Sunday, March 30, 2014

In Dan’s Garage…#96

96 front
Greetings music lovers! I hope you’re all ready for some real nice springtime weather out there because I know I am. Just when I thought we were going to finally get some relief up here after unusually cold temps in March (we’re talkin’ single digits about a week or so ago) and “The Blizzard of ‘2014”, I thought that maybe we were going to start enjoying moderating temps, you know, the kind where you can at least grill a few burgers and not have to wear a parka while doing it. Oh no. Can’t have any of that. We need another 12” to keep reminding us that we live in Rochester, NY. Yup. TWELVE FREAKIN’ INCHES!!!!!!! They said it was eight, but my driveway tells a different story entirely. I’m literally numb by now and expect freezing rain come June. Oh well, at least I can comfort myself by spinning some 45s and laying out another post like today’s, which includes a lot of low key stuff. No real killers, but an aural array of pop, psych, and folk rock sounds. I even threw in an old rocker at the beginning and some boogie at the end just to shake things up. So without further adieu here’s NUMBER 96!

Ray Kannon & The Corals – Muleskinner Twist / Please Don’t Leave Me (1962)
ray kannon
Here’s a goodie from Wisconsin courtesy of Ray Kannon & his Corals of which I know nothing except that that Ray was trying to cash in on the twist craze by changing a few words to The Fendermen’s version of Jimmie Rogers’ Muleskinner Blues. Great stuff.

Fabulous Quiet Five – Red Hot Scrambler-Go / I Understand (1964)
Known simply as “The Quiet Five” in England, this is a great up-tempo version of a song originally done by a group called “The Captivations” was picked up by the tiny Casa Grande label out of Woburn, MA. Real good surf vocals here and the flip is a cover of Freddie & The Dreamers’ “I Understand”.

Yo Yos – I Can’t Forget You / Leaning On You (1966)
Garage/Soul featuring some hokey falsetto vocals but a cool reedy sounding Farfisa organ. Their other 45 “Gotta Find A New Love” (IDG #7) is really good as well. From Memphis, TN

Harry Deal & The Galaxies – Bad Girl / Three Pillows In My Room (1966)
harry deal
Big figures in the ”Beach Music” scene, Harry Deal & The Galaxies waxed many records including this very lightweight “garagey” number for Jubilee records in 1966.

Keith Everett - Conscientious Objector / Don’t You Know (1966)
keith everett
Most people really hate this 45 because they consider it to be “right wing propaganda”. Well, if you ask me it’s no more propaganda than Barry McGuire’s “Eve Of Destruction”. To me this 45 is pretty funny and I just see it as good old Keith letting off some All American steam. There were several of these types of songs in the mid 60’s which I see not as “propaganda” per-se, but more of a backlash against the anti-war sentiment which was brewing at the time. Good examples are “Dawn Of Correction” by The Spokesmen and “Hey Prophet” by The Patriots.

Shillings – Children And Flowers / Lying And Trying (1966)
The Shillings from Allentown, PA had about four 45s of which I think this is the best. A side is a cover of a Critters song which was written by Jackie DeShannon and the B side is really good folk/rock.

Unit 4+2 – Sorrow And Pain (1964)
unit4 2
Seems like a post never goes by without one of these pretty orange swirly items from London Records! This was actually released prior to their big hit “Concrete And Clay” in the UK and in the US. I really like these guys and wish I could get my hands on a copy of their US LP.

Liverpool Set - Must I Tell You (I Love You) / Miss You So (1965)
liverpool set
A Canadian group that had at least two other 45s in the same British Invasion style.

Creatures – String Along /The Night Is Warm (1966)
I previously could not find any info on this group but a really nice website about Irish bands had tons of info and pics on these guys who I personally consider to be one of the best acts to come out of Ireland or anywhere else for that matter. Why these guys could not have been a bigger deal is a mystery to me.

Brian Arthur - What Can You Do With A Broken Heart / I’d Like To Know (1966)
brian artur
Here’s a really great “big production” folk rock 45 that was co-written by Tommy Kaye, the guy who also wrote The Barbarian’s epic “Hey Little Bird”. He most likely co-produced this as well with a guy simply known as “Szymczyk”. Could this be an early effort by the famous producer?????

Bay Ridge – I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind / Backtrack (1968)
A fantastic garage/soul two sider by a group from Brooklyn, NY.

Chevrons – Mine Forever More / In The Depths Of My Soul (1967)
A great 45 that really strikes a nerve with me. I don’t know why, but the A side of this has just the right combination of vocal harmonies and excellent backup by the band. They were from Omaha, NE and were quite popular in their day.

Poor – My Mind Goes High / Knowing You, Loving You (1967)
the poor
A group from Colorado that featured a young Randy Meisner on bass before he joined The Eagles.

Giant Jellybean Copout – Awake In A Dream / Look At The Girls (1967)
jellybean copout
Another brilliant 45 that I think is superb in every way. Psych/Pop aficionados will love this one with it’s “Good Vibrations” vibe only trippier!. Apparently this crew was actually The Critters in disguise.

Catfish – Goin’ Down Slow / Jump In The River (1970)
Let’s end this party with some infectious boogie rock from Detroit, MI.



  1. Thanks for another great post.

    I saw Catfish at the Capitol Theater in NY opening up for the Grateful Dead around the time this single came out. The crowd didn't dig 'em at all but that's to be expected from a rabid Dead crowd waiting for their heroes. I liked them though as at the time I was into that whole Savoy Brown boogie & roll thing. I must admit I haven't thought about them much over the last 40 years but now that you brought them to my attention I am curious to hear them again.

    1. They had one LP on Epic and then became "The Catfish Hodge Band". I know of one moe 45 that I featured in IDG #48. Pretty much the same stuff. BTW I happen to be a HUGE Savoy Brown fan.

  2. Good to see a new volume! I must have visited this blog at least twice per day to check for a new post...I think I'm addicted!
    That Brian Arthur single is one of the best that I've heard in a while. Got myself a copy for less than ten bucks about a month ago.

    I've started a blog sort of similar to yours, hopefully it meets your approval!

  3. Thanks, seems like good times again! I've been missing yo and your psots. Take care, br, JDu

  4. Dan:
    Always good to have a new comp of music from your collection. Thanks.

  5. Good stuff. Surprised a British band was covering a song about scramblers.

  6. 80 degrees and sunny here in Florida, Dan. Lying And Trying by the Shillings was a decent hit in Boston around Christmas 1966. There was some confusion at the time as there was a fairly well-known local band called The Shillings that played in the Boston metro area and many people thought the record was by them, and as I recall, the Boston Shillings didn't try very hard to deny it.

    1. Things are starting to "moderate" up here and it was about 52° today so it felt like paradise. Even did some grilling as well. Last weekend we had foot and a half of snow here but fortunately it's mostly gone although there's literally a mountain of it in the cul-de-sac down the street. I love that Shillings 45. I'm a sucker for that moody jangly folk/rock stuff. I'm glad you're enjoying it! #97 is on the way.....

  7. Great stuff as usual Dan. Love the Giant Jellybean Copout single but then anything Critters related is just fine by me. Cheers Dan!

  8. The Creatures make a quick appearance in Charlies Is My Darling, haven't seen the new DVD version which is supposed to be different. I have at least 3 of the 45s, Lookin' At Tomorrow is probably my favorite.