Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #5

Pineapple Heard - Valleri / Ol' Man River
Here's a 45 I have a first hand story on! The details are a little sketchy so here goes.... Back in the 80's my good friend Chuck Ciriello and I used to make the rounds at all the upstate NY record shows, buying and selling. I think we were in Syracuse when this old hippie looking guy (He told me his name, gave me his card and I forgot his name and lost the card. I believe it may have been Tom Haskell, but I can't swear to it.) comes up to our table, starts flipping through records, pulls this 45 out of a box and says.."Hey, I played on this record!". He tells the story about how they were from Watertown, about an hour or so north of Syracuse, and they recorded this on New Years Day 1967 at Bell Recording Studios in N.Y.C. The studio folks wanted them to do this tune, and it was recorded well before the Monkees had their hit with it. Obviously, theirs flopped, while the Monkees' was huge. It turns out that this band was actually Ed Wool and The Nomads (he never mentioned that to me) who had a few records released in the mid 60's, also under the name The Sure Cure. They changed their name simply to Wool, had a decent LP released on ABC, and a couple more 45s on Columbia which are definitely not garage.

Liverpool Five - New Directions / What A Crazy World
Another great 2 sider from this group. A British group that relocated to the U.S., they had a total of six 45's that were released by RCA Victor. This was their fifth.

                            Dee And Tee - Something's Coming / When The Cold Winds Blow
Dee & Tee were a guy/gal combo kinda sorta like Lyme & Cebelle, Friend & Lover, Sonny & Cher, etc. "Cold Winds" was actually the 'A' side which is a decent folk rocker featuring both singers. The "B" side on the other hand is a total screamer with an "I'm A Man" hook and crazed vocals.

Plymouth Rockers - Girl From The North Country / Roll Over Stephen Foster
I can't say for sure if these are the same Plymouth Rockers fro the pacific NW, because they sure don't sound like them. This is a really good folk rock 2 sider. Any info would be appreciated.

Gordon - Greensleeves / Send For Me
One of my favorites!!! Gordon Kjellberg was obviously from the pacific NW, but this 2 sided moody folk rocker isn't your typical Sonics type stuff.

Live Five - I Must Move
Since we're on a NW roll, I'll throw this excellent take on the Zombies classic. This promo copy had the same tune on both sides.

Premiers - Little Ways / Get Your Baby
Great two sider from the East L.A. legends... Dig the ultra cool label. Who needs album covers????

Terry Knight & The Pack - Love, Love, Love, Love, Love / This Precious Time
From Flint, MI, Terry Knight is probably most famous for producing Grand Funk Railroad, and Bloodrock (I admit that they are two of my "guilty pleasures"). This was one of a slew of 45s that he released with The Pack, which also included Mark Farner, and Don Brewer who would later become superstars in Grand Funk.

Lost Souls - Simple To Say / The Girl I Love
One of many Lost Souls.This band is rumored to be Billy Joel's first band, but I doubt it...although I might be wrong.. Real good mid-tempo rocker that kind of reminds me of the Beau Brummels. The flip's good too.

Livin' End - Life Is A Search
Originally from Wichita Falls, this band relocated to Dallas, TX, and recorded several 45s. This was their last from '69.

Bushmen - Baby / What I Have I'll Give To You
Awesome beat raver that reminds me a lot of The Sorrows. The flip is a great folk rock jangler.

Sumpin' Else - Baby You're Wrong / I Can't Get Through To You
Terrific fuzz bass pounder with nasty vocals. The flip is more of a soul tune with some horns, that kinda rips off the Stones' "Hitchhike". Same vocals tough... Both sides are credited to John Merril, who may have been in The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Denny Belline & The Rich Kids - Money Isn't Everything
Great Rascals style tune from a Long Island group fronted by Perry Como's nephew!

Travelers - Libby / Crazy Charms
Dayton, OH group who had another 45 on the RoX label, which I'll post at a later date. Both sides of this are decent, moody garage. I like both of them a lot even though they aren't real "killers".

Moody Blues - Stop! / Bye Bye Bird
HEY! What the hell is this??? Well, it's The Moody Blues friends. Another one of my "guilty pleasures". Before Justin Hayward joined the Moodies, and "Nights In White Satin", became a hit, Denny Laine fronted them, and they released an album, and several 45s. You'd be surprised how good these are, especially the R&B raver, Bye, Bye, Bird.

Montanas - Difference Of Opinion
Fantastic British psyche! This group did "That's When Happiness Began" in '66, but had minor(and I mean minor)chart success in '68 with "You've Got To Be Loved", the 'A' side of this gem.

Bobby Simms Trio - Do Things Right / And You're Mine
The guys on our front cover! Woo Hoo! Not exactly "garage", but a decent 60's two sider. "And You're Mine" is a folksy tune, and "Do Things Right" is a good early 60's styled number

Bob Brady & The Con Chords - It's Love
Bob Brady and the Con Chords were definitely NOT a garage/psyche band. They were one of the best "Blue Eyed Soul" groups on the east coast, and they had a few regional hits around the Baltimore / D.C. area. This cover of a Rascals tune though, is a damn good psych number, with a great fuzz guitar solo.

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  1. Hello there, I was googling "Friend & Lover" on the weekend, and although I did not find them here, I found your fantastic blog. (You have mentioned them above, that's how your blog was shown in the search results.)

    Now I am looking through your whole set of weird psych records, and I must say I am amazed. I kno hardly any of them, but that is the good thing. So much great "new" music to discover!

    Who needs actually new music, if there ae still so many old records waiting to be discovered, huh?

    Thanks for your great work, man, and please keep it coming!

  2. Thank you for all these great records and thank you for all the hard work that goes into finding and posting these gems. It is very much appreciated.

  3. Dan,
    Wow! I am discovering so many great tunes while going through each of your mixes. I was just blown away by that tune by Gordon, "Send For Me". Holy shit! That is an amazing song! Thanks for all the work you do. I give you permission to go hunt for more 45's!

  4. Plymouth Rockers are a Arizona group
    look here

    the Valiant record

  5. I created a torrent of this since all the links seem to be going dead

  6. Bob The Record Guy (Clarence)May 16, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    1) Valleri was supposedly learned from the version the Monkees played on an episode (which would have been a diff & earlier version from the version released on vinyl). "Pineapple Heard" shrewdly beat them to it. There's a rumor of a record as The Nomads before their records as Ed Wool And.. Any info?

    2) Lost Souls is no Billy Joel connection, though he may have had gp of same name. THIS Lost Souls track I first heard on Mindrockers LP, there's probably some info in the liner notes there.

    3) Difference Of Opinion has an interesting history as it 'influenced' (to say the least!) the song Terms Of Psychic Warfare by the great melodic hardcore band Husker Du. Some might say 'stolen' by, but they turned it into one of their best tracks, so it's all good.

  7. I just love that Crazy World song by the Liverpool Five. What a gas! Can't stop playing it and singing along. It's a scream. Never heard it before, but oh gee I miss the sixties. :)