Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #4

Thanks for all the comments and support! I'll try to get covers for #1 & #2 made up by the weekend. I took off from work early today to get some dental work done, so now that I got that over with, heres a new edition of "Dan's Garage"!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Creation - Making Time / Try And Stop Me
I can't think of a better way to start this one out. This was the first Creation single, and in my opinion their best (or my favorite anyway). They had a three 45s released in the U.S.. none of which made the charts which is unfortunate because this should have been a hit right up there with The Who's "My Generation". This example is on Barry Records a Canadian label.

Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl / I Need You
YOW! Wild, frantic, craziness from one of Texas' most legendary bands. The "Thaks" were from Corpus Christi and put out a bunch of 45s in the 60s all real good (IMOH) but this one is the topper. Originally released on J-Beck records, this became a local hit and was picked up for national distribution by Mercury. Dig it.

Raves - Don't Chop Down My Tree / Think Of Your Love
What a great 2 sider! These guys were from Brooklyn, NY and put out three very good 45s, all worth searching out. They remind me of a cross between The Blues Magoos, and Bohemian Vendetta, who were both from the NYC area.

King Bees - What She Does To Me / That Aint Love
This is an interesting 45. Danny Kortchmar ended up being a session guy playing with James Taylor, and John McDuffy ended up in the Blues Project, none of which explains this screamin', pounding R&B punker (well I guess I can see the Blues Project thing). How Kortchmar went from this to Jo Mama and James Taylor is confounding.

Shillings - Laugh
The Shillings were from Allentown, PA and put out four 45s, this being their first. Great moody folk/punk. Sorry for the lame condition of the 45 though....

Shades - Ballot Bachs / When You Said Goodbye
From Webster City, IA. The Shades released this sole 45 of which the instrumental flip, "Ballot Bachs",  is the real stunner. Wild fuzz dominates this cut, while the top side, is a pretty good soul influenced pop number.

Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip Child / The Crying Game
A legend in Holland, British singer Dave Berry released a bunch of stuff in the 60s and had a relatively successful career. The top side of this 45 is "The Crying Game" a great British Invasion style ballad, but you can't beat "Don't Gimme No Lip Child".

Max Frost & The Troopers - Paxton Quigley's Had The Course
The "Troopers" were a fictional group best known for "Shape Of Things To Come" from the film "Wild In The Streets". This tune written by Chad & Jeremy was featured in the film "3 In The Attic" which I remember seeing quite a while ago late night after a bender with The Projectiles. All I can recall about the film was Quigley getting laid a lot, and this song....which I think is perfectly crafted psych/pop

Mark Seven - Working On Love
Tough, sax driven rocker from a group I know absolutely nothing about.
(Just came across some info on this label and "Doug Hewitt Productions". Piece was a label out of Tacoma, WA, which probably explains the "tough sax driven sound". So I guess the Pacific NW would be a good assumption)

Lime - Hey Girl / Love A Go Go
For a label that specialized in the greatest blues ever, Chess managed to put out some really cool garage/psyche 45s. This is one of them. All I know about The Lime is that they were from Akron, OH, and had at least one other record.

Gaylan Ladd - Her Loving Way
Gaylan Ladd was from Waco, TX and his real name was Gaylan Latimer. I guess he's better known for "Repulsive Situation" which is pretty good, but this raving punker, the "b" side of a lame ballad, is his best.

Stingrays Of Newburgh - Fool / If I Needed Someone
From Newburgh, NY (duh), The Stingrays had two 45s on Columbia. This one is great! "Fool" is a really tough punker with a fantastic guitar break, and the flip is a frantic garagey version of the Beatles' hit. Their second 45 (which I'll post later) isn't quite as good. Produced by late jazz guitar great Howard Roberts.

Galaxies IV - Don't Lose Your Mind / Piccadilly Circus
From Trenton, NJ. This group had four 45s, of which I have two. This one is a classic two sider. The top is a perfect psych punker, and the flip is a cool rip off of The Stones' "2120 S. Michigan Ave"

John Fred - Fortune Teller / Making Love To You
Before John Fred and his "Playboy Band" had a huge hit with "Judy In Disguise" he released some pretty fine garage/R&B records, this being one of them. I've never seen this particular 45 on any comp, and I wonder how rare it is. This one is really good and nothing like "Judy"

Bougalieu - Let's Do Wrong / When I Was A Children
For those who aren't familiar with this tune, it was released twice. The first was a "clean" version, and the second was a raunchier, fuzzier version which appears on most comps. This is the first "clean" version which I really like a lot. From Albany, NY.

Bob Seger System - 2+2=? / Death Row
Finally we have another Bob Seger 45. By this time he had started the"Bob Seger System" and was well on his way to becoming one of Chevy's greatest spokesmen. But before he cashed in, he put out this monster. A lot of my friends and colleagues may poo pooh this one, but I think both sides are fantastic, especially the screaming "Death Row".

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  1. Wow, you work fast! :)

    Thank you again and again.

    I'm anxious to hear the King Bees tracks. Did this group spell their name "King Beezz" at one point? I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Wyld Canada collection created by Mark "Bosshoss" Taylor. There were quite a few titles listed as King Beezz, as well as one title listed as King Bees. I would suspect that they are the same group.

    You may be interested in this website, although I am sure you are aware of it ( A list of the 1000 rarest US garage 45s. Only 300 of them are actually listed as the research is still apparently being done.

    I hope you can use the information.

    Peace and blessings.

  2. The "King Bees" and the "King Beezz" were actually two different groups. The "Bees" were based out of New York City, and guitarist Danny Kortchmar went on to play with the likes of James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King and a host of others. I'm also very familiar with the two websites you mentioned, especially the Fine Recording site. Fine Recording was based in my hometown of Rochester, NY. The G45 site is also great, although I only have a couple of the 45s listed. Glad you're enjoying my blog. There's more to come....

  3. Great Dan another classic mix!! many thanks again


  5. Indeed I do enjoy it, thanks. Just listened to the latest installment... some real FIRE on this one. Please keep up the good work!

    Peace and blessings.

  6. Thanks much for another great comp! I had a 45 by The Lime, "Beautiful Day" that I'd love to hear again, nice Beatlesque sound.

  7. Dan, your posts are much appreciated here. Thanks for making easier learn and hear this amazing stuff.

  8. Thank you for providing these great compilations. We do appreciate your efforts.

  9. Dan, you rule.These comps are just so great.I can tell it's a labor of love for you and I thank you. Great blog!Mike

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