Saturday, July 4, 2009

Obscure 60's Garage Vol. 10

Friends, followers of this blog, and all 60's garage band lovers! PLEASE HELP ME  with this post! As you can see, there are a few "unknown" tracks here. That's because after 20+ years of having these tapes lay around, letting friends borrow them, blah, blah, blah, I lost the track listing for this particular one. I know I've heard these "unknown tunes" somewhere, but with the VAST library of songs out there, It's a real chore sifting thru stuff, so if anyone out there can help, that would be great. Thanks to all for your comments and support, and please stop by often. There's five more volumes of this series, and then I'll start with the 45s! By the way...I have a decent collection of out of print Compilation LP's, so I'll be glad to post any requests that I might have in my collection.
Cheers!!! Dan
Track list:
01. Bedpost Oracle - Break Of Dawn
02. Bedpost Oracle - Love Isnt Dead
03. Hangmen - The Girl Who Faded Away
04. Palace Guard - A Girl You can Depend On
05. Morticians - It's Gonna Take A While
06. Morticians - With Another Guy
07. Romans - You Do Something To Me
08. Romans - I'll Find A Way
09. Sounds Unreal - Scene Of The Crime
10. Mecca - Black Sally
11. Caravelles - Sef Service
12. Kitchen Cinq - Please Come Back To Me
13. Donnybrookes - You're Gonna Cry
14. Afterglow - Morning
15. Peter Wheat And The Breadmen - All The Time
16. Movement - Left Silently
17. Movement - She Left Me
18. Eye Zooms - She's Gone
19. Judges - Come On, Come On
20. SPOT - WOR Radio
21. Sleepers - I Want A Love
22. William - White Lightning
24. Story Tellers - Cry With Me
25. King Bees - I Want My Baby
26. Canadian Rogues - You Better Stop
27. John English III and The Lemondrops - Don't You Complain
28. End - Bad Night
29. Summer Sounds - Sad Vibrations
30. Timetakers - At Least I'll Try
31. Twilighters - Girl From Liverpool
32. Twilighters - Move It
33. Tell Me Girl - Blues Inc.
34. Koats Of  Male - Swinebarn #3
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  1. I like all these comps thanks for posting them

  2. Many Thanks for all these cool sixties rare collections! Great Blog!

  3. great blog these are real gems you have here thank you

  4. Hello

    Found your blog today.
    And it has great taste!! (and Music too)
    Hope to come often.
    Keep up the good work....!


  5. Fantastic stuff.

  6. New to your blog. I LOVE it!!! thanks so much for all your hard work. El Gato

  7. Hy Dan,

    thanks again for your great selections; unfortunalty I've got no clue about the unknown tracks even if track 3 and 4 sound as if I've heard them before... can't wait to hear the sequels..

    hugs from Milano

  8. Unknown #2 is THE JUDGES - Come On, Come On (Shurfine).
    #3 is THE SLEEPERS - I Want A Love (Marvy).
    #4 is WHITE LIGHTNING - William (Hexagon).
    #7 is KOATS OF MALE - Swinebarn #3 (IGL).

    The track marked "Swinebarn #3) is actually "Tell Me Girl" by BLUES INC. (Phalanx).


  9. Thanks Dan for including Peter Wheat and the Breadmen's single in your collection. I was their manager and Producer.

  10. unknown #6 is "At Least I'll Try" by the
    Timetakers. The label is Audio Dynamics 109.(1966)
    the group is from Springfield, Mass