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In Dan’s Garage…#78

Greetings friends and music lovers! Sorry for yet another delay in posts, but weekends here have been quite busy, Fall weddings and an unscheduled “wine tour” took up much of my time these past few weeks. Wine tour you ask????? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but here in upstate New York we have these lakes called the “Finger Lakes”. They’re called that because, well..they look like fingers. Duh. Here’s a map.
From the inset you can really see how far away we are from NYC. The sheer beauty of autumn leaves in this part of the state is unrivaled, and the best part is that it’s harvest season for grapes this time of the year, and so my lovely wife and I usually go to Seneca Lake to sample wine, but this year decided to try Cayuga Lake instead, and boy are we glad we did! The road is much closer to the lake shore and the wineries are somewhat smaller, which makes for a more intimate experience. We decided to go on a Friday this year as Saturdays are filled with tour buses and stretch limos full of yuppies acting like they are wine connoisseurs or something, when all they really want to do is get drunk and act sophisticated. I hate fighting for a space at the tasting bar with these types. We like to make our way down casually and bring some sandwiches or some cheese and crackers and some non-alcoholic beverages to offset any tipsyness that might occur. As for the wine, Rieslings are  the best around here and I recommend any of them from this area. Chardonnay’s are OK, but they’re hit and miss. Dry reds are definitely not my favorite around here. Stick to Californian, Australian, Italian, French, etc. if you like those. Sweet wines here in NY are decent too, but I much prefer something “chewy” for reds and something tart and fruity for whites. Listen to me I sound like a wine pinhead!
OK, enough of this chatter, let’s get to the latest edition of this blog. More obscurities from my collection which keeps growing month by month. Enjoy, and we’ll talk again very soon!
Napoleonic Wars – I Can’t Explain It / The Singer, Not The Song (1967)napoleonic wars
A group from Greensburg, PA that sort of mimicked Paul Revere And The Raiders only they wore “Napoleon” outfits (I guess). Here they tackle the Who’s “I Can’t Explain” and the Stones’ “Singer, Not The Song”. Nice versions indeed, but a bit on the soft side IMHO.
Downliner’s Sect – Sect Appeal / Little Egypt (1964)downliners sect
I generally do not do reissues but I had this one in the pile and had to include it because it’s so good. The Sect were perhaps one of the rawest beat groups to come out of Britain in the early 60’s and unfortunately are very overshadowed by the Stones, Yardbirds, Pretty Things, Etc. Great stuff.
Beau Brummels – One Too Many Mornings (1966)bbbeaubrummmmels
The first 45 they released on Warner Bros. and one of their best. Her’s their take take on a Dylan classic, and naturally they do an excellent job. I can’t say enough about how great these guys were, and although their later output isn’t exactly my cup of tea (Triangle & Bradley’s Barn) they are nonetheless, one of Americas best bands from the1960s. Are these guys in that hokey “Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame” yet????? If not then something is terribly wrong.
Cascades – She’ll Love Again / You Won’t Have To Stay (1965)cascades
Wow. I had a hard time believing this was the same group that had a huge hit wit “Rhythm Of The Rain” in ‘62, but yup, it’s the same group. Three years later they released this obscure, yet genius folk rock 45 on Liberty, but after a couple of spins, you get it. The vocal group thing is still intact, but they decided to back it up with some extremely cool 12 string guitar pyrotechnics. GENIUS.
Mae West w/ Somebody’s Chyldren – Treat Him Right / Day Tripper (1966)maewestI
Oh man o Manischewitz, is this one a hoot! Mae West was a 70 something by the time the “Swingin’ Sixties” came around, and of course she had to put het two cents in by recording an LP of covers with one of LA’s better garage bands backing them. Unlike “Mrs. Miller’s” hilarious efforts, Mae performs rather nicely and the results are…well…I guess you’ll have to decide.  “Treat Him Right” is fairly routine, and actually tailor made for Mae, but “Day Tripper” hums along rather blandly until the band launches into this fuzzy freaked out rave up in the middle of the song. Incredible. I actually have another one of these 45s. I’ll get to it in a later post while you have time to absorb this one……
Murray Kellum & The Cane Breakers– The Ghost Song / The Friendly Loan Company (1966)murraykellum
Murray Kellum wrote and sang “Long Tall Texan” which was a minor hit in the early 60s. He later must have relocated to Texas where he hooked up with this garage act and recorded this decent “novelty” 45 around 1966.
Tony & The Bandits – (Oh No!) I Can’t Lose / It’s A Bit Of Alright (1965)
Tony Brazis and his crew were from Cincinnati, OH and had one other great 45 on Coral before they changed their name to the Chosen Lot and had one more 45 on Sidra. This 45 however is their best and is a sterling example of how US groups could interpret the British Beat sound perfectly. Check out this amazing video…..
Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Searchin’ / All I Have To Do Is Dream (1966)nfordfanatics
Neal Ford and The Fanatics were based in Houston, Tx. Their “I Will Not Be Lonely” (as simply The Fanatics) is one of the all time greats as well as “Shame On You” a sinister piece of garage/punk that was released on Hickory and featured in IDG #24. This earlier effort covers two rock and roll standards, and while neither of them ar4e “killers”, they’re both decent garage takes on two classics.
Bo Street Runners – Alladin (1966)
bo st runners
These guys were one of several “Bo Street Runners” who were running around making records during the 60s. The guys may have been from Phoenix, AZ but I’m not positive. This song was originally recorded by The Changin’ Times of “How Is The Air Up There” fame.
Flying Circus – Green Eyes, Green World / Got To Learn To Love (1967)flying circus
A Bay Area group that had three 45s although the last one was from 1970 and I’ve never heard it. This one is pretty good though with some nice jangly guitars.
Mickey Buckins & The New Breed – Seventeen Year Old Girl / Long Long Time (1967)mickey buckins
A group of guys from the Muscle Shoals area of Alabaama that had two real good 45s and all four sides reflect a different style. The A side of this one is a tale of a wild, swingin’ 17 year old chick who’s driving her pop crazy. B side is a great R&B tinged ballad. I’m working on getting a copy of their version of “Reflections Of Charles Brown” which is quite a departure from this record.
13th Precinct – You Gotta Be Mine / Junk Yard (1967)13th precinct
Although long thought of as a group from the south, The 13th Precinct was from Sterling, IL which is west of Chicago. They originally were called “The Inspirations” and had an ace 45 on Feature titled “That Girl” which has made it on a few comps. The group also included Michael Murphy who ended up in REO Speedwagon for several of their albums (better ones I might add) before Kevin Kronin stepped in and made them a “hard pop” powerhouse. You can get lots more info on the fantastic website GARAGE HANGOVER.
1910 Fruitgum Factory – Reflections From The Looking Glass (1967)1910 fruitgum factory
Who woulda thunk that the guys who laid out the bubblegummiest of bubblegum classics, “Simple Simon”, would throw such a cool psychedelic number as the B side of their hit? Not me.
Bridge – It’s A Beautiful Day / Life Of A Day (1969)thebridge
A New Haven, CT band that had at least one other 45 that’s been featured here on IDG (I think…..wait, no it hasn’t. Sorry). One side is decent pop/psyche, but the other gets into that “tri-sate area” Vanilla Fudge thing which was so prevalent at that time. Very good.
Bubble Puppy – Thinkin’ About Thinkin” / Days Of Our Time (1969)bbbblepuppy
Second last 45 generated by these Texas legends before they changed their name to Demian and released an LP on ABC which is rather good. “Thinkin’” statrs off with some typical Bubble Puppy style riffing but then gets into an almost Beatlesque type chorus that breaks the tune up quite nicely.
Vagrants – And When It’s Over / I Don’t Need Your Lovin’ (1968)vaaaaagrants
Speaking of “tri state” area bands, The Vagrants were perhaps the best, due to the fact that Leslie West was such a fantastic guitarist, (yup, even in his Mountain days) and hell, the rest of the band was pretty damn good too, They also had the perfect formula of mixing soul, R&B, garage, and psychedelia all in one nice package. Nice job guys.

It’s A Happening!


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  5. I'm dying to hear this, Dan, just because Mae West is on it:)

  6. from duncanmusic....Well, Dan, I am sorry to hear of your File Server Troubles. I got here too late to DL the latest, even though I checked yesterday. A couple of things I wanted to say about the 45s you posted here...Would you belileve I saw the Vagrants at The Taylor Building in Fairport, NY a WAY back when...the actual building still exists there on the North & East side of the Railroad tracks in Fairport. From what I remember it was loud and good, probably the best regional band I had seen up to then (circa 67-68)...also I recall seeing the 1910 Fruitgum Co on Dick Clark's American Bandstand probably about the time of this record ( I was STILL watching into the early '70s from when I started in 1956? when it first started..born in 1951 I was a Buffalo born rock 'n' roll baby glued to the radio by '53 or '54) and I remember Dick Clark doing a short interview where they spoke up and admidted they were into Procol Harum and 'heavier' music than the 45s that are associated with them. It's been a long while since I worked in a used record store and had their LPs ( and much esle early Buddah/Kama Sutra 45s to listen to...) so I'd be interested in hearing this if only....ah! Well, when and if you get started again would you PLESE start with this one? Go to Willard's Wormholes ( where they know of you) and post in thier C-Box and we'll find you. I've enjoyed EVERYTHING that you've posted and didn't even get a chance to see if you had a yellow & red Kama Sutra 45 I've been craving for years after I sold it to Tom Kohn... The Outlaws' doing 'The Letter'. They sound like Vanilla Fudge so much one could almost think that it WAS the Fudge under an assumed name. If you don't have it, one to search was SpecTACular! WHo knows? Maybe Tom still has it.... in the meantime THANKS for all you've done here. Say hello to our mutual folk singing freiends when you see them for me, okay?

    1. Duncan,
      Thanks for weighing in (again) and for the kind comments. You know, I now wish I had more of that Kama Sutra/Buddah stuff as I usually passed on it being most "bubblegum" and all. Although I've never heard the 1910 Fruitgum Factory LP. I'll bet it's got more cool stuff on than you'd expect. I think I probably passed on that Outlaws 45 too at some time or another and if it's anything resembling Vanilla Fudge it's too bad I did. FYI, Tom Kohn had to move his store from the Village Gate out to Monroe Ave. near 12 Corners. I haven't been to the new location yet but I'd like to soon. The old store is now a sushi restaurant. My kids took me to eat there just this past week and it was weird. Back on track here (for now) and working on #79. Stay tuned.......

  7. Here ya go....

  8. Thanks, Dan. This set looked too damn good to miss out on!

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  10. from duncanmusic: Obviously the rumors of your demise were exaggerated. Thanks for the links. Don't go away.

    1. Down. But never out......We'll survive here. We just need to dodge a few obstacles.

  11. #78 kicks ass! So glad we're getting a chance to hear it. Thanks, Dan.


    best regards

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    1. It's not the link. I tried every version, lower case upper case w the !, words THE LINK. Cute, but I really like your collections and it's too frustrating to NOT hear these songs because I (and I suspec t many others) can't open it.

      Mike in PA

    2. Read the link...It's A Happening!

  16. Hey thanks Dan...glad to see ur back. You Can't Keep A Good Dan Down...
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  17. Dan, good buddy, you have great records, and these comps of yours have been highly entertaining all the way. I do appreciate your hard work and great taste. Thank you for doin' whatcha doin' the way that you do it! Take care, BB, Finland

  18. Thanks for another great addition to this series. I haven't been too active lately and am sorry to see some weasel is making things tough for you. I've been with you from almost the beginning and it never ceases to amaze me how much great tunage I missed even with me being heavily involved with music in the mid-late 60's. I sure appreciate the chance to catch up now. Best to you and thanks,Mike (hotrodmike)

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    I may add a little to the mystery with the password. I had the same problems here: tried it a dozen times - and nothing worked. Copied and pasted it, typed it, added a space, left one, added the exclamation mark, left it away, tried it again the next day - nothing!
    And when I finally decided to write you a reply asking for the password ... I see your latest post here with another repetition of the password, copied and pasted it - and ... bingo ... it worked!!! Maybe it is the apostrophe ... I don't know. It's a bit of a miracle, isn't it?

    Thanks once again for these great albums!!!!


  22. Computers work in mysterious ways sometimes. Enjoy. #80 on it's way soon......

  23. Hi Dan,
    I'm very glad to enjoy your great posts! Most of the tracks are completely new for me because they never been released in Holland.
    Thank you a lot!
    Groet uit Nederland [It's cold behind the dikes :)]
    Cees van Dijk