Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #3

Hey!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the new posts. This blog not only gives me a chance to share my stuff with all of you, but it gives me a great opportunity to listen to all the records I've been collecting over the years. I've made covers for this post, and I'll continue to do that for future ones, but I'll also include the label scans too. I think a lot of you will like both. This post has a lot of major label stuff. Not quite as "punk" as the last two. What I do is grab a stack from the box I'm working on and whatever comes up, comes up. I guess every post will be a nice "grab bag" so to speak. So sit back and enjoy...Dan's Garage... #3!!!!!

Jaguars - The Gorilla / You'll Turn Away
I could have sworn these were the same East L.A. Jaguars that did "Return Of Farmer John", but I guess they were a different band from San Jose. Great version of "The Gorilla" and the flip sounds just like "Moulty"!

Scuba Crowns - Concentration / Scuba Dive
Probably The Champs, but I might be wrong. Cool cheezy surf tunes about a new dance craze that never really caught on, and scuba diving of course.

Jay Bentley & The Jet Set - Watusi '64
More dance craziness. Great party atmosphere on this one. The flip's kinda lame so I left it out...

Mojo Men - Dance With Me / Loneliest Boy In Town
A real classic here! Jimmy Alaimo was the cousin of Steve Alaimo, local Rochester, NY native. This was their second 45 on Autumn. It should also be noted that "Sly" is indeed Sly Stone who produced this and apparently played organ on it too.

Pilgrimage - Do You Love Me
The same group that did the fantastic "Bad Apple". This is a great movin' version of the Contours hit.

Gants - I Wonder / Greener Days
One of, if not the best Gants tune IMHO. "I Wonder" was actually the 'B' side of "Greener Days", which was written and produced by "Bread" master David Gates. It's kinda mushy, but I really like it, so I included it here anyway.

Bob Seger & The Last Heard - East Side Story
Seger's first single. The first time I heard this I couldn't believe it was the same guy, but those vocals..... Yeah, it's too bad he couldn't continue to put out stuff like this, but I guess he had a lot of bills to pay.

Plebs - Bad Blood / Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
A British group that I have no info about (can anyone help???). Terrific organ driven two sider released in early '65. The version of "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" is unlike any I've ever heard.

Sir Raleigh & The Coupons - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day / Whitcomb Street
Nice pounding version of this tune. From Seattle, Sir Raleigh was actually Dewey Martin who became the drummer for The Buffalo Springfield. "Whitcomb St." is a great instrumental that sounds like a backing track that never had any vocals put on it, in fact after closer inspection (with my ears of course), it turns out it's a version of  "If You Want Me It's Alright" by Adam Faith & The Roulettes, without vocals!!!!.

Liverpool Five - She's Mine / Sister Love
I love The Liverpool Five. I can't figure out why these guys weren't more popular 'cause the vast majority of their 45s are great two siders. Originally from England, they settled down in the Pacific Northwest, and released 4 or 5 albums, and 8 45s all worth seeking out.

Plebeian Rebellion - Good Sweet Love / Stick To Your Guns
Great bubblegummy psych pop with some killer fuzz guitar. Probably a studio group, but I can't say for sure.

Noon Express - Flashback / Key To Love
I think these guys are British, or maybe from L.A.???. I can't say for sure. A side is cool psych with a bit of horns, that don't screw it up because the rest of it is so good. The flip is a cover of the John Mayall classic. Also real good.

Knack - Time Waits For No One / I'm Aware
Awesome psych/pop. Not to be confused with the 70's power poppers. I just love this 45, it's got all the great elements. Should've been a hit.

? & The Mysterians - Make You Mine / I Love You Baby(Like Nobody's Business)
A perfect example of a band sticking to it's formula and saying "screw you" to the current trends. As you can  see by the date on the 45, this gem was released right in the middle of the flower power psychedelic era, but Rudy and Co. stayed with their signature sound for better or for worse. I'm glad they did because this is truly one of their best.

Whatt Four - You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else / Dandelion Wine
Superb! "Wishin" is perfect fuzz driven pop/psych/punk, and Dandelion Wine is also a great trippy psych number. If you want more detailed info on this band check out the awesome Garage Hangover site.

Rainy Daze - In My Mind Lives A Forest
Fantastic flip side of the goofy "That Acapulco Gold". Great stuff!!!!

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  1. I'll be posting another any day now. Remember...comments are welcome and pass the music along...

  2. . thanks a lot Dan for another load... love the Surfbeat-tracks (Jaguars / Scuba Crowns / Jay Bentley) and the Plebs from UK(their I'm a Man was comped on Revenge of The Amphetamine Generation).. keep on diggin'

    Michael Vee - Milano

  3. Thanks for this and the other posts,some really great tunes,did try to post a comment but could'nt,glad you fixed that,keep it up.

  4. Amazing work. That's for all your posts, but especially for Dan's Garage ones...Thanks a lot

  5. I could have sworn I thanked you for this but I'll do it now. These comps are amazing and I thank you for taking the time and trouble to share them. Great job! Mike

  6. I believe the Plebeian Rebellion is a New Orleans group from late 60's. THe record was played and rated on the Dave Clark Show

  7. Could you by any chance include "That Acapulco Gold" on your next upload?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Great blog, I love the obscure stuff.
    See my blog:

  9. hmm...could dot records have pushed "the gorilla" by the jaguars over the record's actual a-side, "you'll turn away?

    inquiring minds want to know...

  10. It's possible. "Moulty" was released in 1965 though, and I'm not certain the origins of either song but I'll look into it.

  11. This is another great one thanks man! I was looking forward to hearing that ? & The Mysterians 7" but "Watusi 64" and "Whitcomb St" were the hit sides for me. I have that Whatt Four record and I still enjoy the B-side. The Knack is total genius as is the Bob Segar and the likes of the Rainy Daze and The Noon Express are not far behind.