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In Dan’s Garage…#79

Greetings friends and followers! Welcome to another edition of…In Dan’s Garage!!!!! I initially wrote this huge rant on a number of topics that have made me quite ornery lately, especially the file sharing snafu, but so many other things were nagging me, I decided to set the rant aside. That’s because as I was proofreading it (something I don’t do enough of) I began to bore myself, so if I’m bored, then you’re going to be. So instead, I’ll briefly touch on a few things here that have been on my mind…..
First. Apologies for being a little testy in some of my replies to comments. I’m just trying to figure out ways to get these comps to people who really want them.
Second. I’ve tried my best to make these links to the downloads as cryptic as possible. The password is in plain view and most of you out there are savvy enough to figure it out.
Third. I don’t “censor” comments too often. I do get spam, which I don’t even count, and I have had requests not to post certain comments for privacy reasons. Some comments are requests for things that I unfortunately don’t have much time for, and some are political rants which get tossed out before I even finish reading them. Here’s my thought on those… We here in the USA live in what I consider the most TOXIC political landscape I’ve ever witnessed. We are a divided country and the last thing I want is to let people use this blog as a vehicle for more division. I personally do not care if you are a Conservative or a Liberal. The music that lies within this blog is something that unites us all. It is a common bond that should be celebrated regardless of political affiliation or personal philosophy. OK???? Good.
Last. Hurricane Sandy hit us this past Monday and while I was relatively unscathed (I lost power for several hours and the screen on my back patio got blown out. Big whoop.), LOTS of people in the New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas truly have a long road to hoe. My thoughts go out to all of them. If any of you are followers of this blog, my prayers are with you. My wish is that hopefully some of the music here will ease a bit of the pain.
Ladies and Gents…Number 79.

Rick And Ron & The Victors – Money / Let The Good Times Roll (1964)
rick and ron
Another 45 on Ibis Records (which is presumably from California) that has some Jim Messina involvement. This one features Rick & Ron who try to be Righteous Bros. clones and do a decent job at it.

Fitz & Startz – I’m Not Running Away / So Sweet (1965)
The Fitz & Startz were a group from the Manchester area and were basically a “local” act who played on various mixed bills with some bigger acts. Their claim to fame though is the fact that a very young, pre-Yardbird Jeff Beck played lead guitar on the A side of this very good 45.

Drafi – Marble Breaks And Iron Bends (1965)
In IDG #35 we featured the German sung version of this tune. Here it is in English (duh).

DeWayne & The Beldettas – Tennessee Stud / I’ll Walk Along (1966)
Well…I’m not sure how to categorize this one. It's definitely a country & western classic, but the delivery mixes the two genres, or three perhaps. Country, Rock & Roll, and Garage. DeWayne sings it like he’s on an episode of Hee Haw, but the band is chugging along Rock & Roll like. Real interesting. DeWayne & The Beldettas were from Oklahoma and DeWayne later became Cleveland County Sherriff.

Strangers – Plan On Someone New / What’s The Matter Baby (1966)
A 45 that lies in an area where garage, do wop, and Beach Boys harmonies exist. No info available on this bunch.

Victorians – C’mon Dream (1966)
Another unknown “vocal” group that featured a decent garage band backing them up. Most likely from California.

Episode Six – Mighty Morris Ten / Here, There, And Everywhere (1966)
episode 6
Here’s a group with some history! Episode Six were not a very successful group but they did have some longevity, and they did release this very good 45. Their claim to fame was that they had a pre-Deep Purple Ian Gillian and Roger Glover in their midst, and the weird thing is that this 45 sounds nothing like Deep Purple at all!

Hamilton King – Not Until (1964)
hamilton king
Not much known about ol’ Hamilton here, but he’s somehow connected to Don Charles who’s “She’s Mine is featured in IDG #14. Alan Caddy who is credited on this disc played guitar in The Tornadoes so it’s more than likely this is a Joe Meek production.

Fastest Group Alive – The Bears / Beside (1966)
fastest group alive
I wish I knew a little bit more about these guys, but they are probably a west coast act and as far as I know had this one single, which is a neat “novelty” tune with some excellent vocal harmonies. This song is based on the A.A. Milne poem “Lines & Squares” which was made into a song by The Satans.

Chain Reaction – Ever Lovin’ Man (1968)
chain reaction
A group from Yonkers, NY that is noteworthy for having Steve Tallarico as it’s lead vocalist. Steve changed his name to Steven Tyler, would form mega hit makers Aerosmith, and the rest is history.

Chicago Loop - (When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me (1966)
chicago loop
Typical “big” production from Bob Crewe on this one. Barry Goldberg was in this outfit and supposedly the great Mike Bloomfield played lead guitar on this cover of a Coasters tune.

Interns – Just Like Me (1966)
Another group of Interns who are not related to the “Hard To Get” Interns on Uptown Records (which ironically was a subsidiary of Capitol). This band was from the UK and had three other 45s that I haven’t heard yet. It’s possible this was the only one to be released in the USA.

Beaver Patrol – E.S.P. (1967)
beaver patrol
The sole release from this Hollywood, FL group is this fuzzy rework of The Pretty Things’ L.S.D. Another great band moniker. Can you imagine some young lady telling her dad “my boyfriend plays in a band called The Beaver Patrol” YOW!

Dirty Shames – He’s Blown Your Mind (1967)
dirty shames
Not the same as the ultra cool Dirty Shames of “Makin Love” fame, this trio was from Montana and that, unfortunately, is all I know. Great folky poppy vocals propped up by some excellent guitar work.

Jim Valley – Try, Try, Try (1967)
A nice solo effort by the Paul Revere & The Raiders guitarist. Unlike the earlier “I’m Real”, which is a Pacific NW style pounder, this one is a great pop number.

Five By Five - I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool No More (1968)
5b y5
Although this song was originally released in 1968 with a different B side, this issue is from 1970. Good use of a Uni-Vibe on this soul influenced song.

Unwanted Children – A Thing Of The Past / Without You (1969)
unwanted children
Tough to find any info on this one except it was pressed in 1969. This lite psych two sider was probably recorded by a group from New York or Connecticut, but that is purely speculation on my part.

Wailers – Thinking Out Loud / You Can’t Fly (1967)
The last 45 to be released by these Pacific NW legends. They definitely take somewhat of a sharp turn style-wise on this 45 as it vaguely resembles any of their earlier output, although “Thinking Out Loud” still has those pounding drums.

Bubble Puppy – Beginning / If I Had A Reason (1969)
The second 45 released by this Houston, TX based band. This one has that familiar guitar work they are famous for, and echoes their first 45 “Hot Smoke And Sassafras”.

The Bears


  1. Up to 79 and still sounding as fresh as ever. I've been a regular foller since about vol 35ish. At least when you rant it's hard to disagree with you. Some people forget there's a real person making these comps and uploading them. I've come across some bloggers that sound like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. You say one thing to make him upset and you are cast away or bereted and belittled, sometimes rightfully least the ungrateful ones. Glad you made it through the storm. Maybe they'll finally modernize the grid and infrastructure where it's been damaged instead of putting band-aids on it. It is 2012, could be worse

    Thanks once again,


  2. Glad to see you're back at it with another outstanding volume. All worked perfectly for me. Thanks and best to all your neighbors as they recover from the storm.Mike

  3. Good to see recent events haven't killed your spirits - thanks so much for this latest compilation. Seriously, how in the world would people have the opportunity to listen to some of these great obscurities without dedicated music fans like yourself. More power to ya!

  4. Dan:
    As always many thanks for your hard work. These comps always help relieve the stress of the tough day.

  5. More great music. Thanks! Glad to hear you made it through last week's storm relatively unscathed.

  6. glad to see you up and running again beyond the file-sharing problems...The Jim Valley 45 was actually supposed to be a big deal when it came out. I recall him being the 'first' name to bolt the Raiders (then there was that Brotherhood thing that appeared with Drake Levin) and that it got a lot of press in the only thing we had back then, HIT PARADER. Hit Parader's staff were obviously Paul Revere & The Raiders fans (as were the staff on many of the Tiger Beat style mags back then EXCEPT for Teenset, who favored the Buffalo Springfield) and I recall (and can still probably find the articles in my Hit Parader/Song Hits/etc Charlton Publications collection) them even printing the lyrics to this one, which meant they believed it was going to bve a serious hit. Sadly, Try, Try, Try may have gotten regional play somewhere, but as much as I listened to our locals (WBBF and WSAY) in Rochester, I never heard it and eventually picked it up as a promo many years later and discovered it to be a fine period Pop piece. Hunh! I wonder if you got my promo copy that i sold (in Rochester back in 1993 in my huge record purge) to the Bop Shop...

    1. I definitely remember hearing "Try Try Try" when I was living in Rochester in 1967. It probably was on BBF since that was the most popular top 40 station in Rochester at the time.

  7. BTW, the Chain Reaction, Fitz & Starts and Bubble Puppy platters are VERY nice finds. I don't recall if the BPuppy is on their only it? Never knew about the Jeff Beck involvement on Fitz & Starts or Tyler on Chain Reaction. I'm sure I saw them both at one time or another. God, the number of promo 45s we used to see in the 70s at the used record stores where I worked and flea markets. Aaah! I long for those days of discovery when you could drop $10 and walk out with a box of mysteries and hidden masterpiueces.

    1. The Fitz & Startz and the Chain Reaction were WSAY finds while the Bubble Puppy was a Bop Shop record show grab for a $1. Yeah, unfortunately those days when you could walk away with a gazillion 45 for dirt cheap are gone. Ebay is a very good marketplace but you pay a premium and unlike the old Goldmine days, you're competing with the whole world as opposed to subscribers to a magazine. I still fing decent bargains though, and I'm always shopping for things that fly under the radar.

  8. I must be dense or blind. I don't recall ever even having to use a password before with your blog...and I've run out of possiblilities. Another hint, please?

  9. Dan The Man! He said it: "I’m Not Running Away"! Forget the cyber rage and keep doing what you love. Paul from Oz

  10. very nice indeed, though would have preferred the password "Packers" lol

  11. ~ MERCI ~

    all the bests for you @ home


  12. Dan, your password is kicking my ars. What do you ean it's in pplain sight? I've tried everything. Need a clue!

  13. I have the Deutscher record as well, and it's a great one! Back when you had your "psych pop" series up, you included Jim Valley's "Maintain" in one volume. I'll have to give this single a listen and see how it ranks in comparison to that one.

  14. with the password dealt. thanks Dan for rare and excellent collections. such not to find anywhere.

  15. Good to see you back in action, Dan...don't let the bastards grind you down!!!!

    Best regards from Barcelona

  16. top music sampler,thank you so much and zippy share is a fantastic choice from you!
    best regards from hamburg

  17. Sorry for being so dense! usually the 'space' dosn't count. I must have tried it 20 times without the spacing!

    1. Duncan, your "denseness" is greatly appreciated. One of the best things about this blog is that friends like you and (and many more) can contribute info and anecdotes. It makes for a much better experience.


  19. i wouldn't be surprised if the Fastest Group Alive had a Kim Fowley connection. "Bears" is a dead ringer for his style of that period.

  20. Dan of thanks once again for remarkable and rare collections. Hello from Siberia.

  21. Hi Dan, this is just to "fork over" a huge load of appreciation, I'm glad the show's goin' on...

    have a great day!

  22. Thanks Dan for what looks like another great collection.

  23. Happy Veteran's Day and thanks Dan for sharing

  24. Hi Dan, Greetings from NH. Thank you for sharing these cool records! Very generous. Always enjoyable.

  25. I love every single album you make for us - a thousand thanks for all you do!!!
    And I am waiting for Vol. 80 - another gem I'm sure.

  26. Hi Dan Thanx For Another Great Comp
    Keep On Rockin' & Don't Let The ******** Win!!!

  27. Dan! Wow! The Beaver Patrol! I happen to live in Hollywood FL, but I can't say I've heard of these guys. I am asking some locals as we speak. You know, there was a time when the very large music print publisher I worked for asked me what to do with all their 100s and 100s and 100s of 45s, and had I known then what I know now... even if 1% of them meant something, it would have been worth it. But you can't have everything; where would you keep it?

  28. Thanks Dan for all this wonderful music. I've got all 86 volumes now, and they're my favourites!

  29. Jim Danelectro ClevelandAugust 20, 2016 at 6:35 PM

    Hi, Dan. I heard somewhere that "The Fastest Group Alive" is actually a pseudonym for'Quicksilver Messenger Service'.