Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #7

Hi all!!! Sorry for the slight delay on this post, but last weekend was incredibly hectic. Upstate New York has some of the finest wineries in the world, so every October, my lovely wife Red and I like to cruise the shores of Seneca Lake in search of tasty adult beverages. The scenery is also spectacular. There's nothing like New York in the fall. On to the music...This post has some relatively new acquisitions featured. I don't buy bunches of records like I used to, but every once and a while a good deal comes along, or I hit eBay at the right time, and come up with a winner. So here goes...

Oscar & The Majestics - House Of The Rising Sun '1969' 
Oscar & The Majestics were from Gary, Indiana and had a few 45's on the U.S.A. label out of Chicago. Oscar reportedly had his guitarfitted with a piece of sheet metal over the neck so no one could see what he was playing. Talk about insecure!!! This 45 is truly amazing because while most bands were getting "progressive" in 1969, Oscar decided to keep it raw with this fuzz drenched monstrosity.

Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down / Send For Me

Perfect two sider. The Checkerlads were a Canadian group from Saskatchewan and this is one of a few 45s they released. I wish I could say more, but this record pretty much speaks for itself.

Jamie Lyons Group - Gonna Have A Good Time

Jamie Lyons was the front man for The Music Explosion, who's "Little Bit Of Soul" is a garage/pop classic. Jamie put out several 45's as a solo artist, and this cover of the Easybeats classic is one of them.

Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella

This one's a little off to think of it, it's right on topic! The flip side of a teenybopper ballad that charted in 1959, "Stella" perfectly illustrates how a band can turn on a dime and do a complete 180 degree turn. This song burns all the way, with nasty guitar and great vocals. I love it.

Accents featuring 'Sandi' - I've Got Better Things To Do

A real haunting tune. The Accents, who were from San Diego, provide a cool moody, almost surf like backing to "Sandi's" girly whine. This one grew on me, as I'm a real fan of "moody" garage songs.

Jason Cord - I Can't Take No More

Great "beat ballad" from a guy who's presumably from th UK. This one's almost got a "mod" feel to it, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Arkay IV - Down From No.9 / When I Was Younger

Here's a repost of one that was included on "Obscure 60's Garage #4", only this time you get it from the actual 45 plus the flip! Real garagey stuff from Erie, PA. This was the second of three singles they released. I'm not sure what or where "No. 9" is though....

Swingin' Apolloes - Slow Down / Summertime Blues

Reportedly from Atlanta, GA, "Slow Down" is a great version with a totally whacked out backward guitar! The flip is a crunching version of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues".

Chylds - Hay Girl / I Want More (Lovin')

From Canton, OH, The Chylds released four 45's. This one, their best, was released twice, and also appears on Warner Bros.  "Psychedelic Soul" ain't so great so I won't go into that, and one last 45 (which I'll get to in the future) is more of a heavy psych number. Drummer Joe Vitale went on to play with Joe Walsh in the 70's.

Don & Jerry with The Fugitives - In The Cover Of Night / I Can't Quit

Don & Jerry were two songwriters from Louisiana (reportedly), and cut a couple of 45's as solo artists. This is a great two sider, with cool organ.

Ed Wool & The Nomads - Please Please (Don't Go) / I Need Somebody

Let's rewind to #5 shall we? This is basically the same band as the Pineapple Heard. Ed Wool was from Watertown, NY about two and a half hours from my neck of the woods, and was one of the most popular bands in that area in the mid 60's. So popular, that it got him this 45 on RCA records. 'A' side is a great version of the James Brown classic, and the flip is an awesome, moody garage ballad. Great stuff.

London Knights - Go To Him

Every once and a while I hear something that really strikes a nerve, and this one's a great example. It's not a "killer" in the sense that it's "snotty", or "grungy", or inept. On the contrary. These guys sound like they know exactly what they're doing. The vocals are incredible, and the 12 string guitar work is brilliant.

Myddle Class - Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long / I Happen To Love You

Much has been written about this legendary group from New Jersey, so I'll keep it brief by saying that this is another perfect two sided garage classic. Dig It.

Only Onz - When Teardrops Fall / On The Road Again

A great two sider with killer Farfisa organ throughout. I know they're from Illinois, but that's all I can tell you....

Poverty Five - Cry, Cry, Cry / Sorrow

Who the hell names their label "Thumbs Down"???? Definitely on the top of my list, right up there with "Frogdeath". Terrific invasion styled two sider. Sorrow is pretty inept, as the guy shaking the tambourine can't seem to get it together with the rest of the band until about a third of the way in.

Toronados - A World That's Free

I'm not sure what to make of this one. It sounds like some folky vocal group being backed by a garage band. Real lo-fi stuff.

William The Wild One - Willie The Wild One / My Love Is True

Hug me baby! SUFFER!!! YEAH!!!! One of the greatest biker tunes ever. Willie sure sounds like a madman, and he can barely control himself on the ballad flip.

Yo Yo's - Gotta Find A New Love

From Memphis, TN this is a great blue eyed soul tune with fantastic guitar/organ interplay. They later became The "Swingin'" Yo Yo's, and had a pretty good 45 on Jubilee which I'll feature in a later post.

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