Sunday, April 20, 2014

In Dan’s Garage…#97

97 front
Happy Easter my friends. It’s a beautiful day to write a blog post so I figured I’d try to get this one out real quick-like today before I go feast on leg of lamb and other goodies. The usual suspects on this go around, including a few that were previously issued on “Sixties Uncovered”, the very first collection of vinyl transfers I posted on this blog. I re-recorded them and they should sound much better than the previous attempts. Enjoy.

Arondies – Class Of ‘69 / All My Love (1964)
From Pittsburgh, they were once thought to be The Fantastic Dee Jays. Originally released simply as “‘69” but you know why they changed it.

Playboys – The Scramble / The Cat Walk (1965)
A couple of raunchy instrumentals from California. Probably the LA area.

“You Know Who” Group – Don’t Play It (No More) / Run (I Wanna Be Free) (1965)
The third 45 from this “mystery” group.

Sparkles – No Friend Of Mine / First Forget (1966)
Bone crunching classic garage/punk from these Texas legends.

Mystics – Didn’t We Have A Good Time / Now And For Always (1966)
Another Texas group delivers some nice up-tempo garage. Also released on Dot Records.

Bogis Chimes – I Think You’ll Find / Please Don't Forget (1967)
bogis chimes
These guys had a 45 on the same label as “The Road Runners”. Blue eyed soul from Wisconsin.

Changin’ Times – How Is The Air Up There / Young And Innocent Girl (1966)
Fuzzed out punker recorded by a group that mainly focused on folk-rock sounds. Outstanding.

First Crow To The Moon – Spend Your Life / The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind (1967)
Found this for 25¢ way back in the day. Slightly warped but great anyway.

Cryin’ Inside / Sometimes You Just Can’t Win (1968)
More legends from Texas!

Impacts – Don’t You Dare / Green Green Field (1966)
One of my all time favorite 45s from the Pacific NW.

Catfish Knight & The Blue Express – Deathwise / I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ (1968)
Utterly demented fuzzed out psyche from a bunch whose origin eludes me at the moment…….

City Zu – Eeny Meeny / Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast (1969)
city zu
Good two sider from another Pacific NW group who still play to this day.

Troggs – Hip Hip Hooray / Say Darlin’ (1968)
Always tough sounding, The Troggs never lose it even when they’re singing fluff like “Hip Hip Hooray”.

Rupert’s People – Reflections Of Charles Brown / Hold On (1967)
This “Whiter Shade Of Pale” rip-off was allegedly recorded and released Procol Harum had their huge hit. Who ripped off who????? B side is fantastic.

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  1. Sounds like another good bunch, Dan! Sparkles and First Crow To The Moon fetch a pretty penny nowadays.

    I recommend taking a listen to the City Zu's "I'll Find Another" on Columbia if you haven't already.

  2. Thanks Dan,
    Happy Easter,

    FYI, I think Changin' Time were from Ohio.
    First Crow To The Moon---New York
    Impacts--- Oregon
    City Zu---Washington least according to tags I have. I like to keep track of the places bands hail from too.


    1. Thanks for filling in a few blanks. I was in somewhat of a hurry to get it out that day (Easter) so I glossed over quite a few details. The Changin' Times were Steve Duboff & Artie Kornfield , a duo from New York who also wrote "The Pied Piper" and the Cowsills' hit "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things".

  3. many thanks for your wonderful series.
    2 more to come and than: the magic number


  4. Good listening.....cheers Dan!

  5. Enjoying this assortment very much. Big praise to you for your excellent selections. You sure know your stuff. Thanks.

  6. Happy belated 4/20 day. this comp has some great obscurities on it, THANKS

  7. great selection as always....that You-Know-Who-Group single was knew to my ears... thanks again Dan and keep 'em coming!

  8. The Arondies were played on WMCK with D.J. Terry Lee. He managed the Fantastic DeeJays and later the Swamp Rats. Was a cousin to Sonny DeNunzio, singer of the Fenways/Racket Squad. Flip side of '69' (All my Love) is a super track. You post great Pittsburgh stuff! I have a lot of these.

  9. duude you're almost at 100! are you gonna throw a party? yet another upstanding tracklist of golden oldies, thanks!


  10. Ginchy as always Mr Dan.
    On an unrelated matter, have you any idea what year Rojay & Faber's Good In This World was released

    1. Yah... "Ginchy", Thanks! I'm not sure when the "Rojay & Faber" 45 came out but I'd bet a half dozen 45s it was released in 1967. Well...maybe not a half dozen, but I think it's a good guess. Glad you're digging the cool sounds. Number 98 is on the way soon......