Friday, December 24, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#49

Mercy! It's only a few days till Christmas so I figured while I have a few extra minutes I'll put together another post for the holiday. I wish I could do a "garage/psyche" Christmas thing, but there just isn't enough stuff out there and I don't have any of it in my collection! I was going to go on an extended rant regarding the Rock & Roll "hall of fame" and it's nominations for this years (or next year's I don't know nor do I give a shit) "inductees". But since time is of the essence I'll put it off for the next post which will be (at the suggestion of a few followers) a "Best Of" which will consist of my favorites and will also be a "two disc" set. I promised myself after the 50 volume milestone that I would begin posting 45s from The Upstate New York area, so be on the lookout for that around New Years! In the meantime, I'd like to wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and very prosperous New Year!!!

Joe Frank & The Knights - Can't Find A Way / Wont You Come On Home (1966)
I just had to lead off with this 45, one of my all time faves. These guys were from Memphis and originally released this on the Block label and was later picked up by ABC. The drummer on this tune is one of the best I've ever heard, and the rest of the group is pretty good too. Joe Frank eventually went on to become the Joe Frank of "Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds" of "Don't Pull Your Love" fame. They also were the guys who recorded "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)" with the T-Bones.

Mark Four - Just My Dream / Swingin' Hangout (1965)
 I have very little info on this one that is most likely from California. They had another 45 that I featured in IDG #8. This is the better of the two.

Age Of Reason - (Your Love Is Like A) Magnet / I'm A Free Man (1967)
 A superb two sided garage classic from The Bronx, NY. You can read some more detail about them on Chas Kit's fantastic website "Garage Hangover" .

Saucer Men - Another Chance / Don't Do It (1966)
 Homemade garage goodness from a Patterson, NJ group. Looks like this one was autographed by all the band members!!!!!

Others - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye / Until I Heard It From You (1966)
Garage classic from Rhode Islad, and another one of my all timers. They had one other on RCA and a psych/pop effort on Jubilee that I don't think I've ever heard.

Link Wray & The Ray Men - Branded / Hang On (1965)
This one turned up in the box and even though some would classify this as strictly instrumental, I think it's as garage as it gets. We all know Link (some of my followers better than others!) and I don't need to get into a bio here. This is one of his most viscous performances and the whacked out solo is one one of his best.

Mark V - Hey Conductor / You Bring These Tears To Me (1967)
Led by singer Sonny Flaharty, they were from Dayton, OH. Although Sonny had several 45s with other groups in various styles, this was the only one credited to the Mark V. Also released on the Philips label.

Mouse & The Traps - Beg, Borrow, And Steal (1967)
The sixth 45 released by these legends from Tyler, TX. This is one of the coolest with it's "raga" intro played on what sounds to me like a banjo!

New Breed - Want Ad Reader / One More For The Good Guys (1966)
Sacramento, Ca group who also released the great "Green Eyed Woman" on Diplomacy (featured in IDG #38) Here's a weird tale of a guy who checks out the "classified ads" AKA "the personals" and finds himself on a blind date with a real two bagger. At the end he decides that only "losers" advertise for dates in the want ads. The flip is an cool, but rather extended guitar workout.

McCoys - Don't Worry Mother (1966)
Led by guitarist and vocalist Rick Zehringer AKA Rick Derringer of "Rock And Roll Hootchie Coo" fame. The McCoys struck it big with"Hang On Sloopy" and are Ohio legends. This however is a pretty decent pop/psyche tune that I feel is somewhat overlooked.

Dick Wagner & The Frosts - Sunshine (1967)
Dick Wagner led Flint, Michigan's Bossmen of which two 45s are featured in IDG #30 & #32. He eventually had great success with The Frost in the early 70s but had a couple of 45s on Date in between. This one here is a great psyche tune and is fetching some pretty big bucks these days.

Seeds - Satisfy You / 900 Million People Daily (1967)
Recorded "Raw And Alive" this one is certainly one their best.

Move - Fire Brigade / Walk Upon The Water (1968)
One of the great British acts to come out in the 60's, they had several lineup changes which at times featured Roy Wood, Bev Bevan, and Jeff Lynne who went on to from the atrocious ELO. This one here is one of my personal favorites.

Smubbs - Rosary Anne / Mr. Open Minded (1969)
I featured an early 45 by this group rom 1966 in IDG #6 which was a moody, reverb drenched garage two sider. This one however is straight up psychedelia.

Vamp - Floatin' / Thinkin' Too Much (1968)
One of two singles released by this rather obscure UK group. They did include former Pretty Thing Viv Prince on drums and Pete Sears on bass who would relocate to the US and join Jefferson Starship.

Capt. Groovy & His Bubblegum Army - Capt. Groovy And His Bubblegum Army (1969)
 I was looking for a one sider to round out this set and came up with this "groovy" tune from the Kasenetz/Katz crew. Although it's typical bubblegum fare, it's got way cool fuzzy guitars on it.

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  1. Thanks once again for this collection. Has it really been 49 volumes? Great job and much appreciated. All the best to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas. Mike

  2. I've got 5 other Others songs. (lol). Be glad to e-mail them to you.

  3. Gee Dan thanks alot! Happy Holy Daze to you. See u next year, Bev

  4. Hi Dan. All the best over the festive season. We (of course) are having a barbeque. Looking forward to the best of (as I suggested!!!). I love the music but also get a kick from your covers. I don't recognise any of them - but this one is the Move. ELO did one good album - the first one - before the brilliant Roy Wood left them. Paul (Australia)

  5. A very Merry Christmas to you too, Dan! Thanks again for all the great music you share. Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  6. Dan, I have mp3's of the Others Jubilee release. Contact me if you would like copies.


    Thx a lot for all your work !!


  8. Cool pic of the early MOVE!
    Some old faves of mine too, here..."Hey Conductor", "Want Ad Reader" are timeless!
    never heard that McCoys track and is a real punker with a cool psych vibe and kind of angry vocals!