Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#19


Greetings friends, and welcome to another edition of my humble little blog. It's real cold here in  upstate New York this weekend, and I'm sure all those who live in this part of the hemisphere are praying for warmer weather. Or at least a brief thaw. It's also Super Bowl Sunday, so I need to get this out of the way so's  I can make some grub for a few pals of mine who are coming over to visit. I'd also like to thank, and give a plug to an especially fine blog out there called "Flower Bomb Songs", who did a really nice article on my former band the Projectiles. It's also full of insanely cool music, so if you like my blog, you'll love this one. Let's get on to the music shall we????

Danny Peil & The Tigers - Jingle Jump
 Here's a great early rocker fom Milwaukee, WI. This was a freebie that came with some kind of "Jingle Hop" toy that you wrapped around your ankle and sort of skipped rope with. The same record was also released as Danny Peil and The Apollos.

Bo Pete - Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun) / Groovy Little Suzie
This is none other than Harry Nilsson himself before he became successful. This is real good garage stuff here, with a cool fuzz guitar, and the B side is a Little Richard style rocker written by John Marascalco, the same guy who wrote "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Ready Teddy", and "Rip It Up".

Ron Dels - Tina
Another nice, easy going early rocker from Fort Worth, TX. Delbert McClinton went on to be successful in country music.

Bryan Peters - She's That Kind Of Girl / Sherry
 Real cool, moody number from a total mystery guy. The flip's a keen teen ballad.

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - That I Love
 Great Aussie beat from a guy who had a long and prolific career. 

Transatlantics - Many Things From Your Window / I Tried To Forget
Not much is known about this group, except that they were from Grays in Essex. That had at least one other 45 released in the US on Jubilee, which is also good. This is a nice Searchers style two sider.

Danny & Jerry - We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin'
 Fantastic take on a lesser known Simon & Garfunkel tune. Great organ and fuzzy guitars throughout this one. This was produced by Ron Gray, the guy who gave us the outstanding "Hold Back The Sunrise" in #6, and could possibly be the same band.

Shaggy Boys - Stop The Clock
 This one's a neat stomper that kind of sounds like a garage version of The Vogues, or Jay & The Americans. Produced by Shadow Morton of Shangri-Las fame, this is most likely a New York City studio group.

Dow Jones & The Averages - Chim Chim Cher-ee / Bring It On Home
Another mystery group, most likely from California. When I first purchased this 45 way back when, I listened to the A side which I thought was pretty good, and just ignored the flip. I mean, how good can a cover of a song from "Mary Poppins" possibly be, right? Wrong. It's actually a pretty creative take on it. Really!

X-cellents - Little Wooden House / Hang It Up
Tough, screaming garage from Dayton, OH. The flip is a good frat style tune.

E Types - Put The Clock Back On The Wall / 4th Street
This is probably one of the best psych/pop 45s of all time. Produced by Ed Cobb, (Chocolate Watchband, Standells), this was supposedly recorded on an all night amphetamine binge...

Fabulous Tynsions 5 - Lone Ranger Man / Daniel Boone (The Frontiers Man) 
Every once in a while, I have to throw in a good "novelty garage rocker". This is a good one too, extolling the virtues of two of America's greatest heroes. "Lone Ranger Man" is a ripoff of "Secret Agent Man", and the "Daniel Boone" is more of a blue eyed soul tune.

Lanny Hunt - Suzie Q
Let's continue with a little more "soul" influenced rock and roll. This interesting version of Dale Hawkins' classic is from the Pacific NW, and was produced by Lynn Easton of Kingsmen fame. This has a great British "Mod" feel to it.

Live Five - Who Knows
Great garage/pop from Salem, OR featuring a really tough guitar sound with superb vocal harmonies

Blue Things - Somebody Help Me
 The Blue Things were one of the great lost bands of the 60s, who probably should have been much bigger. This is a great cover of The Spencer Davis Group's big hit. Dig the fuzz.....

Original Intrigues - I've Tried My Best / The Reasons Why
 Wow. This is a rather crude recording by what sounds like a late 60s hippie act. I think they skipped going to a recording studio and just did it in their basement. Anyway, both sides are real interesting, and absolutely nothing is known about this.

Rupert's People - I've Got The Love / I Can Show You
 Here's an amazing piece of British psychedelia. Rupert's People released three 45s, this being their last, and I think it's the best. Real nice swirly, dreamy psyche at its best. The singer sounds a bit like Steve Marriott and there a little "Day Tripper" riff in there too!

Tiffany Shade - Would You Take My Mind Out For A Walk / One Good Reason
Fine garage/psyche from Cleveland, OH. Great guitars and vocals too!

End Game - Could This Be Love
Here's one I'm not too sure of. The record is in stereo which indicates that it's most likely a post 1968 release, but they sound strangely wayahead of their time, maybe early 70s, yet still very "garagey". Almost a "power pop" sound. The song publisher is Carldell Music who also published The Shandels who did "No Way Out" on Carldell Records, "Please Stay" on Shutdown '66  and "Shades Of Blue" from Teenage Shutdown.  Could it possibly be a later incarnation of that group?????

MC5 - Looking At You / Borderline
Not much needs to be said about these Detroit legends I'm sure. While "Kick Out The Jams" may be their most popular tune, and the one they are most identified with, this 45 is in my opinion, their finest moment. Nothing they ever did compares to the sheer ferocity in which both sides of this 45 are delivered. I wish I could have been in the studio when they recorded this.... 

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  1. Thanks Dan for another set of great tunes,great stuff.

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  3. Hey Dan, Great Stuff on this one! By the way do you have any of the singles by the band called "Freedom North" from canada Thanks Cindy

  4. I'm not familiar with "Freedom North", but I'll certainly keep my eyes open when I'm "crate digging". Thanks to all for the kind comments,

  5. I just came across your blog yesterday. I've already been digging the tunes you've shared. I'm sure that it's not easy work, but I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks!

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  7. Another homerun Dan! Thanks so much for another great set of tunes.

  8. Just another great job, Dan. Thanks a million.

  9. Love your work Dan! Just alighting on this very early post and it looks like another doozy, but the link is down. I think it's the only one which doesn't work, which is going some! But any chance it can be fixed? I would really appreciate it. Thanks if you can, and many thanks for all you do. Jenx

  10. ... and it's working! Talk about service!! Dan this place is a treasure-chest of gems and you are a gentleman. Thankyou so much, and long may you reign. :) x

  11. Wow, this is great. I absolutely love that 'E' Types song. Groovy! Thanks again for sorting this Mr Dan. :)