Monday, September 3, 2012

In Dan’s Garage…#76

Hoo boy! What a weekend. It started Thursday evening with a nice little acoustic gig I played with my dear friends Lisa and Steve, and then my lovely wife Red and I prepared for our annual “Labor Day Weekend Bash” which was held yesterday. Although I’m only slightly hung-over, it was worth all the work. I live in a neighborhood that’s somewhat isolated so all the neighbors know each other and boy do they like to party!!!! They came in droves and we ate, drank (drunk?), and danced well into the night. So after an entire afternoon and evening of Bacchanalia I figured while I was winding down and had a day off, I could work on this post and get it out today. It’s a good one too (IMHO) because I finally found the last box I was working on before the move and fished out the remaining records that weren’t posted and they’re all some of the best in my collection. Enough talk for now, let’s get into In Dan’s Garage #76!
Rumblers – Boss / I Don’t Need You No More (1962)rumblers2
The Rumblers are an important band, not because they released a bunch of very cool instrumentals, but because “I Don’t Need You No More” is the definitive “proto-garage/punk” song. It’s just full of teenage angst and that snotty vocal is superb.
Crestones – She’s A Bad Motorcycle (1963)cresstones
A Chicago group that had several 45s on Markie and one on USA. This is a rework of Tico & The Triumphs’ “Motorcycle” only a bit more wild and frantic.
Blazers – I Don’t Need You / Lovin’ To Do (1966)blazers
Excellent garage 45 with pounding drums and a spooky electric piano riff. From Kansas City, MO
Terry Knight & The Pack – Better Man Than I / Got Love (1966)terryknightandthepack
A better than average effort from the pre Grand Funk Railroad bunch.
Limeys – Dance Girl Dance (196?)limeys
The very obscure Limeys were supposedly from Liverpool, but I doubt it. I really couldn’t come up with much more info on these guys, but it’s possible they were from Canada. They had one more 45 on this label.
Cobras – If I Can’t Believer Her / I’m Hurtin’ (1966)
The sole release by a group from Santa Cruz, CA. This copy was won from a Goldmine auction by Dave Gibson who was famous for the Boulder compilation series and is probably the same record used on Volume 5. You can find more info on these guys HERE.
Ex-Cels – Like A Dream / Sorrow And Pain (1966)ex-cels
Another 45 that’s tough to put a finger on. Possibly from Gloversville, NY which is near Albany but that’s uncertain. A side is another good garage pounder and the B side is a dreary cover of the Unit 4+2’s “Sorrow And Pain”
Mad Hatters – I Need Love / Blowin’ In The Wind (1965)madhatters2
We last heard The Mad Hatters doing a cover of Lulu’s “I’ll Come Running” on IDG #71. Here they give us the original version of “I Need Love” which was later covered by The Time Stoppers on HBR Records (IDG #70).
Michael & The Messengers – Romeo And Juliet / Lifs (Don’t Mean Nothin’) (1967)michael & Messengers
A nice upbeat cover of the Reflections hit is the A side, but the B side is a great original with a real trippy break at the end. I guess the actual name of the B side song is “Lies (Don’t Mean Nothin’) but hey, that’s the way it’s spelled on the label.
Sunday Group – The Edge Of Nowhere / Pink Grapes (1965)
sunday group
An obscure 45 from California. The vocalist has got this real sort of monotone voice but uses it for great effect on this one. Another tune with pounding drums.
Easybeats – Heaven And Hell / Pretty Girl (1967)easy beats
A typically fantastic two sider from the best group to come out of Australia during the 60s.
Pebbles – Don’t Come Running To Me (1967)pebbles
Awesome garage/pop from the west coast that was produced by Brian Ross of Music Machine fame.
Hogs – Loose Lip Sync Ship / Blues Theme (1966)hogs
Supposedly The Chocolate Watchband in disguise, it’s been speculated that Frank Zappa was”The Phantom” and the one who did the “vocal” at the end but no one really knows for sure. It does sound a lot like him though…….
Race Marbles – Like A Dribbling Fram / Someday (1966)race marbles
Gary Ferrier was a DJ on Toronto’s CHUM-AM and played top 40 hits during the day. On the side he recorded novelty records so when Dylan started hitting it big he got this imaginary band together and recorded this spoof on the Bobster. Really funny shit right here with some moronic stream of consciousness lyrics going on the whole thing.
Inner Sanctum – Can’t Make It Without You / Times Are Getting Better (1967)inner sanctum
Great moody two sider by an unknown group from Virden, Ill. Cool organ throughout.
Pretty Things – Talkin About The Good Times / Walkin Through My Dreams (1968)pretty things2
The Pretties take a sharp left turn from their raw R&B style and run smack dab in the middle of some extremely cool psychedelic sounds.
Livin’ End – Your Kind Of Love / You Make Me Feel (1968)livin'end
This Fort Worth area group was first featured on IDG #5. his one’s a slightly earlier release, but is more of the same light psych.
Mind Garage – Tobacco Road / Jailhouse Rock (1969)mindgarage2
It’s tough to figure this Morgantown, WV group out. They initially release a very heavy cover of “Reach Out” the do an “Electric Liturgy” and become a prototypical Christian Rock group, and then this 45 comes along. A decent fuzzed out version of “Tobacco Road” with a similar take on Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” that clocks on at a mere 1:24. In 1969 no less. Go figure.


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    1. Yeah, this stuff goes great with a nice IPA. I recommend Ithaca Beer Co. "Flower Power" if you can get it out there.

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