Monday, October 26, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #8

WOW! Whatta week! Dental work (again), bowling, band rehearsal, lots of baseball, and another post!!!! I guess I've been kinda busy. Here's another 'mixed bag" if you you will. All kinds of good stuff ranging from frat rock to surf to freakbeat. So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu....
In Dan's Garage....#8!!!!!

Sorrows - Take A Heart / We Should Get Along Fine
Considered by many to be the definitive "freakbeat" tune. Lead Singer Don Fardon later had a big hit with "Indian Reservation" which was also huge for Paul Revere & The Raiders in 1971.

Beckett Quintet - No Correspondence / (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue
Aside from the fact that these guys were from L.A., and Beach Boys producer Nick Venet handled this, I can't tell you much more. A true classic on the 'A' side, and an often neglected Dylan cover on the 'B' side.

Peter Antell - The Times They Are A Changing / Yesterday And Tomorrow
As long as we're on a Dylan thing, here's a nice fuzz laden version of Dylan's classic. Kinda reminds me of Barry McGuire.

Cryan Shames - Sugar And Spice / Ben Franklin's Alamanac
Most people consider these guys real lightweights, and they are. But I think "Ben Franklin's Almanac" makes up for every shitty tune they ever recorded. I think it's truly awesome! Yeah, I do like like "Sugar And Spice" too....

Custer &The Survivors - I Saw Her Walking
This one rides a real fine line between good garage and bullshit. It's a great tune that I like like a lot, but sometimes it's tough getting past those hokey horns. Overall, I think it's pretty good...

Ferraris Of Canada - (All I Ever Want) Is Girls / Please Tell Her
Hey, all I ever wanted when I was a teenager was my own private harem full of babes too! By the way, these guys were from Canada....

Fifth Order - Today (I Got A Letter) / A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)
A real popular band from Columbus, OH. The Fifth Order had a big regional hit in 1966 with "Goin' Too Far" (hear it on Boulders Vol. 1) on Diamond Records and followed up in 1967with this garage/pop two sider.

Uniques - You Ain't Tuff / Strange
Joe Stampley was the lead singer for the Uniques, who became a pretty big country star after releasing a slew of 45's with this band. This is one of their best, which was covered by Lindy Blaskey and The Lavells later on.

Rockin' Berries - Flashback / He's In Town
Another British band that recorded for Pye records (The Sorrows and Kinks among others..). The Berries mixed Beach Boys/Four Seasons style harmonies and a solid invasion beat. They definitely had their own thing going as evidenced by the contrasts in this 45.

Fugitives - Mean Woman / I'll Be A Man
One of my all time favorites. Reportedly from Connecticut, this was one of two 45's they put out. I guess the other one is in a 4 Seasons style, but I really haven't heard it.  It's got an early 60's feel, but definitely a mid 60's punch to it. Kind of a cross between Surf and British Invasion sounds.

PH Phactor - Barefoot John / Minglewood Blues
From Portland OR, this group was definitely in the "Haight/Ashbury camp of hippie jugband style bands, ala The Grateful Dead. You can hear the whole San Fransisco style thing going on throughout this record. "Barefoot John" is the "electric" side, and "Minglewood Blues"  (a staple of Grateful Dead concerts) is done jugband style on the flip.

Jim Valley - I'm Real
Jim Valley was the guitarist in The Viceroys and Don & The Goodtimes, but his real claim to fame was being in Paul Revere & The Raiders. He played on the "Spirit Of 67" LP, but released this awsomely cool rocker of a 45 in between his Goodtimes and Raiders stints. A true blue Pacific Northwest pounder.

Little Joe & The Mustangs - I Dig You Baby
Southern Cal. is the best data I can come up with on this horn laden, but totally cool frat rocker. To me the sound like an East L.A. band like the Premiers or Cannibal & The Headhunters, but I might be wrong....Catch the weird edits throughout the song. Those are not skips.....

Mark Four - Forget It Baby / Go Away Now
Surf rocker with a teen ballad on the flip. Another Southern Cal. product....

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Time Is After You / Floating Dream
Excellent 60's psych from L.A.!  This group should have been up there with The Jefferson Airplane, but for some reason never made it big like them. They had three albums, which are OK,but this is by far their best effort.

Pewter Pals - Childhood / Shame, Shame On Jane
All I know is that Mike Curb had something to do with this, and The Painted faces terrific "Anxious Color" is on the same label. Good lo-fi garage.

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  1. Thanks for another great post Dan. these really bring me much pleasure. I sure do appreciate all your work. Henri

  2. Luv this stuff! thanks for sharing!

  3. Dan, sounds like you have plenty going on and I thank you for the time it takes to share your amazing collection with us.#7 just blows me away but there's good stuff on all of them.Major props to you! Mike

  4. Yet again Dan thanks a lot for another great post,much appreciated,keep it up,and thanks again.

  5. wow!
    dan, i hope your collection brings us emotions for a long time

  6. After the first line of the Uniques' Strange I almost shouted "Yeahey Glendora" :-)

    Thanks for the hard work. Still digging (through) all the comps.

    Jean-Marie (Belgium)