Thursday, November 22, 2012

In Dan’s Garage…#80

Happy Thanksgiving all! I was thinking a bit today on what exactly to give thanks for, and there’s a lot so I won’t get into details except to say that I give thanks that I live a decent, albeit humble, life. That’s OK. I like it that way. I give thanks for my kids and my lovely wife and for the fantastic music that is presented here and everywhere else on this great earth. I do not give thanks to the 46+ bags of leaves that I’ve had to clean up over the past few weeks. Those sons-a-bitches can stay on the trees for all I care. OK, there’s my rant for the day! Here’s a nice Thanksgiving offering for all, including the ones out there who don’t celebrate it. Enjoy.
Wanted – In The Midnight Hour / Here To Stay (1966)wanted
A Detroit area band that had about 8 45s released, some having the same song on different labels. In any case, this one was nationally released on A&M and has a decent cover of Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Hour” on the the top side, but the real genius tune is “Here To Stay” which is a top notch teen ballad that fits squarely into the “moody garage” category. Excellent.
Bob Troy – Tell You What I’m Gonna Do / I Never Worry (1966)bob troy
Very cool “big production” recording but still has a good feel to it. I don’t know much about Bob Troy, who may have been a studio concoction, but John Simon who produced this worked The Cyrkle’s “Red Rubber Ball” as well as classic rock icon LP’s Big Brother & The Holding Co. (Cheap Thrills) and Blood, Sweat, & Tears.
Bootles – I’ll Let You Hold My Hand / Never Till Now (1965)bootles
Four totally hot chicks dressed in boots warbling about letting you hold their hand.
Jim Edger & The Roadrunners – Tennessee Stud / Wait A Little Longer (1966)edgarroadrunners
It’s ironic that after posting DeWayne & The Beldettas’ version of this country classic last post, I’d come across another version by yet another Oklahoma based group. This one’s not quite as frantic, but good anyway. The flip is fairly decent too.
Palace Guard – Falling Sugar / Oh Blue (1965)ppalace gguard
One of my all time favorites. This group included a very young Emmit Rhodes at one point and I think My Three Sons star Don Grady was in this band too.
7 Sons – Don’t You Dare Say No (1966)7 sons
Good soul influenced 45 from Iowa.
Pete Klint Quintet – Shake / Walkin’ Proud (1967)pete klint qint
The Midwest was certainly a hotbed of “blue eyed soul” as evidenced by groups like The Fabulous Flippers from Kansas, and Iowa’s Pete Klint Quintet who covered Sam Cooke’s “Shake” very nicely on this 45.
Richie Bruce – I Plan My Life / Any Girl That Wants Me (1966)richie bruce
I’m not sure who Richie Bruce Is, but he’s probably Wayne Brewster the songwriter credited on this very obscure but cool 45.
Terry Knight & The Pack – A Change On The Way (1966)tknightpack
Deep thoughts from Terry Knight & the pre-Grand Funk Railroad gang.
Velvet Illusions – Velvet Illusions / I Was Born To Be A Rolling Stone (1967)velvet illusions
One of the coolest WSAY finds ever. A great L.A. group that released four 45s including the classic “Acid Head”.
Ragamuffins – Four Days Of Rain / It Wasn’t Happening At All (1967)ragamuffins
I gotta say that the A side of this 45 is perhaps one of the best folk-rock songs ever. Why this didn’t make it I can’t say for sure, but it wipes the floor with junk like “Eve Of Destruction” on the most overrated songs of all time (in my opinion).
Better Sweet – Like The Flowers / I Can’t Do It By Myself (1967)better sweet
Good up-tempo garage by a Memphis group. These guys (and one gal drummer) were reportedly from New Jersey and were attending college in Tennessee.
Ides Of March – Give Your Mind Wings / My Foolish Pride (1967)ideasofmarch
Another fantastic effort by this Chicago group. The B side finds them heading into “Vehicle” territory.
Jesters – Cadillac Man / My Babe (1966)jesterss
Rough and tumble R&B from a Memphis group that obviously shunned “The British Invasion” sound. One of the last 45s to be released on the original Sun label.
Pleasure Seekers – Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls / If You Climb On The Tigers Back (1967)pleasure seekers - Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls
I really wish I knew the story on this one. I’m not 100% sure these are the same gals from Detroit who’s “What A Way To Die” is an absolute garage punk classic, or some studio concoction by a bunch of corporate chumps who didn’t know if the “real” Pleasure Seekers even existed, or didn’t really care, because the band members never mention this 45 in any interviews I’ve read. In any case, it’s a nice lightweight piece of psych/pop especially the flip.
Arrows – Apache ‘65 (1965)arrrrows
Let’s end this party with a nice up-tempo version of Apache.


  1. Mouth watering gems as always:) Have a great weekend! Take care, br, BB

  2. very thankful for your generosity, dan. hope you had a spectacular turkey day or whatever it was you feasted on. can't wait to hear the bootles, definitely either a beatles immulating or mocking band

  3. Thanks again Dan! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Hey!!! Happy Thanks-For-Giving Dan!!! You have given me(us) a lot of incredible tunes and it's to be thankful for.

  5. Great set here Dan! Many Thanks!

  6. Hi Dan,

    Yep, can confirm everything from #74 through to #80 - apart from #75 - is running okay - even #74 on Mediafire is still there, but #75 has been pulled down.

    Next time I guess I'll have to be quicker! :)


  7. Thank you! There are some great ones on here!

  8. hello dan
    if it's possible
    B sides from your "Obscure 60s Garage 5" (australian part) ???
    really great collection
    thx for your time & all the great posts
    best regards

  9. Hi Dan,
    of all the beauties served here, I'm selecting the uncomped tracks for a my "private" compilations (including a booklet w/ info and pics I find in the net). I've now arrived at vol. 15(!) contaning up to 30 trax each, all are perfect listening-fun so I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and your great labor of love.
    Thanks a bunch and best greetings from your friend in Milano!

  10. Hi Dan, and first thanks for everything, we owe you many hours of pleasure & great listening.
    I wanted to tell you, are you aware of this :

    I guess that the guy behind this blog didn't ask for permission before reposting, am I wrong ?
    And the worst of it all is that this blogger makes money with his blog as all files are stored on Rapidgator and specially determined by him to be downloaded by premium users only. Disgusting...
    He's also known for posting regularly brand new Ace/Big Beat releases without any remorse. He has numerous blogs, listed on this one's home page, and even porn blogs. I have nothing against that from a moral point of view, the problem is when this scumbag makes money from other people's work...

    I thought you would be interested to know.

    All the best.

    you post old in rock it ?

  12. Thanks for another great comp!

    Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

  13. Hi Dan,

    I don't know if you are interested / bothered or not but Dan's Garage Vol. 01 & 02 have been posted on the Rockin' Bandit's site.

    As for Vol. 80 yet another fine and fascinating collection

    Many Thanks

  14. Happy Holidays, Dan!

  15. Many thanks for your great comps, i was fortunate to see Episode Six live in 1968 & Ian Gillan & Roger Glover a few months later in Deep Purple, so these tracks bring back great memories, great that blogs like yours keep this great music alive.

    Keep on Rocking

  16. Jim Danelectro ClevelandAugust 20, 2016 at 6:45 PM

    Hi Dan, 'The Pleasure Seekers' on Capitol are not the same band as the one from Detroit with the Quatro sisters in it. If you do some web searching for 'The Pleasure Seekers' you will find pictures of both bands. This one has matching outfits and blond bee-hive hairdos.