Sunday, November 30, 2014

In Dan’s Garage…#104

104 front
Greetings friends to another edition of “Dan’s Garage”! I’ve been working on this one slowly while I took a week of for vacation and got myself quite busy with Thanksgiving holiday preparations. We usually do two of these affairs, one for my side, and another for my wife’s side. She has an especially large clan that mostly lives out of town so we do it the Saturday after the official Thanksgiving. Good fun and lots of food and drink band it really tires us out but it’s well worth it.
I’ve got the usual offerings today with a few novelty items thrown in for entertainment value. I know you all will enjoy it. I hope to get at least one more out before the end of the year so in the meantime enjoy this. Happy Holidays!
Butlers – Shop Around / It’s A Fine Time (1967)butlers
Let’s kick things off with a nice garage rendition of this Motown classic that has some buzzy fuzz guitars thrown in. This was a “Chartbuster” production so my guess is that tis group was from somewhere around the Washington D.C. area.
Applejacks - You're The One For Me / I'm Gonna Send My Love (With Three Little Words) (1964)
The Applejacks from Birmingham, were somewhat unique in that they had a female bassist Meagan Davies, who was rather good by the way, unfortunately The Applejacks never quite caught on big although they did release several fine 45s including this one their third.
Cartees – 4 Quarters On The Football Field / Don’t Say Goodbye (1966)cartees
Here’s one to get you going for those Saturday and Sunday football games. “4 Quarters” is basically a loose reworking of Dave Dudley’s “Six Days On The Road” done Beach Boys style with some rather, shall we say crude, cut and paste production techniques courtesy of Scotty Moore, Elvis’ legendary guitarist.
Pigmees – O Rang A Tang / The Whole World Knows When I’m In Love (1965)
I couldn’t get any info about this nutty 45. This sounds like it would fit in well on one of those “Big Itch” comps (for all I know it may have already). Maybe  a studio group from NYC??????
I Giganti – La Bomba Atomica (1966)
i giganti
Another novelty of sorts, this time from an Italian group that released a slew of 45s from the mid-sixties into the 70s.
Creations – It’s Up To You / T’aint That The Truth (1966)
Don’t know much about this group, but I’d presume they were from somewhere close to Union, KY. Bothe sides are kinda lightweight garage.
Drafi – I Wanna Take You Home (1967)
More from this German hit maker.
Harpers Bizarre – Lost My Love Today (1967)
This song appeared four times on two different labels. The first was on Autumn credited to The Tikis, the next two were on Warner Bros. credited to the Tikis as well, this one was one of the flips to “The 59th Street Bridge Song” (also released twice) by Harpers Bizarre. A complete 180 from the light pop that Harpers Bizarre became known for.
Druids – Puffin / Old Willow (1966)drueeds
A bunch of nice clean cut fellows from Scranton, PA that had a decent folk rock sound. This was the second of two 45s.
Soothsayers – Please Don’t Be Mad / I Don’t Know (1966)
Great folk-rock from a Colorado group that would release one more garagier 45 that’s pretty tough to find these days.
Industrial Image – Put My Mind At Ease / Living In The Middle Ages (1966)industrial image
A group from Glen Rose, TX that had this sole release on Epic and both sides are excellent folk-rock with some superb harmonies. You can get some more in-depth info HERE.
Shanes – Chris Craft No. 9 / Time (1966)
A Swedish group who’s only release stateside was this re-working of Herman’s Hermits’ “Must To Avoid”. The flip is a cover of The Pozo-Seco Singers’ hit “Time”.
Hoppi & The Beau Heems – When I Get Home / So Hard (1967)
I love this 45! I would always tell people that this was an early Doors demo and they'd fall for it. This guy (and the band) do a really good job mimicking their sound, complete with a cheezy keyboard solo!
Baroques – Iowa, A Girls Name / Mary Jane (1967)baroques
Real trippy stuff here from a popular Wisconsin group. They had two 45s and and album released on Chess Records. How they ended up on America’s pre-eminent blues label is anybody's guess.
Hunger! - Mind Machine / She Let Him Continue (1969)
Great psych-rock from a band that relocated from Portland, OR to LA. Their LP is somewhat of a collectors item, but these tracks are two of their best.
Skunk Foot – Mexico City / Eternity Is Truth (1971)
A band from Mattydale near Syracuse. Although this ones from 1971, it’s got an earlier 60s feel to it. Not bad.


  1. Thanks for another interesting post. Made me go check out my old Pozo-Seco Singers album.

  2. Thanks Dan from a "Down Under Kiwi" for another great year of posts.

  3. As always Dan, thanks for going through the trouble of making these fine comps.
    Enjoy the holidays.

  4. A lot of Gems on this set Dan Many Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the early Christmas gift. That Industrial Image single 'Living In The Middle Ages' is truly wonderous. Cheers Dan and all the best for Christmas & the New Year.

  6. ...another great selection with many unheard tunes, thanks a bunch!. here's a nice pic of the Applejacks:

  7. Thank you for all your great compilations - keep on with your digging and bringing all those goodies back to the surface again.
    Merry Christmas to you - and a happy new year

  8. Happy holidays! Tell Santa I said thanks. Peace and blessings for 2015. Keep the vinyl spinning

  9. The Pigmees looks like a one-shot studio project. Peter Steinberg (The Big Stein)
    produced groups like T.C. Atlantic so the "group" is probably from Minneapolis.
    Who knows, it might even be T.C. Atlantic.