Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shameless self promotion...

The Projectiles Greatest "Hits" & "Sh*ts
Friends, I've decided on this rather boring Independence Day, to post what is a "compilation" if you will, of The Projectiles "recordings" from about 1984 to 1986. These were all real ameteur affairs. A four track reel to reel with a couple of mikes hooked up to it in the basement, a boom box in the middle of a get the picture. But I must say, it's not half bad for a bunch of bootleg style cuts. This pretty much gives you a snapshot of what we were doing back then. Truly haphazard recording techniques, and delivery as well. Friends, there is nothing professional about any of this. We were all 20 somethings trying to be the next big thing in Rochester, and competing with about 2 dozen other "garage" bands, as well as The Chesterfield Kings. I definitely had the best times of my life these two years. We went on for about another five or six years into 1992, when we called it quits. We had a reunion gig in a blizzard in 2005, and just recently reunited last March for WITR's "Whole Lotta Shakin'" radio show's 25th anniversary. That night felt like the "old days" and we were on top of our game like we never were before. We'll be doing it again in November and we're also considering playing more shows in and out of town. Meanwhile, enjoy this little slice of noise.
Cheers! Dan
disc 1
01. You're Gonna Miss Me (version 1)
02. Do You Believe Me
03. Bad Little Woman
04. Hate
05. Oh Yeah!
06. I Can Only Give You Everything
07. All Under Heaven
08. You're Gonna Miss Me (version 2)
09. Your Golden Touch
10. Tobacco Road
10. Tobacco Road 2
11. I'll Come Again
12. (I Wanna Come Back) From The World Of L.S.D.
13. I Want Your Love
14. Question Of Temperature
15. Folsom Prison Blues
16. You Can't Do That
disc 2
01. No Fun
02. Yes I Do
03. Cry
04. Cold Cold Heart
05. It's Not Fair
06. Shot Down
07. Why Did You Hurt Me
08. There's Got To Be A Reason
09. No Friend Of Mine
10. No, No, No, No
11. Too Bad
12. I Found A New Love
13. Hate
14. I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
15. Projection
16. Green Fuz
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  1. I d/l both parts. Disc 2 worked fine. RAR keeps telling me that a file is damaged in disc one so I can't unzip the file? Any idea what's wrong?
    I like what I hear on disc 2. hotrodmike

  2. Same goes for me as well with disc one.
    I got a lot of this stuff on old comps but its amazing how much I missed. Thanks.

  3. great revival sound !