Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Dan’s Garage…#75

GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!!!!!!! I was putting  this whole shebang together and came to the realization that this will be the seventy fifth edition of “In Dan’s Garage”!!!! When I started this humble blog I figured I’d get about fifty volumes in and then continue on by posting comps and things like that. But my collection of 45s has actually grown quite a bit in the past few years and it’s due to this blog which has renewed my interest in collecting records(which was dormant for a good 15 years) and acquiring cool hi-fi gear. 
    As I stated in my last post, getting this stuff and having it be near anywhere 100% is nearly impossible. I’ve gotten screwed on Ebay at least 4 times, but was fortunate enough to get ALL my money back. BEWARE OF EBAY!!!!!!!! These people that sell this stuff there have NO CLUE as to what they are dealing with. You know turntables??? You know those platters that the record spins on and those weights on the back of the tone arm??? Those babies are not fixed to the unit. They come off in transit, and the next thing you know the entire piece is DESTROYED! Most of these clowns scour garage sales or the VOA or Goodwill, find something for $5 and try to get big money from it. Unfortunately they don’t know their assholes from their elbows and they just plug the unit in, the lights come on and figure they can sell it as “excellent working condition”. Meanwhile, it needs a complete overhaul and what you end up with is a $100 doorstop. Hey does anyone out there sell (or know anyone that does) parts for vintage hi-fi gear????? I got this Onkyo TX-2500 Mk II receiver that is so cool. It weighs about 100 lbs. and has a nice brushed stainless steel faceplate but the tinted glass window is all shattered and broken. It got busted during the delivery (naturally), but I got it for so cheap it’s not worth the hassle of retuning, and besides, this thing sounds great and it’s freakin” loud!
   Sorry. I had to let that rant out. It just pisses me off that people who are real ignorant try their best to take advantage of guys like me (and people like you), who will mostly give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess you live and you learn.
   Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew! Gomer Pyle used to say. I say that to all of you folks who have given me a warm welcome back from my hiatus, your comments are very uplifting and definitely brighten my otherwise dreary day. I’m truly grateful and all that makes this little hobby of mine more fulfilling. All righty then! Now that we have that out of the way can we get on with this blockbuster edition of “In Dan’s Garage”??? OK then. (drum roll please…) Heeeeeere’s No. 75!
Strangers – Rockin’ Rebel / The Caterpillar Crawl (1959)strangers
Not exactly a 60s track, but a great raunchy and wild instrumental nonetheless. Titan was a west coast label that had quite a few great instrumental groups on their roster.
Jay Daye & The Four Knights – It’s Too Late For That / (You’ll Always Be My) Only Girl (1965)jaydaye
An unknown Ohio group released this two sider in 1965.
Druids – Girl Cant’ Take A Joke / I Can’t Leave You (1965)druids2
One of the all time great “girl put down” songs with the truly genius line: “you dish it out but you just can’t take it”. What the hell??? You can’t take a joke?????? “I was only fooling” claims the lead singer as it’s followed by some cool jangly riffs. This one’s a real stunner in my opinion and while not a real rarity, it holds up well as one of the all time garage greats. The flip which is a nice Kinks rip off is great too. Tommy Kaye also produced The Fish ‘N Chips on Joy Records and wrote “Hey Little Bird” for the Barbarians.
Humane Society – Knock Knock (1966)humane society
One of the all time, truly great garage/punk records. They were a rather obscure (aren’t they al???) west coast group that had one other release that I don’t think I’ve ever heard. This one side is more than enough for me.
Maltees Four – You / All Of The Time (1966)maltees four
Perfect example of a bunch of teenagers attempting to play some “meaningful folk rock”. Another stunningly great garage 45 from somewhere in California
Now – I Want / Like A Flying Bird (1967)thenow
Formerly known as “The Ban”, a group that had a really nice 45 on Brent Records. They eventually moved north to San Francisco where they became The Tripsichord Music Box and then faded into oblivion. Fortunately they left us with this nice 45.
Bush – Now That I’m Wanting Her (1966)
Another west coast group, this time from San Bernardino. They had 3 great 45s on this label. “To Die Alone” can be heard on IDG #26.
Twinn Connexion – Sixth Avenue Stroll (1968)twinn connexxion
Twin brothers from Helena, Montana that decided to have a go at the big time by moving to New York and giving it their best shot. They recorded an LP and released at least one single, this lively pop/psych gem.
Peanut Butter Conspiracy – It’s A Happening Thing / Twice Is Life (1967)pbconsp
The first 45 they released on Columbia and one of their best, showcasing Barbara Robisons great vocals.
Fever Tree – Filigree And Shadow (1969)fever tree
Not from San Francisco, but actually from Houston, TX. This was the follow up to “San Francisco Girls” and has the same feel.
Back Alley – Soda Pop Man / When I Get Home (1968)back alley
Here’s an interesting 45 by some guys who attended Cornell University in nearby Ithaca, NY. “Soda Pop Man” is a brilliant piece of British styled psyche. I and every other blogger who’s come across this thinks this would have made it on to any of The Beatles’ post “Sgt. Pepper” LPs. I agree. It’s that good. The other side (the actual ‘A’ side) on the other hand is typical of what a lot of east coast bands were doing at the time. Taking a hit or other well known song and giving it the Vanilla Fudge treatment which was quite popular at the time. Note the heavy use of a B-3 organ.
New Lime – The Gumdrop Trilogy (1968)newlimee
This song was released twice on this label with two different B sides. Unfortunately the flip to this release has an awful cover of Richie Valens’ “Donna”. Bleccch!
Fairchilds – Let Her Run / (I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' 'Bout Me (1968)fairchilds
Nice bubblegum/pop from an obscure group I know nothing about, but it’s a safe bet they were a studio concoction.
Sugar Blues – What Gets You Going (1969)sugarblues
Pretty good soulful pop/psyche from what is thought to be a group from Memphis although that’s not verified. It’s speculated that Alex Chilton may have been involved with this 45.
Electric Hand Band – Everything’s Gonna Be Allright (1970)electric hand band
This group was actually The Bleus who released several 45s on Bell and Diamond records. Duane and Gregg Allman worked with these guys for a brief period, but they don’t appear on this record.
Consortium – Spending My Life Saying Goodbye / All The Love In The World (1968)consortium
Very nice British pop/psyche. I wish I knew more but I don’t.
Bloomsbury People – Madeline / Have You Seen Them Cry (1969)bloomsbury people
Really great psyche 45 from a Wisconsin group. They released a full length LP on MGM in 1970 which is real good.
Book Of Matches – Goodbye Love (1970)book of matches
Interesting 45 that mixes mellow crooning backed by some solid fuzz guitar.
P.K. Limited – Forget About Me / Child Of The West Wind (1969)
Terrific group that never quite made it but probably should have. Great pop with fantastic vocal harmonies.
Sunnygoode Street – Just Another Dream / By And By (1970)sunnygoode street
Real obscure pop/psyche from a Dayton, OH group.


  1. Dan:
    Another fine collection. I know what you mean about the E-Bay graders. I always like the ones that say a record is mint then go on to describe split seams, writing on cover and ring wear. WTF?!?!?

  2. great stuff!!! thanks again Dan

  3. Looks like a great collection of mostly unknowns (to me anyway). Can't wait to dig in. Thanks for your hard work and generosity,

  4. makes my sunday! Thanks again (and again) Dan!

  5. thanks for sharing Dan. You have a lot of neat stuff. Rick

  6. Dan---just doing some editing in iTunes on your 75 volumes (some folder naming, genre tags, pics, etc) and saw that you have given us 2176 songs. Thank you doesn't begin to do it, my man. We appreciate what you are doing more than we can say! You've tuned my ears to hear stuff I never knew was there..a real gold mine. Thank you, Dan.

    1. Holy crap! 2176 songs????? I gotta stop buying records. Ahhhhh on second thought, maybe not.........

  7. Mr. Dan....Words can't explain the excellence of your work....
    Really, this blog of yours must be declared of public interest for
    the entire human race....i'm an absolute freak of sixties satisfactions and after years of collecting all kind of comps i must
    confess my complete stupefaction about the tons of fun, joy and delightful surprises that one can found here....
    Receive a very well deserved ovation from Barcelona....Keep on rockin' and rollin' Mr. Dan....and BIG THANKS to you....

  8. huge compliments for number 75, Dan, great listening fun (as heaps of sounds never heard before) as usual. What I do is I select the uncomped tracks and do my very own sampler (up to #24 right now....). Thans a lot for your great labor of love, and remember, if your ever should come to Italy, you've got a friend here!

    PS The True Believers sound pretty good too

    1. Michael.
      Molto Grazie!!!!! Since my father was Abruzzese and my mother Sicilian, I have very deep Italian roots. I visited Italy with my family in 1969 and haven't been back since. My father's family is from a town called "Rocca Di Mezzo" and my my mother is from Palermo and I will go back to visit one of these days. Thank you for the invitation. I will certainly take you up on it!

  9. Thanks Dan, you sure make some astoundingly great comps. Let me know if you're ever looking for an mp3 of a particular song. I've been downloading various garage, psychedlic, and other 50s-70s stuff for years now, and wouldn't mind helping out any fellow music affecionados out there.


    1. Thanks Scott. I also am a hoarder of digital files and I've got tens of thousands of comps and albums in digital format. But if there's something I could use, maybe a digital replacement for a particularly hammered record, I'll keep you in mind. In fact, I just came up with a colossal idea! Perhaps I could start a new series of comps with contributions from this blog's friends and followers??? Wouldn't that be cool?!?!?!?!?

    2. Awesome idea! i'd totally contribute if i had anything worth throwing in the mix. i've got pretty eclectic tastes but love the pure simple n raw music of the sixties.

  10. Rocca Di Mezzo is right in the middle of the boot, near Aquila (centre of the 2009-earthquake), never been there, must be a beautiful place in between mountains and lakes. Please let me know if you'd decide to go there...

  11. r'n'r mono sound play high !


  12. It's incredible, two compilations in 15 days, DAN makes us have a good holiday with the sun...and the sound!!!
    Many Thanks!

  13. I was fortunate enough to find two New Lime 45s - "Ain't Got No Soul" b/w "The Gumdrop Trilogy" and "The Perfect Girl" b/w "Meant To Be" at a thrift store in 2008. Four years later and I work there!

    You posted another New Lime record, "There Goes My Girlfriend", a while back, which is one I'd definitely pick up if I came across it.

  14. Dan,

    What's the size of your record collection in terms of LPs/45s/etc? if you haave any idea.

    1. Well that's tough to figure since I've never really done a count of my collection in total. A few years ago I worked up an Excel database of most of my 45s and came up with 1879 that were on the list. That didn't include a few stray boxes of "junk" that I had laying around. Seriously though, I don't have records strewn about the house, but at the time I made the database I was somewhat disorganized and to be truthful I still am. I'd say my 45 collection today is at about 4000 pieces and I have perhaps about 600 or 700 LPs of all types, mostly Rock. The majority of my 45s are what you see here on the blog, but when I start "crate digging" through a bunch of 10 or 25 cent 45s I don't get too choosy and I'll scarf up anything that might look cool. I have a decent collection of garage comps, and I have a lot of stuff from the 60s and 70s too. Everything from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin. I look for new records all the time on Ebay as well as some locals who sell LPs for pretty cheap. I must admit, I don't have a lot in the way of CDs. I never fell in love with those things and I have less than 100 here sitting in a box somewhere. I'll get around to opening that up one of these days......

  15. Hi Dan ,have just discovered all your early posts are still available and have been adding to my collection.Thanks for the GREAT service you are providing to the many (real) 60's fans out there.Cheers Dave from "Down Under"

  16. Hi Dan,

    Just doing a little bit of catch-up and found Mediafire has pulled #75. Can I be a PITA and ask if there is any possibility of re-upping it at all? #74 is still good, BTW.

  17. Yes, Dan, if you could please please Zippy this I would appreciate it. I was off the ground when I saw The New Lime 45 in this comp, as the writer credit matches the name of a drummer I know in Cincinnati, and I am positive he deliberately hid this from me! Well, too bad, brother, I got you now! Thanks Dan.

  18. hi dam
    just discovered your site
    great things are here
    I have dl'ed a few titles and really enjoyed them
    hoping that this one will be reupped as it is blocked but full of things I would like I'm sure (early tripsichord and other psych)
    thanx for all the other shares even if you don't get around to this...

  19. Hello Dan. I'm a recent discoverer of your great offerings, and I'm having a ball, both grabbing greedily and listening voraciously. I hope a sincere "thanks so much" for all of you work will convey my deep appreciation. You are, without a doubt, the KING of 45 comps. All my best wishes,


    1. Thanks IG. I'm working on #90 which will hopefully be out by the weekend. Posts have been scarce this summer but things should pick up by the time warm weather subsides. Thanks for the kind words.

  20. Great stuff - again!

    Have you heard the other side of the Sugar Blues record? It's some nice pop, slightly more up-tempo than the A-side.