Monday, September 14, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #1

 Has anyone ever heard that song "In Jim's Garage" by Brute Force??? It's a really ridiculous pop song, but it's so freakin' funny that you can't stop listening to it. So I welcome all of you to "Dan's Garage", which is what I named this blog post after. That's because I really couldn't think of anything better, since all the great names like "Pebbles", "Nuggets", "Boulders", and "Teenage Shutdown" have already been taken. I decided to take a different approach to this by reviewing all the 45's featured here individually with the added pics. I'm keeping these to 28 songs per post, that way you not only get your fill of great 60's, but you can also easily fit them on a CD-R. I haven't made any covers of these, but I figure with the art provided and the track lists, you can all make your own "custom" labels and covers. I will be brief with the descriptions because a. I don't want to take up too much space, and b. I don't claim to know everything. I have what I consider a modest collection of 60's garage, punk, pych, beat, invasion 45s. I don't consider myself a "hardcore collector", but it is one of my passions. So, without further adieu heeeerrrre's DAN'S GARAGE!

The Vagrants - I Can't Make A Friend/Young Blues (Vanguard)
The second Vagrants 45. This is one of the great moody masterpieces of all time. Not quite as good as
"Those Eyes" but a real killer in my opinion. They had a lot of stuff on Atco which is really great too, but this one is truly a classic. Th flip "Young Blues" is also great and kind of overlooked.

Blue Banana - My Love/Spicks And Specks (Kanwic)
Dig it!!! This one's in STEREO! WOO HOO! These guys must've been pretty popular around Kansas being able to afford a stereo pressing. But with a name like "The Blue Banana" who the hell knows. Both sides are great with cool fuzz guitar, and swirling Hammond organ. The flip is a cover of The Bee Gee's classic.

Fish 'N' Chips - Four Times Faster/This Whole Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand (Joy)
Superb 60's pop from the same label that brought us "Hey Little Bird" by The Barbarians. I'm not sure where these guys are from, but New York or Massachusetts would be a good guess...I think....

Worlocks - I Love You/Stay By Her Side(Big Rock)
Whoa. A super rare punker that I originally thought was from Pennsylvania, but is actually from Port Byron, NY, a mere 60 miles east of Rochester! Listed #18 on the G45 Legends list of the 100 rarest garage 45's. I was a very lucky guy to find this, and a bunch of other cool stuff, in a humongous bin of 10 cent 45's at a record show back in '87.  I know this 45 is hammered, and the surface noise takes over towards the end of "I Love You", but I had to include it. It's just too good. You can read more about them on the utterly fantastic website

Household Sponge - Scars/Second Best (Murbo)
What a great band name! Why can't I think of this stuff? Another fantastic moody punker from N.Y.C. Can't tell you anymore because the rest is a mystery...

Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More/True Love (Moonglow)
An all time classic....but you knew that already.

Royale Coachmen - Killer Of Men/Standing Over There (Jowar)
Yikes! You think the guy singing this is a little pissed off? His girlfriend either must've been a real a-hole, or this guy was just having a real bad day when he wrote this. Gnarly vocals and super cheesy organ highlight this most excellent of  moody garage punkers. The flip on the the other hand is the total opposite, with hokey fake British accents. I guess he must have found a new girlfriend.

Terry Black - Unless You Care/Can't We Go Somewhere? (Tollie)
Yeah, I know this isn't "pure garage" or psych, but it's a perfect slice of British invasion styled pop, and I really like it. Terry Black was a huge Canadian star back in the 60's, and had several albums and singles, some of which are really good. "Everyone Can Tell", is another one in this style, and I'll be posting it in the future.

Wailers - I Don't Want To Follow You/I'm Determined (Viva)
One of their best. The Wailers put out a bunch of 45's from '59 to '68. This one gets a little overlooked as it was the only thing they put out on the Viva label. Great pounding rhythm in true Northwest style. Check out the squeaky bass drum pedal!

Randy & The Radiants - Peek A Boo/Mountains High (Sun)
One of the last 45's on the "original" Sun Records label. This was the first of two on this label from this Memphis group. The other, "My Way Of Thinking", can be heard on the Boulders series.

Just Luv - Valley Of Hate/Good Good Lovin' (M-S)
Here's another moody classic (do you sense a theme here????), or as the label states...."Rock Underground". Real spacey sound with an incredible fuzz solo. The flip on the other hand is a frat/rock rendition of James Brown's "Good Good Lovin'". Apparently, these guys were from Detroit.

Scoundrelz - Heartbreak Hotel/Poor John (Red Leaf)
Terrific version of the Elvis classic, done in real 60's garage style. "Poor John" is a great moody (yeah, yeah, I know...) folk punker. These guys were from Canada, but that's all the info I really have.

Todds - I Want Her Back/Things Will Change (Toddlin' Town)
Great organ punk from Chicago, which sounds an awful lot like The Association's horrible "Along Comes Mary". Nice rip off though, because it rips "Mary" to shreds. The flip is a decent garage ballad.

Uncle Sam & The War Machine - Spy Girl/Hold On (Blue Onion)
You'd think with a name like that this Amherst, MA band would sing all sorts of anti war protest tunes and such. Spy Girl is a great uptempo pop punker, where he sings about her leather clothes, and how she's "sleek and sly", and how he's gonna "pounce her". How they ended up on a local Cleveland, OH label is anyone's guess. Hold On is another great moody folk/punk ballad.
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  1. Hi Dan, Greeting from Greece,
    Great Blog.
    Gongrats and keep up the fine work.
    Thank you very much for the nuggets you're posting. Just looking at the JPGs of the 45s, is awsome.


  2. Your blog is entirely 100 per cent groovy! Truly amazing. Just came across this series, and I'm relinquishing leading a life in order to download all the volumes. I'd never heard (of) the Worlocks before. Stellar stuff. Thanks!

  3. Hey Dan,
    The Worlocks are from Port Byron NY. I know this because that is my father and uncles band. Do you know how I can get a copy of that LP?

  4. Port Byron, NY??? Holy Moly! That's just down the road from me! Thanks for checking in. That record has been one of my all time favorites for a long time, and I'm truly grateful for the info and corrections. If possible, tell your dad and uncle that I'm a huge fan. Thank you again!!!

  5. I LOVE "Poor John" !
    Wasn't easy but I finally found some informations about The Scoundrelz:

    From Ottawa, Canada. A band that released one single, was destined for greater things, but broke up before they happened. This record reached #1 on the local Ottawa charts in late October 1966. The group recorded a second single, was going to be signed to Capitol records, but their keyboardist Buddy Stanton left to joi...n another local band-the Townsmen, and that was the end of the Scoundrelz...BUT, their second single DID come out-released under the band name "Nobody"-also on the Red Leaf label "To A Lovely Lady" b/w a cover of the Warren Zevon penned "Follow Me".

  6. hello Dan,

    just to thank you for putting these comps together. I've downloaded the first 13 today (megaupload is great!) and plan to do the rest I expect.

    Whilst I have many of the tracks from other comps, I really enjoy your selections + the artwork (ie labels) that you've put up with the posts - just fabulous. I like to put the label art onto my itunes with the track where possible and yours is a wonderful source.

    many thanks and kind regards,

    jeff in sydney

  7. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I was only looking for one hard to find track (Fish 'N' Chips' "This Whole Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand") and found it here. I will now keep your blog in my 'favs'.


  8. The disc that I saved #1-#37 blitzed.
    I have to do those over again.
    However, the disc with the cassette comps is OK.
    Sometimes I hate computers.

  9. Wow this is really great!! Thanks for the re-up! I really love The Worlocks and The Wailers tracks + THe Valley of Hate song. Spy Girl sounds like a rip of another records but I can place it myself.

    Cheers, Nathan

  10. Thanks for the re-up, great stuff, all 100+ volumes!