman.

Troyes - Rainbow Chaser / Why
Real great garage/psyche 45 from Battle Creek, MI. Dig the Farfisa organ solo!!!!

Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It? / Always Runnin' Around
 A legendary Miami, FL group who were once The Montells, and H.M. Subjects. A pretty cool resume in my opinion.....

John Eric & The Isosceles Popsicles -  Gonna Change My Mind / I Been Trying
You gotta give John Eric a lot of credit for coming up with a cool moniker like "Isosceles Popsicles" I think these guys were from Baton Rouge, LA. But I might be wrong.....

Patriots - The Prophet / I'll Be There
Remember Boo Boo & Bunky from the last post???? Well, judging by the credits and the fact that "The Prophet" is basically the same song as "Turn Around", I'd say this is the same exact group. What we have here is more folk rock, but "The Prophet" is a pretty passionate "anti protest" song. Kind of like "Dawn Of Correction", "Conscientious Objector", and "Ballad Of The Yellow Beret".

Poor - She's Got The Time
This great folk rocker is where Brewer & Shipley,who had a hit in 1970 with "One Toke Over The Line", got their start. Randy Meisner, later of Poco and Eagles fame was also in the group.

Tommy T's Federal Reserve - Take The Midnight Train / Grow Up Someday
Formerly known as Tommy Tucker & The Esquires, this Des Moines, IA group had several 45s on IGL before being forced to change their name when they were signed by Chess. This is a great garage/psyche mover.

Minute Men - Sweet Little Sixteen
Why don't we finish with a nice bubblegummy version of "Sweet Little Sixteen"? Not a bad version in my opinion, but it could be an early 70's effort.