Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Dan's Garage…#65

   Ahhhh…another fine Sunday for blogging! I gotta say the weather here in Upstate NY this week has been rather lovely especially this weekend. Nice enough to sit on the front stoop and enjoy a stogie here at Dan’s Garage HQ. I broke my promise of not getting any new records and got a couple more this week. Oh well, I coulda spent my money somewhere else and have nothing to show for it I suppose. More good stuff for this edition, and I’m already working on the next post which will come out next weekend, and it’ll be very heavy on psych/pop sounds. I hope you enjoyed the L.S.D. Enigma entry also. It’s nice to see some good friends of mine do something cool and different. Hope you’re having a great day and please don’t forget to check out some of the blogs listed in the sidebar to the right of this page. Lots of good reading and music to along with it. Enjoy!
Paul Revere & The Raiders – Louie, Louie / Night Train (1963)prraiders
I can’t think of a better way to start this weeks edition off than one of the finer versions of this classic song. Of course The Kingsmen recorded the “definitive” version of this, but if you were a band playing in the Pacific NW during the early 60s, this was a must have in your repertoire, and Paul Revere & The Raiders were no exception. Theirs is a cool sax heavy rendition with an ace guitar break.
Curiosities – Johnny B. Goode (1965)curiosities johnny
I don’t need to explain this one. More hits from the jukebox company. Although these were mostly “remakes” of hits, the quality of the group is pretty high.
California Suns – Masked Grandma / Little Bit Of Heaven (1966)california suns
An answer record to “Little Old Lady From Pasadena” from a San Diego group. The song was written by Carol Connors who sang “To Know Him Is To Love Him” with the Teddy Bears, and Roger Christian a KRLA DJ. Real good surf vocals on both sides, but the flip, “Little Bit Of Heaven” is the real winner on this 45.
Clockwork Oranges – Ready Steady / After Tonight (1966)clockwork oranges
As long as we’re on a surf kick, why don’t we travel to the U.K. where this stunning hybrid of surf, beat, and mod sounds are melded together in one of the most unique 45s I’ve ever heard. The story of this group is rather cryptic, as some of the members ended up in the Birds, and founder Terry Clarke was in The Herd with Peter Frampton. You can read more about them HERE.
Ducats – Hey Woman / Stay Awhile (1964)ducats
A Canadian group from Port-Aux-Basques in Newfoundland, they apparently traveled down to Boston to record this rocker.
Association – Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You / Baby Can’t You Hear Me Call Your Name (1965)association
The first 45 released by this very popular pop group. You can hear where this band was headed on this 45 with the lush vocals, but the band arrangement is very garagey which makes this a very cool record in my opinion. A lot different than “Cherish” wouldn’t you say?
Montanas – That’s When Happiness Began / Goodbye Little Girl (1966)montanas2
A British group who had quite a few 45s released in the US, including “You’ve Got To Be Loved” featured on IDG #5. Unlike most of their output which was very pop oriented, this one is straight up garage/beat with a most amazing fuzzed out guitar solo. This guy was “shredding” about 10 years ahead of his time!
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Who Do You Think You’re Fooling / Diddy Wah Diddy (1966)cpn beefheart
The first 45 released by Captain Beefheart and although this isn’t “Trout Mask Replica”, it really is not way off from where he was headed. Both of these songs are superb, and the delivery is top notch.
Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells – You Ain’t Tuff / Let It Be (1966)blaskey tuff
Another winner from Lindy Blaskey and in my opinion his best two sider. This was also released for national distribution on Challenge Records.
Oxfords – Time And Place / (There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me (1966)oxfords
A Louisville, KY band who released several 45s, this being their first and arguably their best. They did release an LP in 1970 called “Flying Up Through The Sky” which is very nice sunshine pop, but nothing like this fuzzed out number. The B side is an interesting folk rock version of Bacharach & David’s “Always Something There To Remind Me”.
Turfits – Losin’ One / If It’s Love You Want (1966)turfits
Produced by Outsider (as in “Time Won’t Let Me”) Don King, this Cleveland, OH group was formed from members of The Vandaliers who also released a version of “If It's Love You Want”, although that version is somewhat slower. These are the guys who grace the cover of this weeks edition in some really far-out get ups. Read more about them HERE.
Tidal Waves – Big Boy Pete (1966)tidalwaves
A group from Detroit who had three 45s, all of them pretty good.
Chosen Lot – Time Was / If You Want To (1967)chosen lot
Tony Brazis formed this group after he quit Tony & The Bandits, who’s “I’m Goin’ Away” is featured on IDG #61. From Cincinnati, OH.
Five Americans – No Communication / The Rain Maker (1967)5hamericans
Yet another in a series of 45s these guys put out with a central theme: Letters, Zip Codes, Etc. This time they get right to the point and dispense with any specifics. Not bad though…..
III And A ½ – Don’t Cry To Me (1966)iii and half
It’s hard getting info on this tough sounding 45. These guys sound like they were from New York or Jersey, or possibly Philly but who knows…
Roman Rebellion – What Summer Brings (1968)roman rebellion
Another 45 from what I would assume to be the NY area. I don’t know much about this act, but they did have another similar 45 on RCA Victor about the same time as this one was released. This is a great 45 and it’s in stereo to boot!


  1. Great collection - as always. Thanks. Coincidentally, I just got a copy of that "Masked Grandma" 45 myself a few weeks ago. Way cool!

  2. Ah,yes. Capt. Beefheart produced by David Gates. Would have like to have been in the studio for that session.
    Great comp.

  3. Yeah, David Gates. How bizarre is that! I'll bet that that the Cap'n was a big influence on Bread.....

  4. Think quality of uploads has really improved from say 6 months ago.

    Always amazed you can come up 60's 45 sides I don't have (have over 53,000 different). While only 4 this time, they are great sides. The Johnny B Goode cut was as good as any made. Better than the original in my opinion.

  5. downloading....thanks for another batch of cool gems

    have a nice day!

  6. Dan-thanks for allowing our Tuesday stream to stay fresh and for making our listeners happy! Can I send you a cigar?

    Kevin Anthony

  7. Thanks Dan for more great collections

  8. Hey Dan, thanks a tonne for uploading these. I love garage music but it's so difficult to come accross. All the record stores here in Sydney are in a garage music drought, as it's become pretty popular.


  10. Okay. Who are the guys in miniskirts on the cover?
    (Am I the only one who asks these things?)