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Happy New Year!!!!

best of front
Greetings friends and followers! I was hoping to get out a brand spanking new edition of IDG before the years end, but too many things got in the way, mainly stuff laying around the house, and I just had to put the boxes of 45s in storage till the Christmas tree comes down. In the meantime, I thought I’d do the same as last year and post some featured highlights of previous editions of IDG posted in 2011. Not all the groups on the cover are featured in these volumes, I just put ‘em up there because they looked cool. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, and best wishes to all in the coming year. Stay tuned for IDG #68.

01. Lonnie Mae - Record Hop Dream (Fine)  
02. Red Coats with Steve Alaimo - The Girl Can't Help It (Lifetime)   
03. Vaqueros - Echo (Audition)   
04. Catalinas - My Misery (Novart)   
05. Don & Tony & The Knighthawks - Lightning (Star Artists)   
06. Vistas - Moon Relay (Tuff)   
07. Vistas - No Return (Tuff)   
08. Bobby Comstock - Let's Stomp (Lawn)   
09. Hudson Valley Boys - Stop! I Like It (Session)   
10. Shorty Prescott's Velvetones - Bring It On Home To Me (Velvet)   
11. Baron Daemon & The Vampires - The Transylvania Twist (WNYS-TV)   
12. Baron Daemon & The Vampires - Ghost Guitars (WNYS-TV)   
13. Steve Alaimo & The Redcoats - Blue Fire (Dickson)   
14. Continentals - Cathy's Clown (Lifetime)   
15. Continentals - Maybe Baby (Lifetime)   
16. Bobby Francis - At The Beach (Centaur)   
17. Bobby 'D' & The Trinidads - Don't You Just Know It (Radiant)   
18. Jesters - The Big T (Candy Cane)   
19. Gene Cornish & The Unbeetables - I Wanna Be A Beetle (Dawn)   
20. Gene Cornish & The Unbeetables - Oh Misery (Dawn)   
21. Invictas - The Hump (Sahara)   
22. Invictas - The Detroit Move (Sahara)   
23. Invictas - Shake A Tail Feather (Sahara)   
24. Andy & The Classics - Wilma (Hurd)   
25. Panthers - Bridgestone 90 (D&C)   
26. Wilmer Alexander Jr. & The Dukes - Give Me One More Chance (Aphrodisiac)   
27. Rogues - Secondary Man (Thunderbird)   
28. Show Stoppers - Nothing To Say Today (Columbia)   
29. Thunder Head - Don't Run (Charm)   
30. Thunder Head - And I Need You (Charm)   

01. Two Kats & A Kitten - Kit Kat Rock (Fine)   
02. Saints & Sinners - Mercy, Mercy (Moon)   
03. Saints & Sinners - Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Moon)   
04. Monterays - I'll Be Around (Twin Hit)   
05. Madisons - Valerie (Twin Hit)   
06. Angry Men - Come With Me (To Another World) (Torch)   
07. Angry Men - Love Is Gone (Torch)   
08. Heard - Stop It baby (Audition)   
09. Heard - Laugh With The Wind (Audition)   
10. Humans - Warning (Audition)   
11. Humans - Take A Taxi (Audition)   
12. Wee Four - Weird (Nu-Sound)   
13. Wee Four - Give Me A Try (Nu-Sound)   
14. Endless Knights - Don't Shoot Me Down (WPN)   
15. Tweeds - What's Your Name (Coral)   
16. Tweeds - A Thing Of The Past (Coral)   
17. Invictas - The Hook (Sahara)   
18. Invictas - Do It (Sahara)   
19. Vic Pernell & The Hangmen - Live For Today (Century)   
20. Vic Pernell & The Hangmen - Sad Boy (Century)   
21. Edge Of Darkness - Mean Town (Jamie)   
22. Show Stoppers - If You Want To, Why Don't You (Columbia)   
23. Other Half - I Won't Be Back (Bell Sound)   
24. Other Half - It's Been A Good Day (Bell Sound)   
25. Church Mice - College Psychology On Love (House Of Guitars)   
26. Church Mice - Babe We Are Not Part Of Society (House Of Guitars)   
27. Ron Wray Light Show - Speed (Eciep)   
28. Unsettled Society - 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs (Charm)   
29. Al Peluso - You Ain't Going Nowhere (PAL)
01. Groop Ltd. - As Time Goes Bye (Integrity)   
03. Shandels - No Way Out (Carldell)   
04. Shandels - Treat Me Like A Man (Carldell)   
06. Madisons - Stagger (Jomada)   
08. Blades Of Grass - It Isn't Easy (Fine)   
09. Druids - Doctor Friend (Thunderbird)   
10. Coachmen - Drambuie (no label)   
11. Little Peppy & The Bare Existence - It Can Happen! (Fne)   
12. Declararation Of Independence - Next Stop Dead End Street (Mr. G)   
13. Declararation Of Independence - House (Mr. G)   
13. Young Tyrants - I Try (In)   
14. Rogues - Train Kept A-Rolling (Audition)   
14. Young Tyrants - She Don't Got The Right! (In)   
15. Rogues - You Better Look Now (Audition)   
15. Stingrays Of Newburgh - Fool (Columbia)   
16. Stingrays Of Newburgh - If I Needed Someone (Columbia)   
16. Sure Cure - Anything You Want (Parkway)   
17. Monterays - Conquistador (Buff)   
18. The Charles - Motorcycle (Calliope)   
21. Weird Street Carnival - Subterranean Edible Fungus (Copra)   
22. Weird Street Carnival - The Inner Truth (Copra)   
23. Livin' End - La La (Eciep)   
23. Trillium - Queen Alice (Mr. G)   
24. Trillium - News (Mr. G)   
25. Darelycks - Bad Trip (Fine)   
25. Wool - Combination Of The Two (ABC)   
26. Darelycks - Wait For Me (Fine)   
27. America's Children - Blow On (Ronquoit)
01. Easybeats  - Gonna Have A Good Time (United Artists)   
02. X-Cellents - Hey,Little Willie (Smash)   
03. (The Original) Sonics  - Bama Lama Bama Loo (Burdette)   
04. Chaps  - Forget Me (Paula)   
05. Chaps  - Tell Me (Paula)   
06. Thirteenth Committee - Sha La La (Manhattan)   
07. Gary & The Hornets - Patty Girl (Smash)   
08. Daytrippers - You Cheated (Karate)   
09. Young Ones  - Sour Grapes (Columbia)   
10. Young Ones  - Man Of Mystery (Columbia)   
11. Rain - Take It Away (MGM)   
12. Friedles  - I Lost Her (Hanna)   
13. Friedles  - I'm So Glad (Hanna)   
14. Tino & The Revlons  - I'm Coming Home (Dearborn)   
15. Ceasar & The Romans - Jailhouse Rock (Scepter)   
16. Princetons  - Georgianna (Colpix)   
17. Joyride - The Crystal Ship (World Pacific)   
18. Vestells  - Won't You Tell Me (Bo Jo)   
19. Dust - Gone (Yas)   
20. Unrelated Segments  - Story Of My Life (H.B.R.)   
21. Terry Pillitere - It's Not That Way (Bell Acetate)   
22. Terry Pillitere - You Wouldn't Believe Me (Bell Acetate)   
23. Tweeds - We Got Time (Coral)   
24. Striders  - There's A Storm Comin' (Columbia)   
25. Striders  - Am I On Your Mind (Columbia)   
26. Sounds Of Phase III - Special Citation (Kar-Mil)   
27. Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band - The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song (Utica Club)   
28. Bohemian Vendetta  - Enough (United Artists)   
29. Bohemian Vendetta  - Half The Time (United Artists)   
30. Stillroven  - Hey Joe (Roulette)   
31. Stillroven  - Sunny Day (Roulette)   
32. Undertakers  - Love So Dear (Pine Hill)
01. Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds - Shortnin' Bread (Harper)   
02. Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds - Nicotine (Harper)   
03. Rumblers - Boss Strikes Back (Dot)   
04. Brass Tacks - Tell Me (Fortune)   
05. Brass Tacks - What Is The Reason (Fortune)   
06. Fabulous Royals - She Told Me (That I Had To Wait) (Cha-Cha)   
07. Fabulous Royals - At The Dance (Cha-Cha)   
08. Counts IV - Listen To Me (JCP)   
09. Jerry Palmer - That'll Be The Day (Chattahoochie)   
10. Counts IV - Lost Love (JCP)   
11. Apostles - While I'm Away (Melby)   
12. Apostles - Cloudy Summer Afternoon (Melby)   
13. Ray Columbus & The Invaders - She's A Mod (Philips)   
14. James Richard - Just Before The Dawn Breaks (Staircase)   
15. James Richard - Baby Don't You Know (Staircase)   
16. Me & Them - Show You Mean It Too (U.S. Songs)   
17. Me & Them - Everything I Do Is Wrong (U.S. Songs)   
18. Bobby Vee & The Strangers - Look At Me Girl (Liberty)   
19. Sidekicks - Not Now (RCA Victor)   
20. Bad Boys - Love (Paula)   
21. Razor's Edge - Baby's On His Way (Pow!)   
22. Symon Grace & Tuesday Blues - You Won't Get Me Workin' (Round)   
23. Wailers - You Won't Lead Me On (United Artists)   
24. J. Walker & The Pedestrians - Life's Too Short (Pine Hill)   
25. Restless Feelin's - Hey, Mama, You've Been On My Mind (United Artists)   
26. Spirit Of St. Louis - Going Back To Miami (Fona)   
27. Tragedy - Unfaithful Love (Panorama)   
28. Shame - Too Old To Go 'Way Little Girl (Poppy)   
29. Shame - Dreams Don't Bother Me (Poppy)   
30. Ramrods  - Mary Mary (Plymouth)

01. Ohio Express - Beg Borrow And Steal (Cameo)   
02. Choir - It's Cold Outside (Roulette)   
03. Choir - I'm Going Home (Roulette)   
04. Catamorands - Never Say Goodbye (D.G.M.R.)   
05. Catamorands - Over You (D.G.M.R.)   
06. Del Counts - Let The Good Times Roll (Soma)   
07. Del Counts - Bird Dog (Soma)   
08. Vacels - You're My Baby (Kama Sutra)   
09. Naturals - Look At Me Now (Liberty)   
10. Naturals - It Was You (Liberty)   
11. Coachmen - Mr. Moon (Bear)   
12. Coachmen - Nothing At All (Bear)   
13. Tony & The Bandits - I'm Goin' Away (From You) (Coral)   
14. Szorenyi Levente - Meg Faj Menden Csor (Qualiton)   
15. Tony & The Bandits - The Sun Don't Shine Now That You've Gone (Coral)   
16. Down 5 - I'm Takin' It Home (Parrot)   
17. Link Cromwell - Shock Me (Hollywood)   
18. George Edwards - Never Mind, I'm Freezing (Dunwich)   
19. Royal Guardsmen - Leaving Me (Laurie)   
20. Ravin' Blue - Colors (Monument)   
21. In Crowd - Let's Take A Walk (Abnak)   
22. Ides Of Love - Hey Mister Wise Man (Talmu)   
23. Aladdin & The Genies - Please Wait For Me (Great Scott)   
24. Loners - Insight Out (Arco)   
25. Loners - Old Man's Blues (Arco)   
26. Autosalvage - Rampant Generalities (RCA Victor)   
27. Autosalvage - Parahighway (RCA Victor)   
28. Paper Cup - One Part Good (South Park)   
29. Vagrants - A Sunny Summer Rain (Atco)   
30. Vagrants - Beside The Sea (Atco)   

01. Teemates - Moving Out (Audio Fidelity)   
02. Chancellors - Little Latin Lupe Lu (Soma)   
03. Chancellors - Yo Yo (Soma)   
04. Kit & The Outlaws - Don't Tread On Me (Philips)   
05. Commanches - Missed Your Lovin' (Hickory)   
06. 4th Amendment - Always Blue (Constitution)   
07. 4th Amendment - Whiskey Man (Constitution)   
08. Dimensions - She's Boss (HBR)   
09. Four Frogs - Think I'm Losing You (Frogdeath)   
10. Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go (Liberty)   
11. Telstars - Keep On Running (Columbia)   
12. Black Sheep - It's My Mind (Columbia)   
13. Chaps - Remember To Forget Her (Paula)   
14. Chaps - You'll Be Back (Paula)   
15. Four Below Zero - It's Sally's Birthday Today (Double Shot)   
16. Four Below Zero - Don't Send Me Away (Double Shot)   
17. Flower Children - Mini Skirt Blues (Allied)   
18. Prophets - Fightin' For Sam (Stonel)   
19. Elastik Band - Spazz (Atco)   
20. Affection Collection - Girl (Evolution)   
21. Forum - Trip On Me (Mira)   
22. Cave Dwellers - Meditation (Bay Town)   
23. Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me (Jamie)   
24. Manhattens - Baby Right Now (Presice)   
25. Manhattens - Time Goes By (Presice)   
26. Raven - Calamity Jane (Rust)   
27. Raven - Now She's Gone (Rust)   
28. Feelies - Louie Louie (Jerden)   
29. Fresh Air - Faces In The Fire (Amaret)   

01. Curiosities - Money (Seeburg)   
02. Ducats - Hey Woman (Rock It)   
03. Bruins - Go On And Cry (General American)   
04. Clockwork Oranges - Ready Steady (Liberty)   
05. Sun Set - Don't (Judge Me Baby) (Moonglow)   
06. Sun Set - Man Without A Home (Moonglow)   
07. Poore Boyes - Give (Uptown)   
08. Poore Boyes - It's Love (Uptown)   
09. Tikis - If I've Been Dreaming (Autumn)   
10. Tikis - Pay Attention To Me (Autumn)   
11. Association - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Jubilee)   
12. Dimensions - Penny (HBR)   
13. Montanas - That's When Happiness Began (Warner Bros.)   
14. Boston Tea Party - Words (Challenge)   
15. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Who Do You Think You're Fooling (A&M)   
16. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy (A&M)   
17. New Colony Six - You're Gonna Be Mine (Sentar)   
18. New Colony Six - Woman (Sentar)   
19. Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells - Let It Be (Space)   
20. Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells - You Aint Tuff (Space)   
21. Brentwoods - Babe You Know (Our)   
22. Fat Water - Santa Anna Speed Queen (MGM)   
23. Improper Bostonians - Come To Me Baby (Minuteman)   
24. Improper Bostonians - Set You Free This Time (Minuteman)   
25. Grass Roots - Depressed Feeling (Dunhill)   
26. Blues Project - No Time Like The Right Time (Verve Folkways)   
27. Blues Project - Steve's Song (Verve Folkways)   
28. Amboy Dukes - You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire (Mainstream)   
29. Yellow Payges - The Two Of Us (Uni)   

Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Dan’s Garage…#67

Hello friends and followers! As another holiday season creeps up on us I’d like to extend best wishes to everyone out there reading this and enjoying the music presented here. I hope your holiday and the upcoming new year will be very enjoyable. I also hope my offerings here will in some way brighten your day too. I am literally swamped with records bought in the past year that haven’t been posted yet. You should see my desk (what I like to call “Dan’s Garage Central”), it’s a disaster area. You know how some people overeat when they’re somewhat sad or depressed? I buy records! But seriously folks, I have gone a bit bonkers lately especially when I have collector pals who are literally giving me records. That’s always fun! Well…for me anyway, my lovely wife gets a bit irritated but she copes well with my habit so to speak. So it is with great pleasure on this wonderful late fall day that I present the 67th edition of….”In Dan’s Garage”.
Curiosities – Twist & Shout (1965)cuiositis twist
I think this is the last of my Seeburg offerings. As usual, very competent covers of Rock & Roll hits.
Wee Willy & The Pals – We’re Gonna Dance / Teardrop Strawberry Soda (1964)wee willy
An unknown group out of California that was produced by John Hodge & Larry Wilson, the gentlemen who also produced The Pyramids “Penetration”. This one is really strange with the weird Jew’s Harp in the background and the walling guitar playing along with it.
Dimensions – Turn Your Love On Me (1964)dimensions
Another totally unknown group from the south. A real good R&B influenced tune with references to the Fab Four.
Guilloteens – Hey You! / I Don’t Believe (1966)guilloteens
The first of five 45s this Memphis group released, and in my opinion their best. They were Elvis’ favorite band at the time.
Dee Jay & The Runaways – Peter Rabbit / Are You Ready (1966)dee jay rabbit
The biggest band to ever come out of Iowa, this was their biggest hit., a great frat rocker with a “Sam The Sham” feel to it. The flip is a good up-tempo teen ballad.
Illusions – I Know / Take My Heart (1966)illusions
A garage/punk classic in the true sense of the word. The top side of this 45 embodies all the ingredients of a great garage tune and stands up as one of the best to this day. They were from Palatka, FL near Jacksonville and hosted their own local TV show.
Zephyrs – She’s Lost You / There’s Something About You (1965)zephyrs
Here’s an excellent 45 by a British group who’s claim to fame was that Mick Jagger said they stunk. What the hell does he know????? Produced by genius Shel Talmy, this is a perfect example of the mod/r&b hybrid so popular in the UK in the mid 60’s. Totally cool organ throughout.
Birdwatchers – I’m Gonna Do It To You / I Have No Worried Mind (1966)bidwatchers do it
Miami, FL group (NOT TAMPA!) who had a slew of 45s on a whole bunch of different labels, and who’s career lasted well into the 70’s. This is a great garage/pop number with a somewhat folky B side that has a goofy spoken word break in the middle.
Shadow Casters – It'll Be Too Late / Going To The Moon (1966)shadow casters
A moody and crude 45 from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Ill. Real great teen angst stuff right here.
Blue Things – Doll House / The Man On The Street (1966)blue thigs
One of the best bands to emerge from the Midwest. It’s a shame they never hit it big because nearly everything they recorded was great, including this terrific two sider.
Bo Street Runners – Only Heaven Knows / Come On And Love Me (1968)bo street runners
Another Midwest act who should not be confused with the Bo-Street Runners who released a 45 on Kr Records, The pop/psyche Bow Street Runners, or the British R&B group. These runners produced a nice, lightweight, folk rock affair with good jangly 12 string guitars. Real obscure.
Seeds – Daisy Mae / Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (1966)seeds daisy mae
I had to throw this one in! Here’s the original B side to “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” and boy is it a hoot! The Seeds never recorded many “rockers” so this frantic tune really stands out.
Chapter V – Headshrinker / Dolly’s Magic (1967)chapter v
An act from Halifax, Nova Scotia with a very interesting history. They were led by Brian Ahern who is a very successful Nashville producer as well as producing fellow Canadian Anne Murray’s records on Capitol. Read more about them here.
Crabs – Chase Yourself / Bye Bye My Little Girl (1967)crabs
A great two sider from a Houston, TX band.
Fogcutters – You Say / Cry, Cry, Cry (1965)fogcutters2
Awesome, moody two sider from a Colorado group who eventually relocated to California, and released two more 45s on the Charter label. A real cool version of “Casting My Spell” and the fantastic “That’s Where I’ll Be” featured on IDG #27. Reminds me a little bit of fellow Colorado group The Astronauts who also threw in some great moody tunes when they weren’t surfing in the Rockies.
Mustang – Why / Here, There, And Everywhere (1967)mustang
I can’t tell you much about this one, except that the A side is a fast moving pounder with an awesome drum intro and break. By contrast, the B side is a routine rendition of “Here, There, & Everywhere”.