Saturday, November 7, 2009

In Dan's Garage...#9

Geez. It's been about two weeks since the last post. Time really flies when you're busy as hell, and with all the baseball that's been on, it's hard getting myself away from the tube. Oh yeah, life's regular daily bullshit kinda gets in the way too. I've gotten a few more new acquisitions since the last post, and I've included them here. Again, it's a mixed bag of everything from frat rock to heavy psyche....

Hi Fives - Goin' Away / Tort
A somewhat early 45 on the Jerden label from spring of 1964. Great frat rock on the 'A' side with a moody yet cool instro on the 'B'.

Adventurers - Baby, Baby My Heart / Lover Doll
Real cheesy garage from somewhere in PA. Although the label says 1966, these guys sound a couple of years behind the times. "Baby, Baby My Heart" starts off sounding like a cover of Bobby Fullers tune, but veers off into something different. The 'B' side's got a garage/teenybopper sound to it,but still real cheesy.

Tommy Adderley - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / I Just Don't Understand
Tommy Adderley was a New Zealander who had a bunch of stuff released in the 60's on various labels,, and with various backing groups. He was really into John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and started an eclectic blues group in 1970 called Headband, and released several albums. This one's got a great beat version of "Whole Lotta Shakin'", and the 'B' side was a staple of British groups in the early/mid 60's.

Jack London & The Sparrows - If You Don't Want My Love / It's Been One Of Those Days Today

The first 45 by what was to eventually become "Steppenwolf". This one came out in 1964, and had Jerry Edmonton, and future Buffalo Springfield member Bruce Palmer in the lineup. They had about four 45s on Capitol, and an album. Jack London went solo, they hired John Kay, continued as "The Sparrow" for a couple of years, changed their name to "Steppenwolf'", and the rest is history.

Runarounds - You're A Drag
Nifty beat/pop from by a the guys who once sang "Barbara Ann". Basically a studio group, you can hear the do-wop influences in the falsetto vocals on the chorus, but overall, this is really good.

Sweet Younguns - Dog Eat Dog / I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine
Not sure if this is by the same "Sweet Young'uns" from Montgomery, AL who are still playing to this day. Some info puts them in Georgia where Shurfine is based, and someone also rumored that this was an early formation of the Box Tops. Anyway this is a great record. The 'A' side pretty much describes the story of my life, and the 'B' side is a good version of an Ike & Tina Turner tune.

H.M. Subjects - Don't Put Me Down
This one's great! H.M. Subjects were originally The Montels from Miami, Fl, whose "You Can't Make Me" is a bona fide garage/punk classic. After they renamed themselves "H.M. Subjects" they released this 45 (produced by Morton Downey Jr. of all people!) with the same song on both sides. The "censored" side has the the word laid as in "when I laid her on the ground", bleeped out for radio play, hoping not to offend any uptight Floridians at the time. The record is great though, a real garage classic. Drummer Jeff Allen would later join The Evil, another fantastic Miami group. We'll get to them in the future...

Ty Wagner - I'm A No Count / Walking Down Lonely Street
Yeah baby!!! True greatness in 2:30! This is certainly one of the rarest and greatest garage anthems ever. Ty also had another killer 45, "Slander" on Era records. This one's a real tough one to find and fetches pretty big bucks on Ebay, and no, it's not a repro, it's the real thing.

Tony Harris - Superman / How Much Do I Love You
Cool! A garage tune dedicated to the greatest super hero ever! The 'B' side has a great Left Banke baroque pop feel to it, which I really like.

Shags - Hide Away / I Call Your Name
Terrific two sided moody garage from New Haven, CT. These guys had several great 45s and this one is no exception. They had at least 7 45s on various labels, all of them great.

Don & The Goodtimes - You Did It Before / Colors Of Life
The last 45 released by this Portland, OR group, and certainly one of the best. Don Gallucci originally played keyboards with The Kingsmen, and played the famous electric piano intro to "Louie Louie". The Goodtimes were a more pop oriented group, though sometimes they produced some rougher sounding stuff. This however is a fantastic pop/psyche 45

Nu Dimension - Another Side / Look Thru Any Window
As long as we're in the Pacific NW, lets take a listen to The Nu-Dimension. More pop/psyche on the 'A' side, and a slowed down version of The Hollies' "Look Thru Any Window"

Denny Ezba's Gold - Queen Mary / It's A Cryin' Shame
Denny Ezba was from Texas and had several 45s. This one's got some nutso fuzz on the 'A' side with real trippy vocals. The 'B's a nice pop/psyche number.

Epitome - Flower Power / I Need You
Bubblegummy pop/psyche from "The suburbs of N.Y.C."

Smack - Suzie Q / Hit The Road Jack
To end it all we have a great heavy psyche two sider! "Smack" were reportedly from Lawrence, KS but every other group I've seen on this label were from the Pacific NW so who knows???

Get it all HERE


  1. Keep them coming Dan Great Stuff!!!

  2. Thanks man. We're not worthy and definitely not complaining.

  3. XLNT!

    Thank you...

    Trust me, we're all feeling the pain of real life these days. Can't wait to give this new lot a spin, it's sure to brighten up my day off from the salt mines.

    Peace and blessings.

  4. I don't know how ya keep doing it but these camps are just so much fun to hear. Thanks for all the effort, it is appreciated!

  5. Hi Dan,

    .. your site's the best proof that there's a still heaps of great undiscovered 60s tunes around . my favourites of this last set are the Adventurers' Lover doll and the cool I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (sure it was penned by Tina Turner?)

    thanks lot and keep on diggin'up!

    MichaelVee - Milano

  6. Hey man, thanks for the comp.! Here's the Smack on Garland, from Longview Wa., about 30 miles north of Portland:

  7. Thanks for the info on Smack. I'm pretty sure there was an unrelated band from Kansas who released an album. I try to get as much info as possible using whatever resources I can. Thanks to all who help me nail these things down. As far as "I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine" goes, there's no writing credit on the label, but further research shows at least two other different writing credits for the same song. One by Seneca/Lee and the other by Rose-Marie McCoy & Sylvia McKinney. If someone out there knows which is the correct one, we'd be happy to hear from you! Thanks again to all, stay tuned for another episode this weekend.....

  8. Yet again thanks Dan for another set of groovy tunes,keep them comin'.

  9. Dan...Dan! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome collection with us garage nuts that aren't as fortunate to have such a collection.Later I'll try to research some of these bands on my own. Your making this alot of fun man! Also thanks for giving us Sharbee as that makes it a lot eaiser to down load your music.If I had more info on these bands I would contribute more but I'm on a big learning curve,thanks again..regards,John.

  10. Just opening vol.9, and unforunately tracks 11-14 are missing. How did that happen?

    I took the mega link, and it got an error while I tried to open it.

  11. I've downloaded this from megashare and all the songs came up OK including the artwork. If you're having trouble downloading, it must be your ISP. Sorry :(