Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obscure 60's Garage Vol. 1

Back in the mid 80's I used to trade cassette tapes of 60's garage/punk/psyche with a guy from Indiana named Ron Simpson. We swapped about 15 tapes all together, and to this day, they are some of my favorite "comps". I called these tapes quite simply "Obscure 60s Garage". With time I noticed the tapes slowly deteriorating, and we all know (well, those of us old enough anyway) what a tape player can do to an old tape. They increasingly run the risk of bieng eaten by the machine. So with 21st century glee, I set out to digitize these gems om my PC, and my precious 15 volumes of garage band genius are now saved forever. Now it's time to share. I know that the sound quality of these tapes are way below average, compared to many of the newer CD comps out today, but I still think you'll enjoy these "mixes". Friends and members of The Projectiles will recognize lots of these tunes, as we incorporated many of these "nuggets" into our set lists.  ENJOY!!!
Love, Dan
Track List
01. Celtics - And She'll Cry
02. Thursday's Children - Try Girl
03. Vaqueros - Growing Pains
04. Spats - Bottom Of It All
05. Spats - The Upsetter
06. Shags - Don't Press Your Luck
07. Unknown - I've Got The Will
08. Los Chijuas - Changing The Colors Of Life
09. Unusuals - I'm Walkin' Babe
10. Flying Circus - I'm Going
11. Brym Stonz Ltd - You'll Be Mine
12. Scott Bedford 4 - You Turned Your Back On Me
13. Remaining Few - In A While
14. Sparklings - Your Turn To Cry
15. Ty Wagner - Slander
16. Tony & The Vizitors - Saturday's Son
17. Spires Of Oxford - But You're Gone
18. Cutaways - Hold Me
19. Dark Horsemen - You Lied
20. U.S. Stamps - Pull The Wool
21. Great Scotts - Ball & Chain
22. Impacts - Don't You Dare
23. Villagers - Cool It
24. Villagers - You Can't Stay
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  1. I just found you and snagged Vol 1 Lots of things I haven't heard before.Looking forward to getting the rest of this series. Nice job and thanks!

  2. Anyone know what happened to Ron, Dick or Bud Johnson of "The Spats" ?

  3. I heard Ron Simpson from my father. He was great. after then i like him. I also lessen few track about Garageband. Thanks for tracks.

  4. Hi track 7 is by the Fables featuring Don Perry