Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#17

YOW! It's been almost one full year to this day that I started this blog thing, and I'm really enjoying the hell out of it. I'm planning on some "special editions" in the near future like an all instrumental edition, and one or two (maybe three) that will focus on upstate New York groups. The comments section is really taking off too. Thanks again to all who made corrections and provided valuable information on some very unknown bands. Here's a reminder...check out all the other cool blogs I have listed in my favorites. They're all great and provide a wealth of info as well as some fantastic tunes.

Astronauts - I'm A Fool / Can't You See I Do
The Astronauts were one of the best "landlocked" surf groups of the '60s. "Baja" should be on everyone's surf playlist. Around the time of the British Invasion though, they changed their sound up and released "I'm A Fool" about a year before Dino, Desi, & Billy had a big hit with it. Both sides of this 45 are superb in my humble opinion....

Bouncin' Beats - I Need Your Love / The Bounce
 Here's a group that I tried really hard ( least as hard as I can try) to find some info on, but reached a dead end. Possibly from Canada(?), Ottawa's Don Norman & The Other Four covered "The Bounce" in '66. Top side is a rather inept invasion styled tune. Relatively crude stuff for a major label.

Marilyn Mattson - He Means That Much To Me / You Cheated
 Real spooky, moody garage with LOTS of reverb in the mix. Not exactly sure who Marilyn was, but she managed to put out this one 45. She also graces the cover of our post.

Robin & The Three Hoods - That's Tuff / I Wanna Do It
 This Wisconsin group released this three times. Twice on this label with different flip sides, and once on Hollywood Records which was distributed nationally. This is a fantastic garage two sider with great guitar breaks on both.

Badd Boys - I Told You So
All my efforts to nail something down about this fantastic 45 have come up with dead ends. Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers claims that they're from the UK, but they sure don't sound like it,especially if you've heard their second 45 "Never Goin' Back To Georgia". Producer Dick Monda was a song writer based in LA, and Stu Phillips is credited with film and TV scores, among them "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls", and the Monkees television show. My guess is that these guys were either from LA or the west coast, or possibly even a very good studio group. This was a regular on the Riviera Playboys' set list.....

Dave Davani Four - Tossin' And Turnin'
 Superb Mod/R&B sounds ala Georgie Fame and Zoot Money. Way cool Hammond organ throughout.

Bedforde Set - Girl, Go Run Away / The World Through A Tear
 Tough garage from Rockville, MD, with raunchy guitars and a driving organ. The flips' a great pop/psyche number.

Primates - Knock On My Door / She
 Grade 'A' garage classic! These guys were from Astoria in Queens and had another great 45 "Don't Press Your Luck", which is rarer, but this is hands down the better record. Real lo-fi garage at its best!

Shadden & The King Lears - All I Want Is You
Here's a good example of a garage band forgoing the usual guitar solo in favor of a sax. It works, cause this song is great with sort of a meanacing tone to it. Shadden & The King Lears were a  very popular group from Memphis, and the flip of this one is "Come Back When You Grow Up Girl" made famous by super wimp Bobby Vee. Ironically, this one came out first.

Urban Roots - You Make My Heart Ring (Like A Bell) / I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Another mystery group. Terrific reverb soaked guitar and electric piano instead of the typical cheesy organ.

Jury - Who Dat? / Please Forget Her
Stinging punk with the snottiest vocals from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I don't know a lot about these guys either, but any info would be appreciated. This is another bona-fide classic.

Lenis Guess - Workin' For My Baby
 Lenis Guess is a very popular R&B/Soul singer from Norfolk, VA. Although most of his output is straight up soul, he fronts a way cool garage band on this one, and the result is this top notch winner, with a heavy dose of garage attitude.

Six Pents - She Lied
 Great punk from Houston,Tx. These guys changed their name to the Sixpentz, had an album and a couple of 45 on Mainstream records, and eventually became "Fun & Games", a more pop oriented group.

Boys From NYC - A Little Bit Harder / Goin' To California
Also known as The Energy Package (which can be heard on #16), The Boys From NYC had three 45s on Laurie. This is a great garage/pop two sider with great vocal harmonies. Real polished stuff here...

HamiltonWalker - Graveyard Shift / You Must Be The One
I really don't dig "horn bands", or any horns. I say that as a plural. A wild honkin' sax player is totally cool, and yes, horns ections are essential in soul and r&b music. But you get what I'm saying right? I do have to make exceptions though, and this is one. This 45 is just freakin' wild! Hamilton Walker was obviously from the Pacific NW, as this is a Jerden Records production. You can tell by the pounding drums, especially on "You Must Be The One". I still can't figure out the weird swishing noise on that tune. I first thought my record was screwed up, but it's actually right in the mix!

Pretty Things - Come See Me / L.S.D.
 Arguably their best 45. This one's a German release. Nuff said...

Torques - Merry Maker / You Make Me Feel Good
 Another mystery group. The top side is a great pop/psyche tune, and the flip is a good rendition of the Zombies classic.

Fairytale - Guess I Was Dreaming / Lovely People (Like You And Me)
 From Warrington, England, this was one of two 45s they released. Real "dreamy" first rate British psyche
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  6. Another fab collection! The obscurities are... really obscure!!

    Can't add anything about The Bouncin' Beats, but the song "The Bounce" was actually an original by the R&B group The Olympics, who released their version in 1963 (Tri Disc 106). The dance must've caught on, because later in '63 they cut "Bounce Again" on Tri Disc 110! Mirwood reissued the track by The Olympics in '66 (Mirwood 5525)--although I'm not positive whether it was a straight reish of the '63 recording or a re-worked version (as was pretty common when a group signed to a new label).

  7. Torques - Merry Maker: AMAZING! This needs to see some comp action immediately!

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  12. Hi Dan, Great site. I have ALL the scoop on 'The Bouncin' Beats' group in your #17 edition. I was shocked to see that you have one of our records from a long time ago. If you have time, I'd love to hear from you. My email should show up.
    Dwight Vaughn