Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #6

Yay!!! Here we go with number six! This is becoming a morning ritual every weekend. It's great to get to know my collection again. Here we have another mixed bag of garage, psyche, pop, and just generally cool 60's sounds for you. Enjoy!!!

Normie Rowe - Shakin' All Over / Que Sera Sera
One of the hugest stars in the history of Australian entertainment. Normie put this out in '65. The 'A' side was a very cool version of Doris Day's "Que Sera Sera", done beat style. Kinda like "La Bamba" or "Twist & Shout". The 'B' side though, is a smokin' version of "Shakin' All Over". Normie does a "cabaret" show now, which I suspect is not nearly as good as this stuff.

Affection Collection - Time Rest Heavy On My Hands / In Apple Blossom Time
Excellent pop/psyche from Idaho Falls, ID., not Texas or New Mexico as first believed. They recored at Norman Petty's studio, released a few 45's, and and album too.

Beacon Street Union - Blue Suede Shoes / Four Hundred And Five
Wow. Talk about being all over the place. The "Union" were part of the "Bosstown" sound that was being promoted by MGM and it's affiliates. Orpheus, and The Ultimate Spinach were part of the same "scene" also and both bands put out some cool late 60's psychedelia. This one however is a totally nutso take on the Carl Perkins classic, and the flip, which I've also included, is a whacked out instrumental that is really worth hearing. Totally bizarre.

Vejtables - Mansion Of Tears / The Last Thing On My Mind
The Vejtables were a bay area group that had so many familiar people in and out of their lineups, that I can't list them all here. This was their second forty 45 on Autumn, which featured female drummer Jan Errico, a real novelty at the time. She went on to join The Mojo Men. Both sides are great folk rock tunes.

Movers - Hey You, Hey Me
These guys were from New Port Richie, FL, I think. Ric Cartey, and Tommy Roe's names show up on this 45, which would indicate a studio group of some kind, but I really can't say for sure. Not bad though....

Interns - Hard To Get / And I'm Glad
Great punker with a cool "Gloria" riff. The 'B' side is is nice rip off of the Yardbirds' "Still I'm Sad". I don't know where these guys are from, but they had one more 45 on Capitol.

Light - Back Up
Totally awesome punk/psyche pounder. Produced by Brian Ross, the same genius who produced the Music Machine.

Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine / I Want To Be Free
One of the best ever. The last, and arguably the best single they released. This and "No Friend Of Mine" are a real toss up.

M.G. & The Escorts - Next To Nowhere / Remembering
From Montreal, this band released four 45s including the awesome "A Someday Fool'. This, however is genius punk/pop, and absolutely one of my favorites.

Live Wires - Keep It To Yourself / The Mask
Great light folk rock from a bunch rumored to be from somewhere in New York.

Ola & The Janglers - Let's Dance
Swedish band that put out hordes of singles, but this one, a great version of the Chris Montez hit, actually hit the billboard top 100

Ron Gray - Hold Back The Sunrise / The Shake
Haunting organ garage on the 'A' side, and a great dance mover on the 'B'. I'm not sure where Ron Gray is from, but Louisiana would be a good guess. On the famous Hanna-Barbera Records label.

Smubbs - Down On The Corner / Don't Come Close
This is a real moody garage number from a Long Island group, that eventually put out an album of good pop/psyche in 1968. They got the name "Smubbs" from the last initial of each members name. How ingenious.

Cryin' Shames - What's News Pussycat / (Don't Go) Please Stay
Not to be confused with the Cryan Shames of Ben Franklin's Almanac fame, this group was from Liverpool. "Pussycat" is a total ripoff of Dylan's "On The Road Again" while the flip (actually 'A' side) is a cover of a Drifter's tune. Real sappy, but I'm a sucker for good beat ballads.

Electric Prunes - Hideaway
For my money, this is hands down, the best Electric Prunes song ever. Real eastern style riffing with pounding drums, and the guitar break is awesome. Dig it.

Third Rail - Overdose Of Love
The group who brought us "Run, Run, Run" from the original Nuggets collection. Nice pop/psyche, and a little out of place here, but I like to mix things up....

Tommy Dae & The High Tensions - 1967 Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini / Summertime Girl
Most of this guy's stuff was garbage, and he put out a lot of it, but he did have a few winners, and I think this one's cool. He puts a Mitch Ryder spin on this dopey classic, and it's got terrific fuzz guitar. The flip is a beach/teenybopper tune.

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  1. Dan enjoying them all!!! keep them coming!!!! Thanks Dave

  2. i'm sorry to say it, i don't want to note only the problems.
    I love the work you're doin' for us, but last two songs by Tommy Dae & The High Tensions are the same, maybe "Summertime Girl".

    thank you again for your anthologies.

  3. XLNT!!! Thanks for all!

    Peace and blessings.

  4. Thanks for this and vol five great stuff,keep it up,

  5. Hi Dan,
    your morning rituals enlight my nighttime rituals.... my winner of this set is the moody dooblesider by the Smubbs, never heard before

    hugh thanks as always

  6. .. i forgot, just one plea: could you tell who's the covercats of the 6 installments...?


  7. Here's the cover lineup...
    #6 - The Cryin' Shames
    #5 - The Bobby Simms Trio
    #4 - The Zakary Thaks
    #3 - The Whatt Four

    I haven't gotten around to #1 & 2 like I promised, but I'll have them soon. Thank you all. #7 coming this weekend...

  8. Great job
    Thank's a lot
    Antonio from Italy

  9. Rex DeLong, who co-wrote both sides of The Interns 45 and was therefore probably in the group, was previously in L.A. stalwarts The Rumblers and The Fig Leaf Five.

  10. Regarding post # 6, the 2 songs by Tommy Dae are the same, Summertime Girl.
    Any chance you can repost his song called "1967 Bikini" ???
    Or can u email me this song ?
    I could not find a email address for you on your site and I would very much like to hear this song.
    Thank You

  11. Disregard previous comment, found the post with correct track. Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Dan!
      What a great blog! I jusr discovered it a few days ago. Up to now I just have problems with to links: #6 is down on zippy and I couldn't get a link for "1967 Bikini", as all of the seem to be dead. Thanks again!

    2. I'll get #6 reupped asap, as far as #21it's hidden but "I hope you find it".