Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In Dan's Garage...#116

   Hello friends and music lovers!!!! It's nice to see you all again as I've trudged through another month basically neglecting this blog. It's not that I haven't tried, I just get so caught up in my spare time these days that I can't fit it into  my schedule. Perhaps if the weather here in Upstate NY was WORSE, I'd have more idle time to spin records and work on this thing.
   I'm really annoyed with Windows Live Writer right now. It seems that it will not log onto Blogger at all so whatever I compose in that program, will not upload because it somehow doesn't communicate with Google or something. If anyone out there has some insight in on this I'd appreciate a tip or two. For now I'm doing it "old school" with the on line blogger app. It isn't pretty, but it's damned reliable.
   So we had another Super Bowl last night, and as far as games go, it was rather lackluster, but I'm glad the Broncos won given the fact that it's probably Peyton Manning's last game and I'm not particularly fond of The Carolina Panthers. I did eat good food and drank good drink so all was right with the world. Now let's get through NCAA basketball and March Madness so we can get to the beginning of the MLB season.
   Someone had commented that a bunch of links were dead so I've done my best to re-up lost links to posts. I want everyone to be happy happy.
  As usual, I've served up a veritable smörgåsbord of hip sounds on this one. It certainly waners all over the place, but in my usual style, I lay things out chronologically. Well..mostly. I hope all is well with you, and please enjoy my latest offering.

Legends - Say Mama / My Love For You (1962)
A legendary band from Milwaukee that had several great 45's on the Ermine label. This one here is a re-issue (which I try to avoid), but it's a great garage/rockabilly platter that deserves merit here. A great way to kick off this edition!!!!! 

Shoremen - Dance USA! / I Expect Too Much (1965)
The Shoremen were from the Baltimore / D.C. area and released about 4 or 5 45's this being the second. Both sides are clearly garage with a touch of beach Boys influence, but definitely in the lo-fi garage camp. "She's Bad" is their finest effort. Look it up......

Next Five - Little Black Egg / He Stole My Love (1966)
Another Wisconsin band that recorded on a Chicago label. These guys are best known for giving us "Talk To Me Girl" which was featured on Pebbles Vol. 10, one of the best comps ever. This 45 is just as good!

Togas - Baby, I'm In The Mood For You / Hurry To Me (1965)
Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers describe this 45 as "inferior beat-folk pop". I think they are full of shit.

Kings Ransom - Shadows Of Dawn / Street Car (1967)
A great group out of Allentown, PA. They also released the killer "Same". This one here is a little more subdued, but still excellent.

Jynx Pack - She's In Love / I Can't Make Up My Mind (1966)
A band that was thought to be from the U.S. but apparently is from the U.K. Great sounds nonetheless!!!!!!

Brute Force - In Jim's Garage / Cudd'ly (1966)
Well...what the hell can I say about this one???? The name of this blog is predicated on the title of this "song" and it certainly is one of my favorites. I guess it's pop, and it's certainly a "novelty" record of sorts, but it definitely has it's own messed up thing going. Stephen Friedland was a member of The Tokens. He also wrote stuff for Little Peggy March, He also wrote stuff for The Chiffons, The Cyrkle, Del Shannon, et. al. Some of you long time friends and followers know that THIS is the title that this humble blog is predicated on. Of course this 45 is somewhat out of place here because it's neither garage nor psychedelic, it is a freakish example of pop gone nutso, if you will. Brute Force's most notorious release (or non-release) was "The King Of Fuh" which was to be put out by Apple Records, but apparently they chickened out.

Five Sounds - Loadin' Coal / Baby Please Don't Cry (1966)
A group that I don't know a whole lot about, but I know they had one other 45 that was real good on Epic, and they may have been from Nova Scotia in Canada!

Clique - She Ain't No Good ' Time, Time, Time (1965)
ButA very obscure, but great freak beat group out of the UK. This was their only stateside release, but this was released in the UK as well as their fantastic "We Didn't Love  Now We Do Do".

Sunshine Company - Willie Jean (1968)
One of the best releases from this prolific sunshine pop band.

Jorge - Everybody Want's To Be Loved / Tic Tac Toe (1968)
Kooky bubblegum 45 from what is most likely a studio concoction.

Billy Lee Riley - Midnight Hour / Southern Soul (1968)
Billy Lee Riley was most famous as a star on Sun Records releasing such greats as "Red Hot" and "Flying Saucers Rock & Roll". In the mid/late 60's he obviously adapted his style to a more R&B styled rock & roll and incorporated a somewhat "Johnny Rivers" style live thing. Some people hate this stuff because they try to compare it to his Sun output, but I thing it's pretty good. Enjoy.

Plain Jane - Who's Driving This Train (1969)
A largely unknown hippie type band that is probably from California or the west coast. Nice psych sounds here, but the flip is a real drag so didn't include it.

Arrangement - We've Got A World To Build (1970)
I have little info on this, but I'm thinking it's a well crafted east coast (NYC to be exact) studio project

Louie & The Lovers - I Know You Know / Driver Go Slow (1970)
Incredibly cool easy going Rock & Roll by a group from Salinas, CA where Doug Sahm most likely discovered these guys. Tex-Mex flavor abounds on this terrific two sider which kind of defies description. I mean, it's definitely Rock & Roll, but it isn't psychedelic or garage or country or really Tex-Mex for that matter. Just good music. 

Tongue & Groove - Come On In My Kitchen / Mailman's Sack (1969)
A bay area band that included ex- Charlatan Michael Ferguson. Good psych/rock that is quite typical of what was going on around San Fransisco in those days.


  1. Thanks Dan another great collect!

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  3. I'm running out of superlatives for these fine comps, so many, many thanks to you!

  4. Dan another awesome comp of the best time of music ever the 60's. Can you please help me. i have all these great comps except these and would love to have them so much. links are down. could you please re-up them.
    Number 37
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    Thank you so much for this blog ,i must admit i wait for your posts

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    1. Rik, thanks for the kudos I appreciate the positive feedback. I'll try to get as many of the dead links up and running ASAP. As for vol. 21, you're not going to find that post because for some reason it keeps getting booted off and deleted by blogger. It can still be had though if you look hard enough. "I hope you find it"

  5. Thanks Dan i'll do a search and see what comes up for 21

  6. Another fine collection Dan. Many thanks!

  7. here's my faves: Legends - Say Mama; Next Five - Little Black Egg; Kings Ransom - Street Car; Brute Force - In Jim's Garage; Billy Lee Riley - Midnite Hour

    thx a lot mate!

  8. Question for Volume 82....Is there a JPG for the back and front, i just noticed it is (mic)...Thanks, Skip

    1. Ahhh yes! I mistakenly uploaded the Microsoft Image Composer file instead of the jpeg. Will fix ASAP.

    2. The file's been corrected and re-upped. Enjoy!