Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Dan’s Garage…#67

Hello friends and followers! As another holiday season creeps up on us I’d like to extend best wishes to everyone out there reading this and enjoying the music presented here. I hope your holiday and the upcoming new year will be very enjoyable. I also hope my offerings here will in some way brighten your day too. I am literally swamped with records bought in the past year that haven’t been posted yet. You should see my desk (what I like to call “Dan’s Garage Central”), it’s a disaster area. You know how some people overeat when they’re somewhat sad or depressed? I buy records! But seriously folks, I have gone a bit bonkers lately especially when I have collector pals who are literally giving me records. That’s always fun! Well…for me anyway, my lovely wife gets a bit irritated but she copes well with my habit so to speak. So it is with great pleasure on this wonderful late fall day that I present the 67th edition of….”In Dan’s Garage”.
Curiosities – Twist & Shout (1965)cuiositis twist
I think this is the last of my Seeburg offerings. As usual, very competent covers of Rock & Roll hits.
Wee Willy & The Pals – We’re Gonna Dance / Teardrop Strawberry Soda (1964)wee willy
An unknown group out of California that was produced by John Hodge & Larry Wilson, the gentlemen who also produced The Pyramids “Penetration”. This one is really strange with the weird Jew’s Harp in the background and the walling guitar playing along with it.
Dimensions – Turn Your Love On Me (1964)dimensions
Another totally unknown group from the south. A real good R&B influenced tune with references to the Fab Four.
Guilloteens – Hey You! / I Don’t Believe (1966)guilloteens
The first of five 45s this Memphis group released, and in my opinion their best. They were Elvis’ favorite band at the time.
Dee Jay & The Runaways – Peter Rabbit / Are You Ready (1966)dee jay rabbit
The biggest band to ever come out of Iowa, this was their biggest hit., a great frat rocker with a “Sam The Sham” feel to it. The flip is a good up-tempo teen ballad.
Illusions – I Know / Take My Heart (1966)illusions
A garage/punk classic in the true sense of the word. The top side of this 45 embodies all the ingredients of a great garage tune and stands up as one of the best to this day. They were from Palatka, FL near Jacksonville and hosted their own local TV show.
Zephyrs – She’s Lost You / There’s Something About You (1965)zephyrs
Here’s an excellent 45 by a British group who’s claim to fame was that Mick Jagger said they stunk. What the hell does he know????? Produced by genius Shel Talmy, this is a perfect example of the mod/r&b hybrid so popular in the UK in the mid 60’s. Totally cool organ throughout.
Birdwatchers – I’m Gonna Do It To You / I Have No Worried Mind (1966)bidwatchers do it
Miami, FL group (NOT TAMPA!) who had a slew of 45s on a whole bunch of different labels, and who’s career lasted well into the 70’s. This is a great garage/pop number with a somewhat folky B side that has a goofy spoken word break in the middle.
Shadow Casters – It'll Be Too Late / Going To The Moon (1966)shadow casters
A moody and crude 45 from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Ill. Real great teen angst stuff right here.
Blue Things – Doll House / The Man On The Street (1966)blue thigs
One of the best bands to emerge from the Midwest. It’s a shame they never hit it big because nearly everything they recorded was great, including this terrific two sider.
Bo Street Runners – Only Heaven Knows / Come On And Love Me (1968)bo street runners
Another Midwest act who should not be confused with the Bo-Street Runners who released a 45 on Kr Records, The pop/psyche Bow Street Runners, or the British R&B group. These runners produced a nice, lightweight, folk rock affair with good jangly 12 string guitars. Real obscure.
Seeds – Daisy Mae / Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (1966)seeds daisy mae
I had to throw this one in! Here’s the original B side to “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” and boy is it a hoot! The Seeds never recorded many “rockers” so this frantic tune really stands out.
Chapter V – Headshrinker / Dolly’s Magic (1967)chapter v
An act from Halifax, Nova Scotia with a very interesting history. They were led by Brian Ahern who is a very successful Nashville producer as well as producing fellow Canadian Anne Murray’s records on Capitol. Read more about them here.
Crabs – Chase Yourself / Bye Bye My Little Girl (1967)crabs
A great two sider from a Houston, TX band.
Fogcutters – You Say / Cry, Cry, Cry (1965)fogcutters2
Awesome, moody two sider from a Colorado group who eventually relocated to California, and released two more 45s on the Charter label. A real cool version of “Casting My Spell” and the fantastic “That’s Where I’ll Be” featured on IDG #27. Reminds me a little bit of fellow Colorado group The Astronauts who also threw in some great moody tunes when they weren’t surfing in the Rockies.
Mustang – Why / Here, There, And Everywhere (1967)mustang
I can’t tell you much about this one, except that the A side is a fast moving pounder with an awesome drum intro and break. By contrast, the B side is a routine rendition of “Here, There, & Everywhere”.


  1. Dan:
    I gotta tell you flat out, you make the best comps. I look forward to each one.

  2. What can I say, except I am totally impressed by the amount of good work you have done in unearthing and highlighting the mountains of vulgar, lewd and seditious rocking and rolling! Keep it up, sir! (What's that, nurse? Time for my medication?)


    Rev. Jackson Q. Triphammer III

    PS. Been away for a while, but downloaded #42 through to #67 with little or no problem. Took a while, but all the links are still good in one form or another.

  3. Thanks Dan. Looks right on par with all the other great comps. Have a great holiday season!

  4. Thanks Dan! Great assortment of tunes,as usual. Have a Merry Christmas! hotrodmike

  5. Thanks Dan. Glad to see the options 'for listening or dancing' printed on one of the record labels - it's good to have a choice.

    Harry Moonbeam

  6. Beautiful compilation, thank you!

  7. Hi Dan,

    Love your work as always. I notice that this one is called Volume 67, but should it really be 68? Or was volume 66 a two part affair with discs 1 and 2?

  8. Thank you my friend, for sharing so many good music. I always hope the next volume.
    Greetings from Spain

  9. Volume #66 was in two parts. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to all for the kind comments.

  10. Thanks Dan for another great selection

  11. Thought I'd swing by and wish my fellow garage-oholics a happy holiday, Merry Christmas, great New Year, and/or Festivus, etc!

    Crank it up loud!