Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Dan’s Garage…#66

Holy Moly! It's been so long since my last post I almost forgot I was even blogging anymore. The past three weeks have been really hectic and as my mother would say (in slightly broken English) “It’s been a ‘holy coaster’”.  The bright spot was my vacation this past week which was a 7 day cruise on the Crown Princess to The Bahamas, Curacao, and Aruba. Very lovely indeed, and I swam in the most beautiful blue waters on earth. Really breathtaking. Kudos to the folks at Princess cruise lines who really go out of their way to take care of you. I’ve been on several other cruises and Princess does a hell of a job. Highly recommended. On to this post. This has basically been in the can since October, but unforeseen circumstances kept me from doing what I usually do here, so what I’m offering is a double whammy. One volume with two parts, and you get them in the same post!!! This post in particular is strictly dedicated to pop sounds so if you’re looking for garage, punk, beat, or some wild psych, you’re not going to find it here. Also in an effort to get this out before the end of the day, I’ve dispensed with the label scans and my thought provoking commentary on each record. What you do get are 61 pop gems in many styles from slightly psychedelic. to good old sunshiny songs. I hope you all enjoy. It’s good to be back.
01. Marvin's Circus - Come To Me (MGM)   
02. Marvin's Circus - Two Losers (MGM)   
03. High Society - Star Of Eastern Street (Cameo)   
04. High Society - People Passing By (Cameo)   
05. Twice As Much - Sittin' On A Fence (MGM)   
06. Twice As Much - Baby I Want You (MGM)   
07. Standells - The Boy Next Door (Vee Jay)   
08. Amazing Pickles - A Wish Of Love (Philips)   
09. Amazing Pickles - I Like Ice Cream (Philips)   
10. Deep Water Reunion - I Wanna Know (RCA Victor)   
11. Deep Water Reunion - Ruby Foo (RCA Victor)   
12. Bobby Vee & The Strangers - I May Be Gone (Liberty)   
13. Bobby Vee & The Strangers - Beautiful People (Liberty)   
14. Arch Of Triumph - Lands Of Shadow (Date)   
15. Arch Of Triumph - Sunshine And You (Date)   
16. Cornerstone - Holly Go Softly (Liberty)   
17. Cornerstone - Love Nothing More (Liberty)   
18. Garden Club - Little Girl Lost And Found (A&M)   
19. Wizard & The Ahs' - Show Girl In Town (Elf)   
20. Jim & Jean - People World (Verve Forecast)   
21. Jim & Jean - Time Goes Backwards (Verve Forecast)   
22. Jon & Robin And The In Crowd - Do It Again A Little Bit Slower (Abnak)   
23. Jon & Robin And The In Crowd - If I Need Someone It's You (Abnak)   
24. Music Explosion - Yes Sir (Laurie)   
25. Smubbs - White Paper Sail (Monument)   
26. Smubbs - Wait Another Heartache (Monument)   
27. Zuckerman's Dream - Love Is Such An Easy Word To Say (Columbia)   
28. Zuckerman's Dream - The Revolution Is Over (Columbia)   
29. New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Running Down The Highway (Columbia)   
30. New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Law And Order (Columbia)

01. Jet Stream - All's Quiet On West 23rd (Smash)  
02. Jet Stream - Crazy Me (Smash)   
03. Crew - Marty (Vergara)   
04. Crew - Danger Signs (Vergara)   
05. P.J. Proby - Niki Hoeky (Liberty)   
06. Just II - Once Upon A Might Have Been (Westchester)   
07. Arbors - The Letter (Date)   
08. Best Of Friends - All The World Is Mine (Laurie)   
09. Best Of Friends - Melodies (Laurie)   
10. Brothers - Today Is Today (White Whale)   
11. Brothers - With The Rain (White Whale)   
12. Jackals - Linda Come Lately (Liberty)   
13. Erik - Tell Me Are The Good Times Gone (General American)   
14. Centuries - Don't Let It Fade Away (Rich)   
15. Centuries - Just Today (Rich)   
16. Thomas & Richard Frost - She's Got Love (Imperial)   
17. Thomas & Richard Frost - The Word Is Love (Imperial)   
18. John Fred & His Playboy Band - No Letter Today (Paula)   
19. Deep Six - C'mon Baby (Blow Your Mind) (Liberty)   
20. Deep Six - Image Of A Girl (Liberty)   
21. Visions - Threshold Of Love (Uni)   
22. Visions - How Can I Be Down (Uni)   
23. Epic Splendor - It Could Be Wonderful (Hot Biscuit Record Co.)   
24. Epic Splendor - She's High On Life (Hot Biscuit Record Co.)   
25. Every Mothers Son - Pony With The Golden Mane (MGM)   
26. Bravura - The Man Who Hears A Different Drummer (Bravura)   
27. Hog Heaven - Happy (Roulette)   
28. New Hope - Won't Find Better (Jamie)   
29. New Hope - They Call It Love (Jamie)   
30. Professor Morrison's Lollipop - You Got The Love (White Whale)   
31. Society Of Seven - Frisco Bay (Uni)   


  1. Been looking for a long time for flip of Professor Morrison's 45. You have it by any chance Rich (sixtiesoldiesguy)

  2. I look forward to your posts almost as much as I look forward to your asides and scans which combine to give it a flea market back of the record store feel which I crave. I, for one, would welcome the return of scans & notes. That said, you've chosen a worthy lot again that will give me much pleasure and I thank you.

  3. Glad you are back Dan and glad you had a good cruise.
    I was going through Dan comp withdrawal, so thanks for the double post.

  4. Thanks for what looks like yet another fabuloso post. You seem to have a really good ear for quality music and creating excellent compilations chock full o stuff I've never heard before.

    Have a great Turkey Day!


  5. Welcome back! How was Curaçao? I've always wanted to go there.

    Thanks as always for the music.

  6. thank you for such intense memories that come to me when I listen these good oldies. I've been downloading all of your posts and enjoy them every day. a thankful listener from mexico.

  7. great collection here many thanks again!

  8. Any chance on more info on several of the 45's. Label # and release dates on the Crew, Just II, and Bravura


  9. Sure, I'll post some info real soon as well as the label scans that go with this post. Working on Vol. 67 right now. Look for it soon!