Sunday, March 7, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#24

Just "chillin"  here on a Saturday afternoon in beautiful sunny west side Rochester, NY. I've just about gone through three boxes of 45s, and I think I have four left (remember, I have a "modest" collection here). Somehow I think I'll be doing this well into 2010 given the fact that I've become more aggressive in my record buying these days. Thanks again for all your comments and support. This is just a hobby for me, but a rather fulfilling one! I've been thinking of posting all the albums I've appeared on, in the various bands that I've been in. Leave me a comment if you're interested. Alright, enough babbling...heres In Dan's Garage...#24!!!!!!!!

Fairviews with The Fifth Dimension -  A New  Direction /  Discumboober (1966) 
Bud Mathis was a sort of "impresario" in LA during the 60's and managed The Brain Train who eventually became The Clear Light. He also managed this obscure LA combo that released five 45s between '64 and '66. This one is a quirky two sider. The A side is a chaotic number with lots of people contributing to the vocals. The B side is sort of a "novelty" tune.

Abstract Sound - I'm Trying / Blacked Out Mind (1966)
A group from Springfield, NJ, this very cool 45 was released twice. Once on this label, and once on the "Gray Sound" label.

Booby Breyln - Hanna (1966)
This here 45 has made the compilation rounds a gizillion times. I'm pretty sure every "garage" collector has a copy of this because there was a bunch of  "new old stock" going around in the early 1980's. I was fortunate to get a copy, and was offered up to 50 copies of this!
New Yorkers – Again ! (1967)
new yorkers 
Remember The Hudson Brothers???? I used to watch those guys on Saturday mornings when I was in my early teens. Well, these are the same bunch of guys. The New Yorkers were a Pacific NW outfit that also had a cool psyche tune called Mr. Kirby, This one here though is straight up British Invasion style rock and roll.
Boo Boo & Bunky – Turn Around / This Old Town (1966)
boo boo & bunky
Oops!!! Looks like somebody was asleep at the wheel when this one got pressed! No problem though, the grooves are intact on this little folk rock nugget. Not sure who these guys guys were, but “Turn Around” was literally cloned as an anti protest song called “The Prophet” by The Patriots months later.

Distant Cousins – She Ain’t Lovin’ You (1966)
distant cousins
Here’s one of those “not quite garage” songs that I really love. The Distant Cousins were a duo out of NYC that had a few 45s on Date, and were produced by Bob Crewe who also did Mitch Ryder, The Four Seasons, and even Richard & The Young Lions, which accounts for the “big production” style of this record. Nonetheless, this is a super cool slice of mid sixties pop, with a healthy dose of attitude.
Outcasts – I Didn’t Have To Love Her Anymore / Today’s The Day (1967)
Tremendous moody garage from Long Island, NY. They had one other 45 on Decca which is also very good.
Esquires – Sadie's Ways (1965)
A real cool frat rock blaster from Arkansas.
Flock – Are You The Kind / I Like You (1966)
The Flock are usually at the top of everyone’s “Prog Rock” list. That’s because they were one of the Jazz/Rock outfits to come out in the early 70’s like Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Chicago, except they were far more “out there”. Kind of like their neighbors The Ides Of March, another horn oriented group, they once were a cool British Invasion type group, and had some great stuff released before they got “progressive”…..
Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells – My Baby Done Left Me / I’ll Get Along Somehow (1966)
lindy blaskey
Lindy Blaskey from Albuquerque ran Lavette Records and certainly had a number of great groups like The Chob on his label. This one on Space Records a great folk/rock/pop two sider.

Terry Knight & The Pack – Numbers (1966)
terry knight 
Terry Knight is best known for being the man behind Grand Funk Railroad, of which two members, Mark Farner, and Don Brewer, were both in The Pack. You can kind of hear things to come on this one with the huge bass tone, and the general vibe of the song. This one’s a real killer in my opinion….
Other Five – You Really Got Me (1965)
other five
Interesting version of the Kinks klassic. From Indiana I think….
Moon Rakers – You’ll Be Back / I Was Wrong (1966)
One of, if not the most popular Denver, CO groups in the mid 60’s. They had several great garage 45s on Tower before becoming a sort of Christian/Psyche group in the late 60s.
Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Shame On You / Gonna Be My Girl (1966)
neal ford
Neal Ford & The Fanatics had a ton of 45 released in the mid-sixties the best being the awesome punker “I Will Not Be Lonely”. They also released an album on Hickory, and this one here, a non LP B side is no slouch either. It starts off with a cool bass line,and then the Farfisa organ kicks in, and then this totally depraved vocal comes singing about how his girl is going to hell for “acting that way toward me”, then we have this “Outer Limits” guitar solo that puts the icing on the cake. Wow.
Orange Krush – Get Yourself Together / Windows Of My Eyes (1968)
orange krush
I’m not sure if this a novelty record or just a real kooky attempt at being psychedelic. Both sides are totally weird. Real different….
Uniques – It’s All Over Now (1968)
We checked out The Uniques in “Dan’s Garage” #8 with the terrific “You Ain’t Tuff”. This time they give us a great rendition of “It’s All Over Now”
Bluebird – Billy Drake / I Shall Be Released (1970)
Let us now fast forward to 1970 and the Pacific NW. Bluebird were like many west coast bands of that era mixing country with rock, and they do it quite well on this one. Definitely not garage, or even psyche, but still has a great edge to it. One of my favorites, with fantastic guitar work.
Legends – Fever Games / High Towers (1969)
A very popular Harrisburg, PA group who featured future Edgar Winter Group member Dan Hartman. “Fever Games” is real Hendrix like and mentions Janis Joplin, Blue Cheer, Cream, and even Jimi himself. Cool dive bombs on the whammy too. “High Towers” is a great psychedelic tune with dominant wah wah guitar and electric piano.


  1. Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this "series".It's great that you can provide info on most of the bands too. A true labor of love. Thanks Dan.
    And I would love to hear a set of the bands you have been in.Sounds interesting.

  2. The "Other Five" is Indiana for sure. Check them out at:
    Other Five

  3. cool very good set again many thanks

  4. Dan - this is cool stuff. Many thanks for all your time and efforts. You must be a Chesterfield Kings fan living in Rochester. Question for you - do you have the years these 45's were released? Reason I ask is when one loads them in Itunes they all show under 2010.
    Have you heard the Bad Boys 45 (Paula Records)from 1966? I can send scan of label and tracks if you's a fuzz rock monster - Anthony - groovewhere at cox dot net

  5. Thanks for the compliments. The years of the songs are listed on the blog in the titles. I guess I could tag them with the date too, but I have my hands full with getting all the info on them already. I will give it a shot though. I have heard The Bad Boys on Paula and it is in my collection. Haven't gotten around to posting it yet though. Thanks again for the compliments. More good stuff to come.....

  6. OOOPS!!!!! CORRECTION!!!!! I'm so brain dead, I didn't realize that I hadn't started putting the dates on the blog until #27!!! I'll have to start working on updating all of this.....

  7. Hi again - ok sounds good on above. if it helps any, it's real easy to do in Itunes. Just load the song in Itunes, right click and choose Get Info/Info - put in the year - that's it. To locate newly amended song with year added: right click on track choose Show In Windows Explorer (providing you are a Windows user)
    PS - I really liked that track by the Outcasts..the one with the Baroque/Left Banke sound - excellent choice! Any others like this you would recommend ? Ant