Friday, July 3, 2009

Obscure 60's Garage Vol. 8

Track List:
01. Dukes - I Am An Unskilled Worker
02. Faces - Stay Away
03. Sevens - Be My Loving Babe
04. Renegades - 13 Women
05. Idling Domestics - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
06. Details - What Shall I Do
07. Ones - Love Of Mine
08. Odd Persons - I'm Crying
09. I Templari - C.C. Rider
10. Beatnicks - Can't Be Sad About It
11. Ally Katz - On The Waterfront
12. Mark Leeman Five - Answers Please
13. Ally Katz - I'm Your Friendly Undertaker
14. Gentlemen - You Never Try
15. Dynamites - Too Late
16. Ghools - It Will Be Fine
17. Countdowns - Sex Maniac
18. Fabulous 4 - Rotten Rat
19. Roosters - Waiting For You Baby
20. Jackie Fountains - Your Love
21. Leekings - Always & Ever
22. Plommons - Last Train To Liverpool
23. Carrabeats - Sandi
24. Sunnys - Hey! Chance
25. Fingers - Gloria
26. Toy Factory - No Rhyme To Orange
27. Nocturnals - Because You're Gone
28. Plague - High Flying Bird
29. Jeff St. John & The Id - Eastern Dream
30. Loved Ones - More Than Love
31. Normie Rowe - Shakin' All Over
32. Defenders - Roadrunner
33. Cicadas - That's What I Want
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  1. thank you it's great hearing all these rare cuts!

  2. that Dukes track is great! 1969??

    jeff in Sydney

  3. What´s the history behind Mark Leeman Five´s Answers Please?

  4. Where did you find the Mark Leeman Five´s "Answers Please"

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    2. The history of the Mark Leeman Five is kind of obscure, but I did find this on the web via the AllMusic website...
      "A popular attraction in London’s clubs, the Mark Leeman Five made their debut in January 1965 with the Manfred Mann -produced ‘Portland Town’. Mark Leeman (b. John Ardrey, England, d. June 1965; vocals/guitar), Alan Roskams (lead guitar), Terry Goldberg (keyboards), David Hyde (bass) and Brian ‘Blinky’ Davison (b. 25 May 1942, Leicester, England, d. 15 April 2008, Horns Cross, Devon, England; drums) showed an impressive, almost ‘progressive’ grasp of R&B. This was confirmed on their next single ‘Blow My Blues Away’, but by the time of its release Leeman had been killed in a car crash. His place was taken by former Cheynes frontman Roger Peacock. Thomas Parker then replaced Goldberg, but despite two further excellent singles, the quintet was unable to achieve chart success. Peacock left for a solo career in July 1966 and although the remaining musicians were augmented by Pete Hodges (vocals) and Pat ‘Rave’ Sandy (saxophone), the band subsequently split up. Drummer Davison later found fame in the Nice."

      I obtained this track from a guy who I used to trade cassette tapes with back in the mid 80's. It was a tape that contained bands from all over the world, Britain, Germany, Canada, Etc. Most of the tapes he sent me were dubbed from other tapes that were presumably handed down quite a few times, and by the time they got tom, some of the info was incorrect. Since I have come up with NOTHING linking "Answers Please" to the Mark Leeman Five, I'm going to have to presume that the guy who sent me the tape had the wrong info. It may not be his fault as it was probably handed down to him that way I would assume. Sorry if I couldn't give you more information, I'd like to know myself. Anyone out there know the real story of this track???????

    3. Well Bless My Soul!!!! The answer to "Answers Please" was sitting right on my hard drive the entire time! I was correct in assuming that the info I was sent was incorrect. The group who is performing that song is actually The Luvin' Kind who were from Belfast Ireland and it was released on Ember Records in 1966. I hope that answers all of your questions!!!!!