Monday, February 22, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#22

Ooh Ooh! That's what Gunther Toody used to say on "Car 54" when he was really excited. I miss that show dammit, and it's not out on DVD yet. They used to have it on TV Land, but now I gotta sit through this "High School Reunion" shit. And that thing with "The Cougar"??? Don't even get me started. I could have an entirely different blog on how much I hate that crap. Al "Grandpa" Lewis used to be on Car 54 too, as well as the late great Fred Gwynne who was Grandpa's son-in-law in what is one of the Top 10 greatest sitcoms ever...The Munsters. By the way... he was Gunther's sidekick in Car 54. Sorry. Got a little sidetracked there. I'm excited today because I usually post these once a week. I made a little extra time for myself though, and I'm happy to say I'm ready to post #22. So enjoy the "Double Whammy" this weekend!!! (or Monday... whatever...) 

Scorpions - (Ain't That) Just Like Me / Hello Josephine
Man Oh Maneschewitz!!!! Here's a rip roarin' start to this post. These guys were from Manchester but actually had greater success in Holland, where the "Hello Josephine" was a sizable hit. The B side though, is the gem here. Just Like Me rips the Searchers' version (and anyone else's for that matter) to shreds. One of the best ever!!!!!

Bobby Jameson - I Wanna Love You
Bobby Jameson's career was a varied one. He had a critically acclaimed album produd by Curt Boettcher in 1967. This however is his first release, a super cool acoustic guitar driven number that defies description. It's not exactly garage, it's not exactly folk rock, but it definitely has a lot of attitude.

Henchmen - Rockin' Robin / Baby What's Wrong
Hailing from down under (that's Australia OK?) is this neat, beat rocker from a Melbourne group, and a great example of how small labels like Swan tried to capitalize on the beat boom. I don't think this was as big a hit as "She Loves You" though.

Trolls - Smething Here Inside / Laughing All The Way
Finely crafted pop/punk from a Chicago group. 

Count & The Colony - Say What You Think
Count & The Colony were from Saginaw, Michigan, and shared labels with ? & The Mysterians on their first 45s. This one is probably from 1967 and was released on the Nashville based SSS International label. Kinda sounds like "Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu".

5 Of A Kind - Please Tell Me(They Were Wrong)
I'm not too sure about this great moody garage 45. There was a Five Of A Kind from Texas on Vandan records, but I don't think this is the same group.

Beatstalkers - Get A Better Hold On / Left Right Left
Way cool freakbeat from Scotland's biggest beat group. Well, at least they were the biggest in 1965.

Bristols - Where Am I Going
Real obscure moody garage from Springfield, MA. Sorry, can't come up with anything here....

Other Half - It's Been A Good Day / I Won't Be Back
So I get this 45 on Ebay thinking it's probably the "Mr. Pharmacist" guys, and this gem shows up. What a pleasant surprise! This is two sides of great, moody, inept garage from who knows where. The A side sounds a little bit like The Beau Brummels.

Chosen Few - Why Can't I Love Her / La La La La La
One of the gazillion "Chosen Few's" from the 60's. This one I believe is from the New Haven, CT area.

Myddle Class - Free As The Wind / Gates Of Eden
I love these guys. They're one of the best bands to come out of the sixties. I'd rank them right up there with the Remains. Unfortunately, they never hit it big and left us with only three 45's, this being their second.

Bards - Owl And The Pussycat / Light Of Love
Pacific NW group who had about a dozen 45s. They did two versions of "Owl", and this is the later one from 1968. Real cool heavy psyche. The flip was recorded in '66 and is a nice folky flavored organ punker.

Billy & The Kid - Troubles Of My Own / Shut Down Again
Another mystery group. The only thing I can tell you is that Millemka Productions was a Mitch Miller operation to promote new acts for Decca Records in the USA. Somehow, I think 'ol Mitch wasn't around when these guys were recording.

Selective Service - Shake
Real cool fuzz laden version of San Cooke's classic dance tune.

Tree - No Good Woman / Man From Nowhere
WOW!!! Absolutely one of the deadliest 60's punkers ever. "Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers" calls this one"a typical raw punk number..." I don't know about you, but the line... "You're ugly and you're fat,and you got no teeth" sure as hell ain't typical to me. 

Teddy Boys - Where Have All The Good Times Gone / La La
These guys were from Hyde Park, NY, an affluent community about an hour or so north of NYC. The Teddy Boys were one of the more popular bands around the "Hudson Valley" area, and are most famous for their version of "Jezebel', a killer 60's garage classic. They tackle a Kinks classic on this 45 and actually do a better job (IMHO). The flip is slow, but killer also, with fantastic fuzz guitars.

Chosen Few - Hey Joe
Sorry to confuse anyone. It wasn't my intention to post two "Chosen Fews" twice, but this one came up sooo... I don't think this group is related to the Chosen Few up above. They may be from Canada, but since I have no info, who the hell knows??? This is a decent version that kind of mixes Jimi Hendrix, with some straight up folk rock.



  1. Holy Smokes, Dan! You are on a roll.Another slice of that awesome collection. Much appreciated and can't wait to hear it all.Thanks!

  2. dan file is missing most of the tracks!!!

  3. Excellent stuff - thanks!

    Both Chosen Fews (the Co-Op and CanUsa ones) are featured on a '60s comp called "Connecticut's Greatest Hits", so yeah, it looks like they're the same combo.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for all your excellent work and your efforts.

  5. Hello Dan! Great collection as usual - but where did #21 go?

  6. Hey Danny, I found the Other Half
    45 at a record store this summer.
    They were from Hartwick College, Oneonta New York. This site
    has the info:


  7. Hey Danny, I found the Other Half
    45 at a record store this summer.
    This site has info on the band:

    They are from Oneonta New York.


  8. Hi Dan, the Five of a Kind record's
    on a Detroit so they're probably
    from there.

    I'd agree that the Chosen Few on
    Canusa and Co-op are the same group. The B-side of the Canusa single "Summer's Here" was also issued on Co-op.

    Davie G.


  10. The Bristols track is a standout--love that roller-rink style Hammond over the folky beat! The A-side ("With a Girl Like You") was a minor hit in Springfield, Mass. in the Summer of '67 according to the ARSA website, but the RITE Custom Pressing Discography lists the group as from Worcester, Mass.

  11. Thanks! Whenever im in the mood for some garage I come to this place and continue from where I left off last. Cheers!