Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#35

Good morning!!! It was my intention to get this one out yesterday, but since I don't have to hang drywall today, I decided to leave it for this fine Sunday. I really have nothing to rant and rave about this morning (except for work and you don't want to hear about that) so I'm going just let 'er rip...

Chartbusters - She's The One / Slippin' Thru Your Fingers (1964)
Absolutely one of the best British Invasion style performances by a US group ever. The Chartbusters nailed it down perfectly right down to the 1-2-3-4 at the intro. I could tell you more, but you can read the entire Chartbusters and Bobby Poe story here. Dig it!

Drafi Deutscher & His Magics - Mormor Stein und Eisen Bricht / Das Sind Die Einsamen Jahre (1965)
Drafi was a German (duh) pop singer who had a very long career in the music business. This was his most succesful release, and it straddles the fine line between pop and beat. The title means "Marble Breaks And Iron Bends", and was released in the US on London sung in English.

Everpresent Fullness - Wild About My Lovin' / Doin' A Number (1966)
An L.A. group who had this one released twice with different B sides. "Wild About My Lovin'" is very Lovin' Spoonfulish, but the B side is a raving Bo Diddley style instro.

Riddles - It's One Thing To Say / Sweets For My Sweet (1966)
Very cool Garage/Pop 45 from the Chicago area.

Don & The Goodtimes - You Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You (1966)
Don & The Goodtimes were formed in Portland, OR after Don Galluci had to leave the Kingsmen (he played the most famous electric piano riff in the history of the world on "Louie Louie"). They had a bunch of 45s on different labels in various styles, but their stuff on Jerden is probably the best.

Only Ones - You're The Reason / Find A Way (1966)
I'm a real vocal harmony junkie, and this Michigan garage two sider really delivers the goods.

Sound Idea - Song In My Soul / The Sounds (1967)
Nice rip-off of "Whatever Shape Your Stomach Is In" by a totally unknown group.

Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking / Truth From My Eyes (1964)
Fantastic tambourine shakin' garage number from Memphis. These guys were extremely popular in the area and continued performing into the 90's.

Cobblestones - Flower People / Down With It (1967)
This band was from Bloomington, Illinois, and like the Everpresent Fullness, decided to go "Bo Diddley" on the B side of this cool folk/rock, flower/pop gem.

Dearly Beloveds - Peep Peep Pop Pop / It Is Better (1966)
These guys hailed fro Tuscon, AZ and actually recorded an entire album for Columbia which never got released. 

Fe-Fi-Four plus 2 - Mr. Sweet Stuff / Pick Up Your Head (1967)
Legendary Albuquerque, NM group whose "I Wanna Come Back From The World Of L.S.D." is one one of the most sought after 45s on the planet. While this one here isn't quite as crazed and kooky, it's still a fantastic garage/psyche two sider.

Front End - Eeny Meeny / You (1968)
I can't find any solid info on this terrific bubblegum laced 45. They had at least two others that are similar and also very good.

Clusters - Georgie Porgie / Cause You're Gone (196?)
Alas, I've come to a dead end on this goofy one. I like it though. It's got a pretty decent guitar break, and it's not all that bad...

Electric Toilet - In The Hands Of Kharma / Revelations (1969)
OK, say what you want about this one. It's not exactly "garage". It's definitely "psyche", and it does have a prevalent religious message to it compounded by the gospel style background vocals. But let's forget all that. You gotta give this bunch credit for having the balls to call themselves THE ELECTRIC TOILET. I wonder what their posters looked like? I've seen the album cover (yup, they actually had an entire LP!) and it's got a toilet on it, albeit kind of obscured, but what were they telling club owners when they were trying to get gigs??? Bar owner: "Well son what do you call yerselves???" Band member: Uhh...THE ELECTRIC TOILET. This group had to have been an agent's nightmare, and really, Nasco wasn't exactly Capitol Records, but they did have national distribution. Of course, they faded into oblivion, but fortunately left us with this great conversation piece.

American Dream - Tioga (1968)
Let's end this edition with a way cool moody instrumental. I don't know anything about this 45 either, but it's the B side of an icky folky pop thing, and probably isn't even the same group. Unfortunately, there is no info on this one either.....

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  1. Wow, another great comp! Thank you very much! You wouldn't happen to have "Savin' All My Love For You" by Don & The Goodtimes?

  2. WoW!
    Another great post!
    "Tioga" was also released as by The Frogmen, on Scott 101 and on Candix 326.

  3. Another great comp. Every week I hear tunes I never heard before. Thanks Dan.

  4. Looks like a great line-up, as always. The Cobblestones were from Bloomington, ILLINOIS though. The Indiana connection has been mis-info for years. But, if that's the worst mistake we make, it's a great day.

  5. Thanks for the corrections and the comments!

  6. The Front End also did a 45 of a cover of "Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)" which is very Vanilla Fudge-like. It's also on Smash.

  7. "Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)" will be featured in a future edition of I.D.G. One of my favorites!!!

  8. I've recently found & bought an LP reissue of Electric Toilet's only album. Like it a lot : there's a strange, swampy vibe throughout, something very dark in their music. They had a tragic story I've read : 2 members died in a car accident or something like that.

    By the way, thanks for everything.

  9. Dear Dan,
    Great comp. I wanted to write you about the Electric Toilet. My dad was the producer of this particular album. Name Larry Eades. I have been doing research on some of his work and have been able to purchase the album. Would you be willing to sell the 45 you have on your blog. If so, contact me at