Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Greetings friends and followers! I got up early this cold and snowy Christmas morning before my lovely wife did, and pretty much do what I always do when I have some "alone time" to myself. Work on this blog. Although I did post a bunch of new stuff the other day (or was it yesterday? I feel like I'm in a time warp right now) I decided at the suggestion of Paul from Australia (who is having a barbecue today!) to do a "best of" for volume #50. I had a better idea. I just compiled my favorites and came up with 7 parts, because it would have been just too freakin' hard for me to settle on just 20 or 25. So here you have it. A nice little Christmas package from me to you. I wish I had more time to respond to the many people who have reached out to me in the past year or so, especially the people who were actually in these bands, and their sons, daughters relatives. As a New Years resolution I will make a special effort to communicate with them and at some point I'd like to get more pictures and info and do feature posts on each of these groups who's have made some contact with me. You all know who you are. As I stated in my last post, Upstate New York groups will be featured for the next two, possibly three posts, so look for that stuff soon. As for this one, I wish I could do all the scans etc. but to get it out before the end of the day I'm just including track lists and some covers. Look at it as a "budget" release! Once again, thanks to all of you for your support this past year, best wishes to all, and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (including Boxing Day!) 
Merry Christmas to All!!!! Dan

01. Tony Rivers & The Castaways - I Love The Way You Walk (Constellation)
02. Burgundy Blues - I'll Take You Back Again (Argee)
03. Jack London & The Sparrows - If You Don't Want My Love (Capitol)
04. Fish 'N Chips - Four Times faster (Joy)
05. Substantial Evidence - Death Angel (Groovy Grape)
06. Clefs Of Lavender Hill - It Won't Be Long (Date)
07. Clefs Of Lavender Hill - Play With Fire (Date)
08. Cryan Shames - Ben Franklin's Almanac (Destination)
09. Household Sponge - Scars (Murbo)
10. Geers - I Need You (SSS International)
11. Sweet Younguns - Dog Eat Dog (Shurfine)
12. Classmen - Any Old Time (Pearce)
13. Royale Coachmen - Killer Of Men (Jowar)
14. Sparkles - Hipsville 29 B.C. (Hickory)
15. Ty Wagner - I'm A No Count (Chattahoochie)
16. Lloyd & The Village Squires - Hear What I Say (Jubilee)
17. Lloyd & The Village Squires - Baby Be Mine (Jubilee)
18. M.G. & The Escorts - Next To Nowhere (Reo)
19. Mark V - You Make Me Lose My Mind (Blast)
20. Mark V - I Want To Say (Blast)
21. Rave Ons - Love Pill (Twin Town)
22. Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobile (Linda)
23. Shags - Hide Away (Laurie)
24. Ray Sanders & Friend - Karate (Sheb)
25. Ron Gray - Hold Back The Sunrise (HBR)
26. Denny Ezba's Gold - Queen Mary (Jamie)
27. Electric Prunes - Hideaway (Reprise)
28. Rainy Daze - Make Me Laugh (White Whale)
29. White Knights - Run, Run, Baby (Gaiety)
30. Yorkshire Puddin' - Ain't Gonna Love You No More (Dellwood)

01. Furys - Little Queenie (Sound City)
02. Checkerlads - Baby Send For Me (RCA Victor)
03. Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down (RCA Victor)
04. Dee & Tee - Something's Comin' (Coral)
05. Untamed - Someday Baby (Royal Scot)
06. Jason Eddie & The Centremen - Singing The Blues (Capitol)
07. King Bees - What She Does To Me (RCA)
08. Vandals - Ballad Of A Loser (Big Rock)
09. Vandals - My Girl (Big Rock)
10. Badd Boys - I Told You So (Epic)
11. Bob Morrison - Hey! Puppet Man (Columbia)
12. Live Five - I Must Move (Piccadilly)
13. Primates - Knock On My Door (Marko)
14. Chevelles - Tears (SD)
15. Talon Brothers - I Think There's Something Sleeping In My Refrigerator (Columbia)
16. Urban Roots - You Make My Heart Ring (Like A Bell)
17. Ed Wool & The Nomads - I Need Somebody (RCA Victor)
18. Gentlemen - Elephants (Spirit)
19. Jury - Who Dat (Port)
20. London Knights - Go To Him (Mike)
21. 'Twas Brillig - Dirty Old Man (Date)
22. 'Twas Brillig - This Week's Children (Date)
23. Decleration Of Independence - Letter To Ruth (Mr. G)
24. Fifth Estate - That's Love (Stateside)
25. Newluvs - Be My Girl (Barclay)
26. Original Intrigues - I've Tried My Best (BRC)
27. Young & Wild - For What I Am (Wig-Wag)
28. Second Summers - Bad Vibrations (Conn)
29. Smoke - My Friend Jack (Capitol)
30. MC5 - Looking At You (A2) 

 01. Fairviews and The Fifth Dimension - A New Direction (Spin-It)
02. Scorpions - (Ain't That) Just Like Me (CNR)
03. Hangmen - What A Girl Can't Do (Monument)
04. Palace Guard - A Girl You Can Depend On (Orange Empire)
05. 5 Of A Kind - Please Tell Me (They Were Wrong) (Sidra)
06. Lost - Maybe More Than You (Capitol)
07. Fogcutters - That's Where I'll Be (Charter)
08. Lost - Back Door Blues (Capitol)
09. Other Half - It's Been A Good Day (Bell Sound)
10. Baxters Chat - Don't Come Around Today (Pearce)
11. Dantes - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (Jamie)
12. Other Half - I Won't Be Back (Bell Sound)
13. Chosen Few - Why Can't I Love Her (Co-Op)
14. Front Page News - Thoughts (Dial)
15. Terry Knight & The Pack - Numbers (Lucky Eleven)
16. Third Booth - Sound Inc. (Thunder)
17. Troyes - Rainbow Chaser (Space)
18. Front Page News - You Better Behave (Dial)
19. Pride & Joy - If You're Ready (Dunwich)
20. Cast Of Thousands - Girl Do What You Gonna Do (Tower)
21. Evil - Always Runnin' Around (Capitol)
22. Hysterical Society - I Know (United Artists)
23. Collectors - Make It Easy (Warner Bros.)
24. Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Shame On You (Hickory)
25. Kidds - Children In Love (Nestor)
26. Kidds - You Were Wrong (Nestor)
27. Capes Of Good Hope - Lady Margaret (Round)
28. Tree - No Good Woman (Barvis)
29. Teddy Boys - Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Cameo)
30. Gregorians - Dialated Eyes (ABC)

01. Alva Starr - Light Of A 1000 Years (Golden Records)
02. Floyd & Jerry with The Counterpoints - Believe In Things (Presta)
03. Hard Times - They Said No (World Pacific)
04. New Arrivals - Let's Get With It (Southbay)
05. Cloudwalkers - Sunglasses (Capco)
06. Palace Guard - A Girl You Can Depend On (Orange Empire)
07. Night Crawlers - You Say (MAAD)
08. Lords Of T.O.N.K. - Miniver Cheevy (Jamie)
09. Lost - Maybe More Than You (Capitol)
10. Only Ones - You're The Reason (Panik)
11. Lost - Back Door Blues (Capitol)
12. Lyndells - Contentment (Farad)
13. Pattens - You Should Know (Stature)
14. I'des Of March - I'll Keep Searching (Parrot)
15. Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking (Sun)
16. Richard Kent Style - Go Go Children (Coral)
17. Front Page News - Thoughts (Dial)
18. Lazy Eggs - I'm Gonna Love You (Enterprise)
19. Front Page News - You Better Behave (Dial)
20. Hysterical Society - I Know (United Artists)
21. Us - You Say (Hour Productions)
22. Fe Fi Four Plus 2 - Mr. Sweet Stuff (Odex)
23. Groundspeed - In A Dream (Decca)
24. Katz Kradle - Bad Case Of You (Shur Shot)
25. Kidds - You Were Wrong (Nestor)
26. Kidds - Children In Love (Nestor)
27. Wellington Arrangement - Love (Decca)
28. Rain - E.S.P. (London)
29. Californians - Nausea Beast (Crazy Horse) 

01. Fabulous Counts - Money (Kim)
02. Liverpool Five - Thats What I Want (RCA Victor)
03. Velveteens - Ching Bam Bah (Golden Artists)
04. Liverpool Five - Everything's Al'right (RCA Victor)
05. Avengers - When It's Over (F-G)
06. 8th Wonders Of The World - You You Yeah (Coed)
07. Cruds - On Lovers Lane (Rik)
08. Blues Magoos - The People Had No Faces (Verve Folkways)
09. Gestures - Don't Mess Around (Soma)
10. New Breed - Green Eyed Woman (Diplomacy)
11. Sheffields - Fool Minus A Heart (Fenton)
12. Blues Magoos - So I'm Wrong And You Are Right (Verve Folkways)
13. Medallions - Leave Me Alone (Warped)
14. M.P.D. Limited - Little Boy Sad (LTD International)
15. Pat Farrell & The Believers - Gotta Find Her (Diamond)
16. Shy Guys - We Gotta Go (Panik)
17. Warlocks - The Temper Tantrum (Decca)
18. Mick & The Shambles - Lonely Nights Again (Verve Folkways)
19. New Colony Six - Cadillac (Sentar)
20. Teddy Boys - Jezebel (MGM)
21. Tony Turow - What I Think About You (Zaraks)
22. J.J. Lancaster - So Unkind (Date)
23. Endd - Out Of My Hands (Seascape)
24. Fabulous Pharoahs - Hold Me Tight (Reprize)
25. Wreck-A-Mended - Dirty Old Man (United Artists)
26. Group Love Corp. - Love Corporation (Pride)
27. Front End - Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Smash)
28. Eyes Of Blue - Supermarket Full Of Cans (Deram)
29. Arnim-Hamilton - Pepperman (International Artists)
30. Sorce - Tomorrow Won't See Me (Bulb) 

01. Applejacks - Everybody Fall Down (Decca UK)
02. Renegades - Cadillac (Hansa)
03. Castells - Save A Chance (Black Gold)
04. Boys Blue - Take A Heart (ABC Paramount)
05. Boys Blue - You Got What I Want (ABC Paramount)
06. Countdowns - You Know I Do (Fiji)
07. Stonemen - No More (Big Topper)
08. Black & Blues - Bye Bye Baby (United Artists)
09. Keyes - She's The One (Top Dog)
10. M.H. Royals - She's Gone Forever (ABC)
11. Great Scots - The Light Hurts My Eyes (Triumph)
12. Great Scots - You Know What You Can Do (Triumph)
13. Bit' A Sweet - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (MGM)
14. Randy & The Holidays - Paul Revere 250 (Hickory)
15. Dillons - Simple Way Of Living (Impression)
16. Romans - You Do Something To Me (My)
17. Romans - I'll Find A Way (My)
18. Wig Wags - I'm On My Way Down The Road (Sama)
19. 6 Tickets To Shangri-La - I've Got To Find A Way (Talmu)
20. Rockin' Rebellions - Don't Let Go (Gold Groove)
21. Sapians - Love Ain't Makin' It No More (Mercury)
22. Sapians - Ask Yourself Why Babe (Mercury)
23. Little Bits Of Sound - Girls Who Paint Designs (Roulette)
24. Siler Bros. - The Spring Thing (Celanese)
25. Them - But It's Alright (Tower)
26. Fire, Rhythm, & Smoke - Fire And Rhythm (Sissies)
27. Wylde Heard - Stop It Girl (Philips)
28. Kingsmen - The Wolf Of Manhattan (Wand)
29. Herbies People - Residential Area (Okeh)
30. Aardvark - Salty Dog (Bullet)
31. Young Californians - In A Garden (Flick City)

 01. Joe Frank & The Knights - Can't Find A Way (ABC Paramount)
02. Thee Midnighters - I Found A Peanut (Whittier)
03. Age Of Reason - (Your Love Is Like A) Magnet (Ascot)
04. Knickerbockers - I Must Be Doing Something Right (Challenge)
05. Others - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye (RCA Victor)
06. Dillons - Simple Way Of Living (Impression)
07. Revelles - Something Good About Living (Jim-Ko)
08. Link Wray & The Ray Men - Branded (Swan)
09. Mark Markham & The Jesters - I Don't Need You (RCA Victor)
10. Outsiders - I'm Not Trying To Hurt You (Capitol)
11. Very-Ations - She Can't Be Won (Rink)
12. Mark V - Hey Conductor (Counterpart)
13. Sonics - Cinderella (Etiquette)
14. Sonics - Louie Louie (Etiquette)
15. Wylde Main-iacs - Why Ain't Love Fair (Main-Iac)
16. Wylde Main-iacs - Not The One For Me (Main-Iac)
17. Shades Of Time - I Need Some Love (Payle)
18. Shades Of Time - Teardrops (Payle)
19. Tropics - This Must Be The Place (Columbia)
20. Mor Loks - Lookin' For A New Day (Decca)
21. Out Of Order - It's Alright (Lauren)
22. Flowerz - Flyte (Kingston)
23. Flowerz - Talken About Love (Kingston)
24. lyme & cybelle - Follow Me (White Whale)
25. Id - Boil The Kettle Mother (RCA Victor)
26. Albatross - I Can't See Why (Big Bird)
27. Albatross - Peices Of My Life (Big Bird)
28. Beau Allen - Give Me Your Love (HFA)
29. Sagittarius - My World Fell Down (Columbia)
30. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed (Mercury)


  1. Thanks so much for this and all the great music!

  2. Great selection! _ I did want to point out that part 1 and part 7 are the same.

  3. Oops. All fixed. Too much Irish Cream in my coffee this morning.....

  4. Well, holy ....thank you! Merry, merry Christmas to you & yours. Enjoy that Irish Cream ;-)

  5. Wow Dan. A garantuan garage giveaway - I will download and spend some time with these 200 odd songs and try to give you some intelligent comments. But interestingly there are very few big names here (apart from Electric Prunes, Smoke, Blues Magoos). And at least one Oz group. Paul (Australia)

  6. Merry Christmas and thanks for the present. Also, thanks for all the great 60's garage music and keeping this great music alive.

  7. Man oh man. What a great present you've given us. I'm on overload. I can't wait to get to the shop where I can start listening. Thanks for all the effort you put into this blog and all the great tunes I have discovered by hanging around here. Hoping you have a fantastic New Year, Mike

  8. Thanx heaps for all your hard work this year, Dan. Love this series and look forward to more next year!

  9. Merry Christmas Dan! Thanks for all the greaat tunes. One ?, have these been filtered or had any kind of noise reduction?


  10. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, Dan!

  11. Thanks for all the compliments. As for noise reduction, some got it, and some dome don't. My transfer process is constantly evolving always trying to achieve a "better product" so to speak. There is some really annoying hum on some of these tracks which I've manged to get rid of on subsequent posts, but I never really isolated it so it's been a mystery. Also there is a nagging crackle which I tink my sound card is responsible for. I filter that out. In the meantime , I'm still working on it. Glad everyone is enjoying this and we'll see you very soon.

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  14. Wow....I can't believe it's taken me up til 2011 to stumble onto yr site....amazing comps, perfectly put together!

    If this is a hint of how 2011 is gonna shape up, I'm in for a GREAT year....

  15. thanks a lot, Dan, for all your efforts and have a happy 2011!

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    I started a music blog of my own some of your readers might like:

  17. These are just great! They are in heavy rotation in my shop. Never seem to tire of them. Thanks!

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