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In Dan's Garage...#33

Greetings friends! Sorry for the week delay, but when the weather warms up a bit, I find myself doing a lot more outdoor activities, and vital home repairs which leaves me less time to do this, so the frequency of posts might suffer a bit through the summer. I'm not going to bloviate today. I'd just like to plug all the blogs in my list. They are all great with fantastic stuff and you should definitely check them out and become followers and leave them some very nice comments. OK? Let's go! Here's Dan's Garage #33!

Cardinals - Tomato Juice / I Want You (1965)
Yeah baby!!! SIXTY NININ" ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!!! ALRIGHT!!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I love how frat rockers got away with this kind of thing back when nobody knew what the hell they were really talking about. The Cardinals had three other 45's on Cha Cha (one of my favorite label names) all frat type affairs.

Fenways - I Move Around (1966)
Pittsburgh's Fenways are best known for backing up the The Vogues on "You're The One" and are considered one of the city's most beloved acts from the 1960's. Not exactly a garage/punk type group, they were a little more vocal oriented as we can hear on this one. They eventually became the Racket Squad and had two albums and a bunch of singles.

Gates Of Eden - Girls, Girls, Girls / Mini Skirts (1966)
A real obscure British outfit. They had at least three other 45s.

Kitchen Cinq - Still In Love With You Baby / Ride The Wind (1966)
From Amarillo, TX, they were once known as The Y'alls and had a single on Ruff Records. In '66 they became The Kitchen Cinq, and released an LP shortly thereafter which I think is pretty good.

Painted Faces - Anxious Color / Things We See (1967)
Incredible garage/psyche from Florida. This one is an absolute classic!!!!!

White Wash - You Better Think It Over / You Haven't Seen My Love (1968)
Sixties groups from what is known as the "Tri-State" area (New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania and New England) certainly had a very distinctive sound. Probably the two best known are The Young Rascals and The Vanilla Fudge who were immensely influential in that area. Soul, Motown, and R&B were the big thing with those guys, and they shunned the "cheesy" sounds of Vox and Farfisa organs for the big bad Hammond B-3, the trademark sound of all those groups. The White Wash from Providence, RI are a prime example of this.

Regina - Gotta Funny Kinda' Feelin' / If You're Gonna Love Me (1966)
Here's a real nice "girl group" type thing with sort of a folk/pop/garage flair on the A side. This was produced by Polhemus and Wyld, the same guys who had great success with The Blues Magoos.

Sano & The Saints Five - Mercy Mercy / Have Love Will Travel (1966)
Some more pumping Hammond B-3 sounds this time from the midwest. Unlike their east coast counterparts, these guys were definitely in the frat-rock camp with these two covers. Obviously, "Have Love" is closer to the original than the furious Sonics version.

Westhampton Barge - Can't Come Home / Lovin' Is (196?)
This one's a mystery to me, but it's possible that this is a Long Island group. Anyone out there know for sure???? (No longer a mystery...these guys were indeed from El Paso, TX)

Sintrifical Fours - Flashin' Thunderbolts Of Jupiter/Queen Of My Heart (1967)
I like Mr. G Records. They released a lot of 45s that were from native New York bands including The Declaration Of Independence which I recently learned through this blog were from Syracuse, and The Trillium who were from my hometown. These guys are somewhat of a stumper, but New York City would be a good guess...I think......

Tony Ritchie - Comin' On Strong / Could You Really Live Without Her (1968)
Ace mod/soul with terrific fuzz. Produced and co-written by Miki Dallon.

Mystic Number National Bank - Good Time Music / I Put A Spell On You (1968)
This was the first 45 by this Kansas City group, who later had a real bluesy affair released on ABC/Probe in 1969. This one here is definitely a garage 45.

UNKNOWN GROUP - Georgy Girl / Black Is Black (1967)
OK. I think all of you know the drill by now. I pull a handful of 45s out of a box, and basically wing it, unless I come across a real pooper that doesn't merit entry into these posts. Well, I passed this one over and when I was ready to record one more, I put this on for shits and giggles. You know, this isn't half bad. It sounds like some sort of cheesy studio group, and there are no horns or other offensive instruments. In fact it sounds like something that might have been used for a commercial background or soundtrack of some sort. The label also says this is an "educational" record. What the hell is up with that??

Family - So Much To Remember (1968)
Great pop/psyche from what was supposedly a studio group.

Weight - Flip, Flop, And Fly / Another Side Of This Life (1970)
For a 45 that was released in 1970, this one has a very low-fi appeal to it. Recorded live at Rick's Lounge in Walnut Creek, these guys were from the Bay Area and had an album as well.

Elders - It's Too Late To Change / Looking For The Answer (1971)
Let's end with some funky wah wah soaked psychedelia from a Dayton, OH group. It's hard to believe that these guys were once Jerry & The Others who recorded the awesome "Don't Cry To Me" which was featured on Back From The Grave Vol. 3.

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  1. Hi Dan,

    Thank for this new batch - and please don't worry about being too late.

    Fuzz Acid & Flowers says about Westhampton Barge:

    Westhampton Barge

    1 Can't Come Home/Lovin' Is (No label NE 217) 1968

    An insistent guitar refrain makes the top side catchy, but it's only late sixties light pop-rock. The flip is also quite poppy. Both tracks were written by Richard Talauera and the band were moored in El Paso, Texas.

    (Max Waller)


  2. Thanks Dan. Your truely a garage scholar & gentlemen. You must have a hound dog's nose for finding these nuggets.


  3. Thanks once again for sharing your varied collection. These volumes are just so interesting.So much new,to me anyway,stuff. Thanks!

  4. Very good Mix Dan , Many Thanks Dave

  5. Thanks for another fine collection Dan. I really appreciate your work, if if wasn't for you sharing your great collection the rest of us would never hear any of these rarities.

  6. In regards to that "educational record", it was just that. That whole label output was educational records, stuff used in classrooms, ballet dance lessons, etc...there were hundreds of them on that label and a handful of others like Kimbo....

  7. thanks a lot Dan for another deep dive into Pandora's Box... (I was missing you this weekend...)

    all the best

  8. Man, you're killing me !
    Thank you so much for all these excellent comps !

  9. Garage guru "Moptop" Mike Markesich nailed The Sintrifical Fours as a Queens, N.Y.C. group a few years ago, but I just dug up a little more info. Organist (later bassist) Steve Byczek has a MySpace and singer/frontman(?) Ronnie Tourso (who wrote "Flashing Thunderbolts" and had a parallel career track on the Broadway stage) has a Facebook page. Isn't social e-networking great?!

    It appears that they hailed from the Astoria neighborhood of Queens and morphed into Utopia Parkway, who recorded for United Artists in '70.

    BTW, that doowoppy flipside couldn't be more different than "Flashing Thunderbolts," could it? I wasn't expecting that at all! But doowop was more or less in N.Y.C.'s drinking water back in those days I guess.

  10. Aha! I got the info on Ronnie Tourso being a Broadway guy, but I wasn't 100% sure the info was correct. Haven't heard Utopia Parkway, but I'll look for it. As far as the NYC/Do Wop thing, you're right. If there wasn't prevalent Do Wop influence, they had a huge soul thing going on ala The Young Rascals, Vagrants, Vanilla Fudge, etc... Thanks for weighing in and please, stop by often!

  11. Hi, Dan! After a bit of a hiatus I dropped by to download collections 33 and upwards, but it seems this download is unavailable... Is it just me? Is it you? Is it modern technology? Any way I can download a copy?

    Thanks, and stellar work on the comps!

    Take care,

  12. Hmmmmm...just checked and it IS still available on most of Multiuploads' servers. Try again and if it fails I'll re-up.

  13. My bad, Dan! Sorry for the inconvenience. Am downloading #33 as I write this. Am loving your collections...

  14. Hey Dan! I just found your site today. My name is Steve Byczek, I was the organist for The Sintrifical Fours back in 1967-68. They then became The Ravin'Image and ultimately Utopia Parkway.

    The Sintrifical Fours was based out of the Woodside/Jackson Heights area. The members were Ronnie Tourso on lead vocal & guitar, Billy Russo on guitar and vocals, Mike Norton on Bass guitar and vocals, Jimmy Maceiko on drums and yours truly on Hammond Organ. I guess you're right, we Long Island guys really liked that Hammond Sound. (I used the L-100 series with a 122 Leslie...much easier to transport than the B3).

    After those tracks were put out, we kept the same personnel, switched to Capitol Records and changed the name to The Ravin' Image with a release called ECHOES.

    Whe ECHOES failed to thrive in the pop market, Our bass player left to get married and start a very lucrative career in advertising, Billy Russo left and Jimmy Maceiko left to concentrate on his main career as a NYC police officer. Ronnie Tourso and I were the basis of Utopia Parkway. Ronnie met Paul Drago, a guitarist/singer/songwriter at St. John's University (thus the link to our name), Paul had a friend Bobby Murray who was a phenomenal keyboard player. Hearing him play, I gladly turned the keyboard duties over to him and I switched to bass. One of Ronnie's closest friends was drummer, Kenny White who was the last piece of the puzzle. (Kenny went on to marry Ronnie's sister).

    Utopia Parkway had a release called Come With Me on United Artists records. Co-written by Ronnie and Paul, it made Top 40 in small markets like Wheeling, W. Va, and Ft. Wayne Indiana. But it never broke the major markets.

    If you're interested I have scans of both of the 45's, mp3's of both tunes and the sheet music from ECHOES. You can reach me at or message me on Facebook as I see that's how you found some of the information.

    Thanks for keeping our music alive. Oh, by the way, the B side of The Sintrifical Fours 45 was Queen of My Heart. It was the first composition Ronnie did and was written for his mother. It also became a fast favorite of my mom as well.

    All the best
    Stephen B.

  15. Avant & Kimbo both made professional dance & exercise records. This was likely played in gym classes -- in the late-60s, teachers tried to be hip.
    Mr. Ed found a real screamer -- a fairly-straight cover of The Ventures' "Walk, Don't Run" (a little faster tempo) that was credited "For Square Dancing" (if everyone was on speed, maybe).

  16. Just like to say thanks Dan for these fantastic recordings. I've long been a fan of these type of sounds. It was the whole Nuggets re-release thing on Sire in the early seventies that started me off down these dark, dank, creepy alleyways and.....Sod it!. I'll just enjoy the music.

    (Jon Hill, Bristol, England)

  17. Hi Dan,

    I hope you still check this part of your blog. The Westhampton Barge was actually my dad's band! They were out of El Paso, TX!
    Can I ask where you got the record? We have our own copies but I am curious to see where they can be found still.

    1. That's very cool to hear!!!! Do you have any pictures??? Are there any lost tapes or test pressings??????? I acquired this 45 in 1988 from a Goldmine auction so I've had it for quite some time. I think I may have seen it once on Ebay since but I can't say for sure. Thanks for the info and feel free to visit anytime!

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  19. The Westhampton Barge was an El Paso band that was playing in the late 1960s. Most, but not all, of the guys were going to Jesuit High in El Paso. They also cut a record from Tolbark productions and the name of the tune one one side was "turn my face". I also recognize the name Richard Talavera as one of the band members and I see he is the author of a record that has the label "West Hampton Barge.

  20. Was just wondering if you would identify your dad or his musical instrument when he was with the Westhampton Barge? I too had a relative in that band.