Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Sorry for any bad links. If you need to report one, comment on this post and I'll fix ASAP. Apologies for not posting any new stuff lately, but some personal issues got in the way. I'm working on a new one though and should have it ready very soon. See you all later.....Dan.

Friday, July 1, 2011

In Dan’s Garage…#61

Hello all and welcome to summer! It’s a bit dreary (again) here in western NY, but I’m holding out for better weather this July. I can’t wait till 4th of July weekend where I can actually have four straight days off from work. WOO HOO! I’ll be brief here and just say that this offering is the usual melting pot of 60’s sounds. A little bit of this…and a little bit of that. I will say there are some weird ones here, and some R&B heavy stuff but for the most part it fits the “Dan’s Garage” mold. Whatever that might be.
Cry Baby Wah Advertisement (1967)crybaby
I’m sure many savvy collectors have heard The Electric Prunes do their endorsement of the “Vox Wah Wah Pedal” which was most notably featured on the Pebbles Vol. 2 LP. I found this at a record show back in ‘86 and it was one of those paper records but was glued to a 10” acetate of who knows what. Unlike the Vox ad which was precisely that, an “ad”, this is more of a promotional gimmick that may have been a mail in thing when you purchased one of these gizmos. It’s pretty hilarious the way they demonstrate the many uses of this widely used and sometimes hated guitar effect. After Clapton and Hendrix got a hold of these things, guitar playing would forever be changed. For better or for worse.
Kenny Dino – Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night (1961)kennydino
Kenny Dino was a teen rocker in the early 60s and actually had a hit with this one which was also covered by The Turtles. Although this is from 1961 it has a nice rockin’ grind to to it that fits in well with what we feature here.
Choir – It’s Cold Outside / I’m Going Home (1967)choir
A true bona fide garage classic. The Choir had a very complicated history, but to make things short, the ended up as the Raspberries in the early 70s. Although they had several releases, this is considered their finest moment, but “I’d Rather You Leave Me” is a close runner up
Del Counts – Let The Good Times Roll / Bird Dog (1966)del counts
One of the most enduring bands from Minneapolis. This 45 is really indicative of what went on in the Twin Cities during the mid 60s. No frills rock and roll at it’s best.
Jim Doval & The Gauchos – Annie Ya Ya / Out Of Sight (1966)jim doval2
We last saw Jim & his gang back in IDG#47 doing a great version of “Hey Mama Keep Yo Big Mouth Shut!” on Diplomacy. They re-do the flip side of that one, "She’s So Fine", and call it “Annie Ya-Ya” for the A side of this one and do a great version of James Brown's “Out Of Sight” on the flip.
Rubber Band – Charlena (1966)rubberband
A spirited version of this R&B classic by a bunch of Muscle Shoals studio guys. I read somewhere that the guitarist in this band named Tippy Armstrong was invited by Duane Allman to play in the Allman Bros. but turned it down for the studio gig.
Palace Guard – All Night Long / Playgirl (1965)palace guard2
The second 45 to released by this L.A. group which included Emmit Rhodes who went on to form The Merry-Go-Round. They were a pretty big act around the L.A. area during ‘65/’66. It’s too bad they never achieved mass popularity because they had a great pop/garage formula with terrific vocals.
Tony & The Bandits - I'm Goin' Away / The Sun Don't Shine Now That You've Gone (1966)tonyandthebandits
The second of two absolutely terrific 45s by this group from the Cincinnati, OH area. They would later change their name to the Chosen Lot and release a great psychedelic 45.
Down 5 – I’m Takin’ It Home / Show Me (1967)down5
A New York City area group gives us this tough sounding R&B gem.
Four Below Zero – It’s Sally’s Birthday Today / Don’t Send Me Away (1967)fourbelowzero
Geez, it’s tough getting info on groups that have the same name and this one is no exception. I think these guys are from the Pacific NW because there is a group with the same name on Jerden Records (not that that really means anything…) but there’s also a 70s act with the same name so that confuses things a bit. This here is a somewhat inept two sider for 1967 that blends garage and folk rock rather nicely.
Knights Of Day – Mr. Pitiful / Then There’s You (1968)knightsofday
Some more soul influenced “garage” ( I hesitate to call this stuff garage because it doesn’t really fit the mold, but you gotta admit, these guys weren’t no hi-tech act either if you know what I mean…) from Wisconsin of all places. The A side is a rendition of Otis Redding’s “Mr. Pitiful” and the flip is some hilarious cheezy lounge music that’s so…well…cheezy, that I had to include it.
Elastik Band – Spazz / Paper Mache (1967)elastikband
What a great tune! The Elastik Band’s only fault was that they had the sheer balls to release this kooky gem at the birth of society’s hypersensitivity with mental issues and were buried because it was thought they were making fun of people with mental disabilities. But we all know what this song is really all about. I dig the flip a lot too.
Affection Collection – Girl / I’ll Be There (1969)affectioncollection
A group from Idaho Falls, ID that worked in Norman Petty’s studio in Clovis NM. Nice bubblegummy pop, and in stereo to boot.
Cave Dwellers – Meditation (1968)cave dwellers
A real kooky psychedelic 45 from the Bay area with lots of stream of consciousness lyrics that eventually builds up to a wild fuzz solo in the middle of the song. Light up some incense and get with it you groovy people out there…..
Manhattens – Baby Right Now / Time Goes By (196?)manhattens
Can’t pinpoint a date on this one but it sounds like early 60s stuff. Here we have a tale of two bands. Top side is an early 60s sax driven rocker that clocks in at an amazing 1:28! The flip sounds British Invasion influenced. Go figure….
Downbeats – Pain (1969)downbeats
A cover of a tune originally done by a South Carolina group called the Novas 9. The Downbeats must’ve been one of those “Beach Music” groups that were very popular in the southeast back in the 1960s.
Free Sample – Transition / Don’t Lose Touch (1968)freesample
A bizarre arrangement produced by Music Machine mentor Brian Ross. Truly different.
Mike Finnigan & The Serfs – Help Me Somebody (1967)mike finnigan
More soul influenced garage, this time from Lawrence, KS. Great movin’ tune that reminds me of “Turn On Your Lovelight”.