Sunday, June 28, 2015

In Dan’s Garage…#111

111 front
Hello friends and followers! It’s been a busy time around here and I wish I could get this thing out more often, but I had some spare time on my hands this weekend because of the unusually cruddy weather, and the fact that my lovely wife has gone away to Sodus Bay for an overnight with some of the neighborhood ladies.Hooray for me.I wanted to get a nice stogie in last night but it was so freakin’ cold I couldn’t stay outside for more than 20 minutes so I had to settle for a quickie smoke on the patio.
   Today’s post is the second “transitional” one if you will in that it is mostly “new” records that I’ve acquired since I first started this blog. The eight or nine “original” boxes have all been ripped (with the exception of some rotten tomatoes and an entire box of what I consider “common” stuff) so we now enter into a new phase of the operation. I’ve got lots of interesting titles to post ranging from straight up garage to psych/pop so stay tuned. I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming summer and here's some music to celebrate that.

Bossmen – Here’s Congratulations / Bad Girl (1965)
bo ss-me n
Saginaw, Michigan’s Bossmen were famous for having Dick Wagner as their Singer, songwriter, guitarist. Dick (who has quite a resume) would then go on to form The Frost a much heavier act and then play guitar on Lou Reed’s legendary “Lou Reed” live LP as well as playing with Alice Cooper.

Sammy King & The Voltaires – If You Can Find Someone To Love You / Past Caring (1964)
From what I gather, Sammy King and The Voltaires were a British band that played with The Beatles and Stones in the early sixties, mostly as a supporting act and they also reportedly backed up Cilla Black as well. Sammy King would write “Penny Arcade” for Roy Orbison, a song that went big in The U.K. and Australia, but only dented the charts here in the U.S.

Hatchet Men – I’ll Give You Love / I Must Be In Love (1964)
hatchet men
Tough garage from a group that is presumably from somewhere in New York although I can’t confirm that.

2 Of Clubs – Walk Tall Like A Man / So Blue Is Fall (1966)
2 of clubs

Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine were a singing duo from the Cincinnati, OH area that released several 45s on Fraternity most notably this one which reached the charts in 1966, and an excellent version of “Heart”. Solid girl group sounds here.

Ray Pilgrim & The Beatmen – Kissin’ Cousins
The Activators – Have I The Right (1965)

Here’s a nifty find! While the U.S. had the “Hit Records” label (as well a few others “Hit Parader” etc.) Australians could find budget sounds via “Golden Fleece” petrol stations, so not only could you fill up the Vauxhall, but you could walk out with some pretty hip records as well!

Distant Cousins – Let It Ring (1965)
distant cousins
Larry Brown and Raymond Bloodworth were a singing songwriting duo that released some excellent beat/pop 45s as The Distant Cousins, this being their first. Great vocals and a pretty good band backing them up as well. This duo must’ve worked closely with Bob Crewe as writers as their credits show up on Richard And The Young Lions’ “Open Up Your door”.

Grass Roots – Things I Should Have Said (1967)
One of many Sloan/Barri  songs recorded by The Grass Roots. This stacks up as one of their best.

Lords Of London – Sit Down Dance / Broken Heart C.O.D. (1966)
One of two “Lords Of London”, this one being from Colorado and the other being Canadian. This group had two 45s on Domain Records and there is some question as to whether they evolved into the psychedelic group “Dragonfly”. More info is HERE.

Neil Christian – She’s Got The Action / That’s Nice (1966)
niel christian
Big beat sounds from Neil Christian. Miki Dallon gets the writing credits on this one as well as the flip side.

Off-Beats – Mary / You Tell Me (1966)
Ultra short three chord two sided garage rocker from a group that was once The Children (of “This Sporting Life” fame) and Somebody’s Chyldren.

P-Nut Butter – What Am I Doing Here With You / Still In Love With You Baby (1966)
mascot records
A very popular Phoenix, AZ group that had this one released on Tower records as well.

Music Machine – The People In Me / Masculine Intuition (1966)
I know we’ve all heard this one before, but it’s so good I couldn’t resist!

Bleus – Milk And Honey / Leavin’ Lisa (1968)
Blue eyed soul with a touch of bubblegum from a group out of Alabama. Recorded and produced by Eddie Hinton at the famous Muscle Shoals studio with members of The Allman Brothers playing on it as studio musicians.

Cups – Good As Gold (1968)
Written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle while they were presumably staff songwriters for what was then a young Apple Corps. Real good arrangement on this record with some heavy guitars and a cool organ as well.

Fredric – Five O’Clock Traffic / Red Pier (1968)
Grand Rapids, MI was home to the Fredric who recorded this 45 as well as a very cool LP in 1968. This 45 was also released on the nationally distributed Evolution label so it’s somewhat easy to track down. Both sides are excellent psyche

Haymarket Riot – Nine O’Clock (1968)
haymarket riot
One of several “Haymarkets” out there, this bunch was reportedly from Monroe, MI, and it’s tough to determine whether this group is related to any of the others. Solid psyche with good fuzz guitars and a touch of sax in the background.

Sweet Marie – Remember Mary / Don’t You Understand (1970)
sweet marie
Originally based in Southern California, The Sweet Marie headed over to Hawaii where they became rather popular and recorded this and one other 45 on the Yard Bird label. All of their material is really good psychedilia with a passing resemblance to The Jimi Hendrix Experience.



  1. No matter where I roam, I always treasure a new look into Dan's Garage! Thx Sir!

  2. Thanks dan good collection

  3. Cheers Dan....yet another fine collection. The Distant Cousins record is top notch Beatlesque. The Sammy King & The Voltaires record was released in the UK on HMV in July '66. It was the last of four releases they had on the label.

    1. Zipper
      Thanks for the correction on the Sammy King 45. Info was a little scarce and I got a bit lazy with my research.
      Cheers! Dan

  4. Always fun, Dan. Thanks. Especially with a volume that has not one, but two Sloan/Barri tracks! Yay on that!

  5. Thanks for this! Love me some Distant Cousins especially 'To Have and to Hold'. Cheers!

  6. Hi Dan, here'smore info on Sammy King & the Voltaires: they came from Heckmondwike / Batley, West Yorkshire. Lead singer was Sammy King (of course), Drummer was a cerain Colin Merchant.
    They also had a record out called 'What's The Secret'. ( Nice tune (the A-side) a a very scarse platter I guess. Keep on your great labor of love brother!

  7. more info on Sam here:

  8. Thanks Dan for all these nuggets and to share your passion! Is it possible to repost the following collections : #108, #110, #111 and #112: the zippy links are dead. Thank you