Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obscure 60's Garage Vol. 2

O.K.!!!! Heres volume two of "Obscure 60s Garage". I kinda like this one because it's got some real familiar stuff like Link Wray, The Human Society's "Knock Knock", and The Masters Apprentices awesome "Wars, Or Hands Of Time", one of my ALL TIME FAVES!!!! I'd also like some help with the Graveyard V tune. I know of the "Marble Orchard" Graveyard V, but this sounds like a completely different band. Can anyone help??? Anyone??? Hope you enjoy this "mix".
01. Backdoor Society - I'm The Kind
02. Elite - I'll Come To You
03. Electras - Soul Searchin'
04. Tropics - Black Jacket Woman
05. High Spirits - I Believe
06. Painted Faces - I Think I'm Going Mad
07. Master's Aprentices - Wars, Or Hands Of Time
08. Lyn and The Invaders - Boy Is Gone
09. Renegades - She's Your Find
10. Hoi Polloi - Better Things
11. Human Society - Knock Knock
12. Heart Beats - Crying Inside
13. Wylde Heard - Stop It Girl
14. Link Wray - Hidden Charms
15. Cordials - Misery
16. Leather Boy - Soulin'
17. Nightcrawlers - You Say
18. Last Word - Sleepy Hollow
19. Villagers - You Can't Stay
20. Sheffields - Nothing I Can Do
21. Graveyard V - The Sure Way
22. Geers - I Need You
23. Atlantics - When I Look
24. Robb London and The Rogues - Bitter Tears
25. Missing Links - Bitter Tears
26. Impacts - Don't You Dare
27. Inner Light - Temptation
28. Five Canadians - Don't Tell Me
29. Missing Lynx - You Don't Love Me No More
30. Executioners - I Want The Rain
31. Damascans - Go 'Way Girl
32. Thursday's Children - Help, Murder, Police
33. English Setters - Tragedy
34. Tony And The Vizitors - Saturday's Son
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  1. Thanks for another killer comp. Mike

  2. i'm browsing all your proposal and vol. 1 is shouting in my pc!!!

    thank you again

  3. I refuse to believe that The Sure Way by the Graveyard V is from the 60s. It sounds more like power-pop from the end of the 70s. Killer anyway.

  4. 1 The Marble Orchard/Untitled(Graveyard Five Theme) (Stanco 102) Aug 1968
    2 The Sure Way/? (Dental Records ) 196?

    From Kelseyville/Cobb in Northern California. Pebbles, Vol. 16 (LP) features both sides of the first 45, which is ridiculousy rare. The second 45 and its full details remain even more elusive. Marble Orchard begins with a heartbeat, has a mystical quality and good acid guitar - with better production it could have been a real classic. The flip is a fine reverb-fuzz instrumental.

    (Vernon Joynson/Max Waller/Alec Palao)

    it seems nobody knows for sure... -- btw, what's the flip of the Dental single?

    thanx for excellent comps!! (i only recently stumbled upon 'em)

  5. The Graveyard 5 recorded the 45 "The Sure Way/Feeling That you Want" in 1984 on the Dental Record label. This is the information that is on the 45 record that I have. Hope this is helpful.

  6. what do you mean 1984???

  7. 1964 would also be strange anyhow.
    so the whole thing still stays unresolved?..

  8. i engineered the grave yard 5 record in 84 at victorian recording. i can fill you in on more info if you want. steve brudniak

  9. Download not: link does not work. Fix please. There are many other download sites:

    Thanks for the music!

  10. I was in the Graveyard 5 that released "The Sure Way". I wrote the song, and yes, we were heavily influenced by 60's bands, but the record was recorded with Steve Brudniak (see above post) at his house in Houston in August 1984. The date is clearly on the record sleeve, but if people that hear it think it was recorded in the 60's, then we did our job! BTW, I have many pristine copies left

  11. That is very cool! Steve Brudniak did comment a while back, but like the knucklehead that I am I never followed up. I first heard this song on a tape that was given to me by a guy from Indiana named Ron Simpson (Ron, if you're out there write.) He also wrote a small fanzine called "Hoosier Hysteria". Anyway, all of the songs on the tape were from the 60s but "The Sure Way" kind of stuck out as something that sounded "neo-garage". Excellent cut. Still have copies??? Got any for sale??? I'd like to buy one! Got any pictures, memorabilia, etc?? I'd like to check it out! I myself was in garage band back in the 80s here in Rochester, NY called The Projectiles. We were sort of the red headed stepchild of garage bands in this town and sort of played second (or third or fourth) fiddle to The Chesterfield Kings, Rochester's garage rock Gods. We had a couple of 45s as well as a few appearances on various compilations. It was quite a good time and I never regret any of it. I hope you're still active in the "music business 'cause I can't stop playing. Every time I quit a band I drive my wife crazy because I become so miserable! Anyway, It's a pleasure to hear from you. Write back anytime and thatnks for checking in.

    1. Dan, I sent you a copy of the Graveyard Five single as well as a copy of my new solo album. I wish you would contact me, as I want to hear your new stuff as well.

    2. John, thanks so much for the CD and the 45s especially. I was waiting to get a " proper" CD of our band made up, but never could fit in the budget so all I've got are CD-R's if that's OK. I kept the envelope you sent me with your return address on it, but I'm sure filed it away somewhere and I've forgotten where I put it! Give me your address and I'll send you a copy before the weekend is out. E-mail me @
      Thanks again, Dan

  12. Thanks for The English Setters song.I had this one and other records by them.I knew their manager and he would always supply me with a new record by them.If I remember correctly the flip of this one was "It Should'nt Happen To A Dog". Hope you come across some others. Great Site.Going to use some of the music on my radio show.