Saturday, July 4, 2009

A question to all who read this or happen to pass by...

How do I get "invited" to read a blog? There's plenty of cool ones out there(or I guess they're cool, but how would I know for sure if I can't see them???) , but do I have to "request" to be invited???? If I do, how do I do it??? I've done some searching on this, but I can't get anywhere. Can someone out there help????

Love, Dan


  1. Dan I do not have an answer, but I have been wondering the same thing myself. Is there a handshake or a special medallion we don't know about?

    Love the blog, btw!

  2. Handshake? You wish!

    You need to drop your trousers, hop on one leg, put one finger up your nose, dance the macarena and hum the Bulgarian anthem backwards with a South-Italian accent ... and only during full moon! All at the same time ...

    OMG ... now they're out to get me!

  3. Hi there. Great blog, Dan. Please keep up the great work.
    About blogs in general, very few are invite only, at least in my experience. The vast majority of them, like the miraculous Twilightzone, you just log on, grab what you want, and then politely thank the blogee for his/her amazing generosity. Twlightlightzone itself provides links to some of the best ones out there.
    Cheers. All best, Jon (Hove UK)

  4. Blogs go "Private" if they've had trouble (RIAA, Blogger, Anti-Music Sharing Groups) and/or they're fed up with people who download and don't leave comments. The people who wind up "invited" are usually those who selected the Follow on Google option while the blog was public.
    There are still accessible blogs, and here are two that you might be interested in:
    Joe Whimster in Scotland just started northeastbeast.blogspot and has been posting garage & pop singles in with R&B. ...
    WesTex has two blogs where he mixes obscure garage & rockabilly in with other stuff: WesTexDigs.blogspot & LoneStarStomp.blogspot. He also provides well-researched histories of the artists.
    (They both use DivShare, so you can sample/download the singles pretty quickly.)
    Anyway, If people take the time to go through what the public bloggers are posting, and leave Thank You comments (or at least something encouraging) when they download something, then the bloggers won't get disgusted and go "private." And then no one would have to worry about being "invited."

  5. Hi Dan, Kevin Anthony here...I'm a micro-broadcaster streaming 60's Psychedelia with a healthy dose of Garage Bands in the mix...nice blog here, thanks! My site is