Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #2

 Cowsills - All I Really Wanta Be Is Me / And The Next Day Too
Can  you believe this??? The Cowsills. The model for the Partridge Family (one of my guilty pleasures I must admit!) before Mom and sis joined. A fantastic folk rocker with an invasion styled flip!

Sonics - The Hustler / Boss Hoss
Yeah I know the Sonics have been on every comp and reissue blah, blah, blah... But this is positively one of the best 45's they put out. The line..."I Got The Money Workin' After School" in "Boss Hoss" is one of the best ever!

Runaways - Love / What's Happening Baby
Not the infamous chick band, but real cheezy garage stuff from Connecticut (I think...). The flip is a doo woppy kind of thing...

Substantial Evidence - Death Angel / Hang Loose Mother Goose (You Got Soul)
A tale of two sides. The 'A' side is an extremely cool ode to an evil chick, while the 'B' is a decent white soul number. From Biloxi, MS

Split Ends - Rich With Nothin' / Endless Sea
Here's a real tough one to find. There's two versions of this. One with a wacky echo during the solo (I find this one every comp including Pebbles), and one without. This is the one without the echo. Kinda scarce in my opinion....

Catalinas - Someone To Love / Barbara
I remember when I was 6 or 7 (I'm not sure, probably six) my brother Vinny got this 45 from a department store or something, and we thought it was cool as hell because my father drove a Pontiac Catalina. (A 1960 in coral pink!!!) I thought these guys were the same "Catalinas" from Rochester, NY, but a very reliable source (my good pal Chuck) told me they're not! So I don't know where the hell these guys are from. A great garage two sider with an awesome maraca player!!!

Roaches - Someone With A Heart / Night Life
You gotta respect a band with enough guts to call themselves "The Roaches". REAL lo-fi cheesy garage on the 'A' side with a cool instro flip. From Virginia.

Satisfied Minds - I Can't Take It / Think About Me
Great fuzz drenched 45 from the West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky area. Read more about them on the fabulous Garage Hangover site

Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobile
A near perfect punk tune from the East L.A. legends. You have to feel for this guy, because it sounds like his car was more important than his crummy girlfriend.

Nickel Bag - Come On Back / The Woods
This one's from Chicago. Both sides are great organ driven punkers.

Cliches - Why, Why, Why / Save It For Me
Terrific lo-fi garage from somewhere in Ohio.

Sparkles - Daddy Gonna Put The Hurt On You / Something That You Said
Before The Sparkles released the awesome "No Friend Of Mine" and "Hipsville 29 B.C.", they had several 45's that were clearly not as aggressive. That being said, this one is still very cool. "Daddy" is a nice funky soul inspired number, while the flip is a great folky rocker.

Corporate Image - Not Fade Away / I'm Not The Same
Very interesting take on the Buddy Holly classic. They dispense with the Stones style Bo Diddley thing, and turn this into a real mover. The flip is great pop/psyche.

Rainy Daze - Make Me Laugh / My Door Is Always Open
The best offering (IMHO) from this Denver, Co outfit. Fantastic psych/pop on both sides. We used to cover this in my days as a member of The Riviera Playboys.

Denims - Adler Sock
I'm not sure what an "Adler Sock" is (I know at one time I actually did a Google search on this) but I guess they were real popular in the 60s. A two sided promo for socks. This band was originally thought to be from Ohio, then reports came in that they were from Elmira, NY, but according to "Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers" they were from Manhattan.



  1. Hello Dan! First of all, thanks for an amazing blog, it have opened my ears for something i didn't know existed. I was wondering about the Rainy Daze song, "Make Me Laugh", you mentioned that you used to cover it, do you still have the chords or lyrics? I would love to learn it, since it's such an amazing song.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Dan, how did you get the Roaches record?? We only made 1,000. Some trivia for you - Leon from that group started a business in D.C. - Harbinger Inc. who did the album cover art for the Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway platinum selling duet album in the early 70's. Less stellar, Tony went on with the Hangmen and Perry to the Fallen Angels - both relatively successful local DC groups. Tony also sang for Graffiti who were popular in NYC for a few months. Thanks for including it. CB

  3. Danny,
    thanks for the positive feedback! As far as "Make Me Laugh" goes I know it's in the key of A and it does this drone thing with the E and A strings on the intro. The lyrics, well, that's no problem!

    Make Me Laugh

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

    Who cares if the joke's on me
    or who has the last laugh.
    Let us sit and share a smile
    the time to frown has passed.

    Happy faces soon replaces ugly minds.
    I'm in love with every smiling face I find,
    They make me laugh

    Ha ha ha...

    Funny looking people stop,
    smile and say hello.
    I pick up on good vibrations,
    everywhere I go, yes I do.

    Smell the flowers spend one hour in the sun.
    Please feel free to blow my mind, just for fun, and make me laugh...

    Pretty cool huh?

  4. CB, you were in the Roaches??? Woah, that is totally cool! I found the record in a Goldmine auction back in '86. I was bidding on random things and came across "The Roaches" and it said "garage sound" so I bid a few bucks on it and won it! It's definitely one of the standout pieces of my collection and am very proud to have a copy. Thanks for the valuable info too, I love both the The Hangmen and The Fallen Angels. They are great groups. If you'd like to send me more cool stuff on The Roaches etc. e-mail me at Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to hear from you again soon!

  5. Thanks for transcribing the lyrics Dan! And yes, the lyrics are amazing! I love the last lines, a typical 60's prosa, haha.

  6. Thanks for all the great 60s garage rock. I noticed that In Dan's Garage #2 and others in this series are not being found on RapidShare.
    Love your BLOG!!!!!!!!!

  7. Some really boss stuff here, Dan. Can never get enough of the Sonics and it was interesting to here those sides by tHe Sparkles and the Cowsills. Also, The Nickel Bag, The Romancers, The Catalinas, The Split Ends, The Denims, The Roaches, The Cliches, Substantial Evidence, The Satisfied Minds and "Make Me Laugh" all hit the spot around here - cheers!