Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#15

Happy New Year!!! I'm so freakin' glad the holidays are over. I love Xmas and New Years, but I'm so stressed out, that I'm ready to go on some serious medication. Fortunately we can all escape with some fine music as I'll present here for the fifteenth time (in this series anyway...) another edition of "In Dan's Garage". My collection of 45s are in no particular order, except that I have boxes of "rare & obscure", and "common" records, so when I grab a handful and go at it, what we get is what we get. This handful in particular is very...shall I say...eclectic. We go from the twist to an early 70's blues rocker, with all sorts of turns in between. Enjoy!

Joey & The Twisters - Bony Maronie
I really thought this was some sort of "rare" find when I first got it, but it's really just Royal Teens lead vocalist Joey Villa cashing in on the twist craze in 1962. Actually this is a really cool sax blaster with the obligatory "twist" references.

Snobs - Buckle Shoe Stomp
The Snobs were a British group who wore goofy periwigs and funny outfits, and were kinda sorta like a British Paul Revere & The Raiders. They had this one 45 that had this vocal number and an instrumental on the flip. If you really want to check them out in action click here....

London Chimes - Don't Take Away Your Love / Look At Me
Here's one that I've had a little trouble getting info on. This one's got a nice Searchers/Billy J. Kramer sound to it, but the label says it's a Polydor/Germany production. Perhaps this was a "Star Club" type thing, as there were many British groups that had 45s on Philips Records? It doesn't sound like a German group, so I'm thinking these guys were transplants from the UK.

Terry Black - Everyone Can Tell / Say It Again
Terry Black was a Canadian legend who was "Male Vocalist Of The Year" in Canada 1965. His music was a nice easygoing Merseybeat style, and "Unless You Care" was his biggest hit. This 45 has the same great feel as that one.

"You Know Who" Group - Hey You And The Wind And The Rain / This Day Love
Bob Gallo was an enterprising young man who took a few guys dressed them up in masks and made them sing with fake accents in an attempt to capitalize on the British Invasion. They had an album and a few singles, all in the same style as this one here. It's rumored that The Undertakers recorded a few of their tracks while they visited NYC.....

Forerunners - A Long Way Down / Magic Of A Girl
Hmmm....I can't find much on his one either. Here's a great example of a "vocal group" mixed with a good garage band.

Pinkerton's Assort. Colours - She Don't Care
The flip side of their UK top 10 hit "Mirror Mirror" This is a great beat ballad with cool guitar effects. These guys eventually became The Flying Machine and scored a big hit with "Smile A Little Smile For Me".

Lyndells - Heart Breakin' Woman
 I often flip through my collection and say to myself "where the hell did this come from???" Well...The Lyndells were from Rolla, MO, a college town somewhere west of St. Louis, and east of Springfield. I could explain the whole story here, but you're better off reading the entire account at

Stingrays Of Newburgh - (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue
 The Sting Rays were a Hudson Valley band from Newburgh, NY (duh), and released the fabulous "Fool" (check out Dans Garage #4) before this one.

Dantes - Under My Thumb / Can I Get A Witness
Real good Stones covers from the Columbus,OH band that gave us "Cant Get Enough Of Your Love" on Jamie Records....

Talon Brothers - I Think There Is Something Sleeping In My Refrigerator /  Breaking Through The Wall
 I haven't come up with much on this "killer novelty monster garage punker" either. Well, that's how the record dealer was describing it at the time. It's actually kind of cool with snotty vocals and a fuzz bass etc. But not exactly a monster.....

Sandals - Tell Us Dylan / Why Should I Cry
The Sandals wer an instrumental surf outfit out of L.A. who performed the soundtrack to the movie "The Endless Summer" in 1965. Shortly thereafter they started  putting out records with vocals, and this is their first. Believed to be Belgian transplants, this song oddly enough is a cover of Les 5 Gentleman's "Dis Nous Dylan", also done in English by Darwin's Theory, a British Band. This is a great folk rocker, and the flip has a cool eastern European flavor to it.

Deceleration Of Independence - Letter To Ruth / Morning Glory Man
Co-produced by Johnny Cymbal, who did the famous oldie "Mr. Bass Man", and was also "Derek" who had a hit with "Cinnamon," this may have been one of his many projects he did with George Tobin. "Letter To Ruth" is a very cool Dylanesque folk/rock tune, and the flip is very nice sunshine pop.

Ola & The Janglers - Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
Huge stars in Sweden, they released a mixed bag of stuff, mostly lightweight pop things. I like this one though, even though it's bubblegummy. It's produced by Ivor Raymonde who also worked with Los Bravos and the Eyes Of Blue.

Lost Tribe - Walk One Way / Fools Live Alone
Not much is known about this excellent psych two sider. Actually...NOTHING is known about this one!!!

Soul Seekers - Boom Boom / Wasn't It You
I got this one in a lot of four 45s on Ebay because the label looked cool, it was super cheap, and Dale Menten's name was on the label. Menten wrote and sang the classic "Run, Run,Run" by Minneapolis' The Gestures, one of Minnesota's best bands. He was also one of the driving forces behind Candy Floss Records, which released lots of stuff in the late 60s including The C.A. Quintet and T.C. Atlantic. Besides, how can you go wrong with a cover of John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom right???? Well...I must say, this is perhaps the most bizarre arrangement of John Lee's tune I've ever heard. It sounds like John Phillips got a hold of it, and tried to make it a Mamas & Papas hit. It's that weird. the flip's a pretty good folk/rocker with female vocals.

Robert & Ron - Woman Of The Nigh Time
I'm including this one because I'm not sure what this is. (does that make any sense????) This could be a mid 70s release, but it's so lo-fi I can't really say. It's a pretty decent, moody tune though, with great fuzzy guitar. The flip's a straight up country tune. Another real weird one...

Rogue Show - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
 What the hell. As long as we're straying off the beaten path, lets include this one from 1972. Rogue Show were a very popular band from Shreveport, LA, and I love this tune, and I think they do a pretty good job covering it.



  1. thanks again dan,some good tracks here

  2. I'm really enjoying the chance to hear so many obscure records.That's one thing that drew me to record collecting way back when.Thanks for another history lesson.

  3. Hey Dan. Please don't hesitate to post the teenage and bubblegum garage as well as the harder angry tunes. I like 'em all. I think we shoild be exposed to all of it..regards,John.

  4. Declaration of Independence were from the Syracuse area of central New York state and relocated to NYC after they landed their big record deal with Mr. G. in '67

    "Morning Glory Man" is a band original written by member Steve Durr, who is still active. One Bruce Tetley was also a member of the group.

    Here's a link to Durr's recent doings:

  5. Great songs. I love that british invasion/ garage sound.

  6. Hi Dan,

    another package of great, uncomped gems..... my favourits are The London Cimes (qutie sure it's not a German outfit but most probably from the UK), never heard the You-Know-Who-Group's This Day Love before, same goes for the GREAT Lyndells (of KAPO fame) and both Talon Brothers tracks.. Lost Tribe are from MD, btw.... as always, hughe thanks for precious moments


    PS: did you notice the Freudian-lapsus ? Deceleration of Independance ? great name, maybe...

  7. Hey Dan - happy new year!

    Loving this compilation - the Ola & The Janglers track is great.

    Brill blog, btw.

    All the best,

    Barry (UK)

  8. love those 45's :D Thanks as always.

    Peace and blessings.

  9. Hello!
    The darwin's théory is the name for the Cinq Gentlemen (french group)for release their "Dis-nous Dylan" under the title "Daytime" in England.. And "Tell us Dylan" by the Sandals is the same the same trax too...

    And thanx for your fine blog...

  10. Thanks for another great post Dan,some groovy tunes as per normal.KEEP IT UP.