Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#25

YAY!!! It's Sunday, and time to relax and post the 25th edition of "In Dan's Garage"!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this, and once again, I appreciate all the kind comments.Thank You!!! Here's #25!!!!!

Spic & Span - Summertime Blues
 Here's an early sixties rocker, possibly even late 50's. I don't know much about this one, but the teen/pop flip has Sandusky/Poe all over it, so perhaps this was an early version of the Chartbusters?????

Curiosities - Walkin' The Dog
Based in Chicago, Il, Seeburg was one of the biggest jukebox manufacturers in the U.S. during the 50's, 60's, and on into the 70's too. So with all these jukeboxes out there, why not manufacture records to go with them???? I mean, hell, who needs hits when the Seeburg Corp. could provide you with excellent "listening and dancing" music??? Geez, it's even in STEREO!!!! Obviously, Seeburg hired local Chicago bands to do their bidding, and The Curiosities were probably a "house" band for their label. They also used The Del-Vetts, and Gary and The Night Lites who later became The American Breed. I found a bunch of these in the 80's so you'll see more in future editions...

Hangmen - What A Girl Can't Do / The Girl Who Faded Away
 The Hangmen were an extremely popular Maryland/D.C. band in the mid 60's. This is probably their finest moment.

Belfast Gipsies - Secret Police / Gloria's Dream (Round And Round)
Ooooh...This 45 is great! In 1965, Them splintered into two groups, and this was a "rival" group so to speak, minus Van Morrison. What we have here is the same "Them" vibe, but quite a bit nastier, and punkier than the "official" Them. They also released another 45, the classic "People, Lets Freak Out", and an album both produced by the legendary Kim Fowley.

Travelers IV - A Message To You / This Happens To Me
Nice, if somewhat lightweight, garage from Dayton, OH.

Distortions - Hound Dog / Can You Tell
This one from Birmingham, AL is a real laid back, yet raw 45 featuring a slow version of "Hound Dog" and a great moody garage number on the flip.

Billy Bossman - Up The Road
Not exactly garage, but a rousing rocker from who knows where....

Eddie Bannon - Baby Hold On / Love Of A Woman
I'm not sure who Eddie was, but to me he sounds like a crooner who got backed up by a decent rock and roll group. Nice fuzz on the A side.....

Dantes - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of this and finally succeeded! One of my all time favorite 12 string jangly power poppers!!!! From Columbus, OH.

End - Hey Little Girl / I Can't Get Any Joy
Here's an interesting group from England. On this 45 they are a really cool mod/beat group, with a unique mix of keyboards and sax in their sound. They would eventually record another single, and an album of great psyche produced by Bill Wyman.

Troyes - Rainbow Chaser / Why
Real great garage/psyche 45 from Battle Creek, MI. Dig the Farfisa organ solo!!!!

Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It? / Always Runnin' Around
 A legendary Miami, FL group who were once The Montells, and H.M. Subjects. A pretty cool resume in my opinion.....

John Eric & The Isosceles Popsicles -  Gonna Change My Mind / I Been Trying
You gotta give John Eric a lot of credit for coming up with a cool moniker like "Isosceles Popsicles" I think these guys were from Baton Rouge, LA. But I might be wrong.....

Patriots - The Prophet / I'll Be There
Remember Boo Boo & Bunky from the last post???? Well, judging by the credits and the fact that "The Prophet" is basically the same song as "Turn Around", I'd say this is the same exact group. What we have here is more folk rock, but "The Prophet" is a pretty passionate "anti protest" song. Kind of like "Dawn Of Correction", "Conscientious Objector", and "Ballad Of The Yellow Beret".

Poor - She's Got The Time
This great folk rocker is where Brewer & Shipley,who had a hit in 1970 with "One Toke Over The Line", got their start. Randy Meisner, later of Poco and Eagles fame was also in the group.

Tommy T's Federal Reserve - Take The Midnight Train / Grow Up Someday
Formerly known as Tommy Tucker & The Esquires, this Des Moines, IA group had several 45s on IGL before being forced to change their name when they were signed by Chess. This is a great garage/psyche mover.

Minute Men - Sweet Little Sixteen
Why don't we finish with a nice bubblegummy version of "Sweet Little Sixteen"? Not a bad version in my opinion, but it could be an early 70's effort.



  1. Spic and Span WERE an early version of The Chartbusters and featured Vernon Sandusky and Johnny Dubas of that band.

  2. Why didn't you put up the B-side of the Dantes' 45 "80-96?" It's a kiiller instrumental with a great rave-up!

  3. cool post!! keep them coming

  4. Re: John Eric and the Isosceles Popsicles. The singer, John Haas, is more famous (in our small world) for being the vocalist on the absolutely stunning "Baby get lost" by the Barracudas, before being nabbed by Jimmy and the Offbeats and renaming themselves John Eric and the Isosceles Popsicles, cutting a cool disc on USA, a rip of I'm alright called I'm not nice. Well worth tracking down, and quite cheap as well! While his voice got sped up on the Barracudas track by accident(?) it's still quite recognizable on the USA and Verve 45s.

  5. Once again, just awesome compilation.I'm really enjoying this. Thanks! Mike

  6. Just found you a few weeks back and you've got me hooked. Many thanks for the in-depth liner notes, scans, &c.

  7. Wow!
    Your Garage is really wonderful Universum of rare & good music!
    Thanmk you very much for all efforts!

  8. Oh my God!!! I s like the first thing that I say when I come in here!! This is the first time I have been in here, and suffice to say I am quite impressed with your blog. This goes totally way beyond my expectations!! \

    Sheesh!! And I thought that the Pebbles, and Teenage Shutdown Volumes were the final end all answer to underground indie/private label garage rock!! Boy!! I am surprised of how cool of a collection this is you have.

    Now, with all of that said. I have a couple of questions being that I am new around here.

    How many garage 45's in all do you own?? How complete is your collection?? Would you say that it is about as complete as you want it to be, or are you still searching for those special missing 45's?? My final questions would be: Does your collection dabble into the obscure garage Psychedelic underground too as well, or did you make a choice to stick to nothing but just straight garage?? Do you think that we as collectors have reached the bottom of the barrel in terms of finding quality 1960's Garage, or Psych?? I would like to know your thoughts please. Thank You, Recordfanatic

  9. Isosceles Popsicle was, indeed, from Baton Rouge. My dad , Richmond Odom was one of the guitarists.

    1. It was mostly a Baton Rouge High band. Donnie, Billy, Ferdie, can't remember the drummer.

  10. Top notch, Dan, top notch! I've been wanting to check out 'Tommy T's Federal Reserve' for some time, & now I've finally got to hear them at last.Cheers, man.

  11. The Seeburg 45s could be bought by anyone who (legitimately) acquired any brand of jukebox, especially if they didn't have a contract to periodically re-stock it with 45s. The records were sold in sets.
    Party rental services and teen centers could fill-up one-third to a half (or more) of the jukebox with these singles and it would reduce their out-of-pocket expense for 45s.
    I remember that there was usually a hit song on each side, but the title strip on the jukebox never listed a group name.

  12. You're probably right about The Patriots single. The same guy who owned Time-Brent Records closed it down and started Mainstream Records. He reissued a lot of old masters as-is or with additional tracks to make them stereo. He was infamous for changing the group names, too.

  13. Wow- unbelievable site. I am amazed at all the material here- very impressive! Back in the late 60's, I was in a band with Craig Tucker who is Tommy Tucker's (Tommy T's) younger brother. Lots of local bands would grab for the brass ring, scrounge together enough money to spend a couple hours in a small studio and record an original song and usually a cover on the back in four or eight tracks and then nothing else happened- but they cut a record.

  14. Thank You! What was the name of your band??? Did you record and/or release anything?? Inquiring listeners want to know!!!!!