Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Dan’s Garage…#84

84 front
Hello again everybody. As winter here in the northern hemisphere winds down, we look forward to springtime and the warmer weather that comes with it, but I can’t really say that this winter was horrible, although it did have it’s moments. Last week it was that kind of cold that cuts right through you and I have had about enough thank you, and guess what?? It’s still snowing! But be patient my friends, spring is right around the corner and all will be well and right again and I can go ahead and wear sandals outdoors (no socks please). Enough blabber, lets get on with it. This is a rather eclectic batch with a myriad of styles represented including one that may date from as late as 1985, so as the late great Jackie Gleason would say...”and awaaaay we go!”.
Carroll Bros. – Bo Diddley / Slippin’ And Slidin’ (1962)carroll bros
These songs were taken from their “College Twist Party” LP from 1962 which featured a whole bunch of frat rock goodies (except “Louie Louie”). From Philadelphia, PA.
Avengers – The Kiss I Never Had / Your Picture (1964)aevengeers
Another group from Philly that had one other 45. A side is a mid-tempo guy/girl thing, and the B side is typical teen rock & roll with a garage backing.
Outsiders – What Makes You So Bad You Weren’t Brought Up That Way (1966)outsiders4
Wow. That’s a mouthful. You figure these guys would shorten the title of this song to save some ink, but I think it might have been a gag to piss off Capitol Records execs for making them put the schmaltzy “Girl In Love” on the A side. This on the other hand is a cool, tough sounding rocker with a thumping bass line and some kooky lyrics like, “don’t talk to me like that, I’ll hit you in the head”. You can’t get away with stuff like that nowadays…..
Five Americans – Don’t Blame Me / Evol, Not Love (1966)5iveamericans
I had to feature the B side of this record first because it’s so much better than “Evol, Not Love”. A great sinister sounding punker with neat stabs of guitar and a scary, sputtering Farfisa organ. Way cool.
No-Mads – Liverpool Lover / Breaking Free (196?)no-mads
Supposedly from Braintree, MA but I really can’t confirm that. Frantic garage/punk with organ and piano.
Michael & The Medallions – I Wanna Talk To You / Better Forget Her (1966)micaelmaedalllions
An obscure group that had this same 45 released on the Apollo label as “Al” Michael & The Medallions. I’m not sure where these guys are from. They may be from Louisiana, because Apollo was a label based there, or from somewhere down south near Nashville` where Bragg records was located. In any case, this 45 is an extremely cool two sider with some excellent jangly 12 string guitar throughout.
Cops ‘N Robbers – There’s Got To Be A Reason / St. James Infirmary (1966)copsnrobbbers
I love this 45! Classic mid 60s British R&B, slow and menacing. I remember in the early days when I would raid Fat Chuck’s stockpile of 45s, I was there with a couple of friends and we came upon a box that had about a DOZEN of these 45s! I picked only one because at that time my dollars had to be budgeted out for “better” records, but I wish I could turn back the hands of time because I would have grabbed a fist-full of these. Everyone I know has a copy of this courtesy of Chuck. Ahhhhhh….those good old days of record finds!
J.J. Cale – Outside Lookin’ In / In Our Time (1966)jjcale
OK. Most of you know J.J. Cale as the guy who wrote “Cocaine” and is revered amongst lovers of “Americana”. Back in the mid sixties though, he was a struggling songwriter/performer from Oklahoma who travelled west and laid down a few tracks including this one from ‘66. Not exactly garage or psyche, but a very good song nonetheless.
Last Word – Mo’reen / Runnin’ And Hidin’ (1968)last word
A NYC area group (I think) that had a few 45s and an LP most pretty good. A decent Paul Revere & The Raiders cover is on the A side here, and the flip is a fuzzy hard psyche number.
Beeds – Run To Her / You Don’t Have To (1968)beeds
Not exactly a typical Kasenetz-Katz Bubblegum affair in my opinion. The A side is a finely crafted pop/psyche tune that’s actually head and shoulders above the rest of K&K’s “bubblegummy” output.
Equals – My Life Ain’t Easy / You Got Too Many Boyfriends (1967)eqkwalls
A really nice freakbeat number with a groove that won’t quit from the same guys who had a big hit with “Baby Come Back”.
Jerms – Not At All / Who’s (1968)jerms
A Topeka, Kansas group that covered many bases from the raw garage of “Since You Went Away” (available on the “Monsters Of The Midwest series if you can find a copy) to the mod soul of “Nobody”. This one from 1968 falls somewhere in between the two styles.
Tommy & The True Blue Facts – I’m Back / Who’s Got The Right (1968)tommy&trueblufacts
Tommy Faia was a singer guitarist from LA who released this interesting “anti drug” song in ‘68, and although it’s predominantly “acoustic”, it does have a nice hard driving sound to it so I think it merits inclusion here. You can read more about Tommy HERE.
Z.Z. Top – Salt Lick / Miller’s Farm (1969)
zz top
Whoa!!!! What the hell is ZZ Top doing in this blog?????? To be perfectly honest, I like ZZ Top, especially their early material before they descended into bearded MTV buffoonery, and you gotta admit they have remained consistent delivering their formula of blues and boogie over 40+ years, but this 45 was recorded before Dusty Hill and Frank Beard joined when it was Billy Gibbons, Lanier Grieg on keyboards, and Dan Mitchell on drums. According to Grieg, he played bass parts on a B-3 organ and Gibbons overdubbed electric bass over it. The results are quite extraordinary as you hear the genesis of their boogie vibe, but the eerie organ gives it a spacey, almost psychedelic feel to it. It was initially released on the local Scat label out of Houston, and later they managed to cut a deal with London after Hill and Beard joined, so I’d assume that this was all they had for recordings at the time they signed their contract. They came out with the “1st Album” a short time later and the rest is history.
Wethead Band – Clean Water (1985)wetheadband
I threw this one on here because I always thought it was a late sixties or at least early seventies effort, given the sound of it and the cheesy looking label and all. Apparently they were from the Hudson Valley area of NY and released it in 1985. Go figure………


  1. Another great post - a nice mix of the familiar (to me) and some new soon-to-be faves. Thanks.

  2. Thanks again Dan!

  3. Hi Dan
    Thanks for sharing the No-Mads 45, especially the flip side "Breaking Free" which I have never heard.

  4. Cheers Dan! Much appreciated.

  5. I want to be the first: great picks, Dan, and as always, a good share of unheard beauties, thx

    enjoy your day (must be pretty similar the weather here in Milano, some days are still pretty cold, even snowing, but spring is right around the corner... )

  6. Thanks for another great comp Dan. I'm getting a USB flashdrive just for your comps :-)

  7. As usual, a great mix of tunes with some good suprises thrown in. I never heard that early ZZ Top before. As always, thanks!
    If it makes you feel any better, it was nearly freezing last night here in west-central Florida with more tonight. hotrodmike

  8. Last Word (Mo'reen) came from Miami, FL

  9. Another great collection!
    Thank You!

  10. hi dan
    some mix
    I'm back is classic stuff (and good read at the garagehangover site about it)
    also the last 8 bars of the nonlp last words side are ccol rave-up

    cheers p

  11. Those Tommy Faia songs are really really good. Thanks for sharing!

    JiM (Belgium)

  12. Hello Dan, Thanks for another great bunch of songs and a few I haven't heard before--always exciting to hear something new.

  13. cool shits, enjoying them all

  14. Thanks for another batch of goodies. Cops N Robbers= 'effing awesome

  15. Hey Dan- just discovered your site. Many thanks for your efforts here!!

  16. Hey Dan! Thanks for #84. I think I've downloaded everything you have here now, so a big (Mr Big) THANK YOU for keeping all of this wonderful music available. I hope I get to meet you someday. Maybe we'll do a Rochester Talas reunion show!
    Thanks again for all you do--
    Your Friend,
    Billy Sheehan

    1. Billy,
      Thanks so much for visiting and the kind comments. I remember seeing Talas a couple of times when they were regular visitors at The Penny Arcade, one of the FIRST clubs I ever went to when I turned 18 because that was THEE place to rock back in those days. If Talas does have a reunion I will definitely be there and we can chat. I'd love to pick your brain about band gear, your life as a musician, etc. If you're ever passing through Rochester look up my band "The Imaginary Band" and you can sit in with us. We're just a typical commercial classic rock band, but were pretty savvy and can pull pretty much anything out of our backsides. We play the Beale on Empire Blvd. every last Saturday of the month. OK, I had to get that one out, but seriously, It would be great to meet you. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm a big fan of Rock & Roll in general, but the stuff from the mid 60s to the early 70s are my passion, a time when the music was more "innocent" and heartfelt. Keep rockin', feel free to stay in contact with me, and stay tuned fro #85 which is in the works right now.
      Your freind as well,
      Dan Frank

  17. I really liked your article Beautifull photos and great blog!

  18. Reading your reply to the last comment I just saw that you are located in Rochester. What a pitty to discover that too late. I was driving through Rochester last year when I did my yearly US trip. This year I will be west and south of the rockies. Mayby at one of my next journeys I will be in your area again. If so I will have with me some recordings of my Garage Band made in 69 while performing on stage at an US GI Club in Germany. Maybe you are interested how and what a German Garage Band was playing those days.
    Greetings from Germany.

  19. Dan, the No-Mads were indeed from Braintree, Ma and the 45 is from 1967. I know the band.

    1. You know these guys??? Please!! Tell us more!!!