Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Dan’s Garage…#73

Greeting friends! I’m sure a few of you have been waiting with baited breath for the newest installment of “Dan’s Garage”, and I heartily apologize for the latest shortcomings. This is all due to the fact that my lovely wife and I have purchased a new home, and stuff is scattered all over the place as well as my schedule which has been rather full lately as I transition from one place to another. The bad news is I have to shut this thing down for a brief period. The good news is when I get up and running again, the sound quality of the posts should improve as I will be changing my recording set-up with some more state of the art equipment. Here’s a view of the new HQ……..
114 country la.
Yes, a nice suburban home that rests about a half mile from Ridgemont Country Club, a very nice private golf course in the Town Of Greece in Upstate NY where we’ll be residing. I don’t golf, but it makes for a pretty nice neighborhood enhancer.
  Here’s the lowdown on this post… because of time constraints, and the fact that my scanner is stashed away somewhere, I’ve had to dispense with them (scans) this time around. Sorry, I’ll try to get around to them when I’m up and running at the new Dan’s Garage Central. In the meantime you can enjoy this latest offering. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it immensely. I hope everyone’s spring is going well, (is it fall right now down under???) and I we’ll be looking forward to having a great summer. By the way, I went on a record buying rampage before shutting down so I’ll be well stocked for future posts! Look for a series of “I Used To Be In A Bunch Of Bands” posts also where I’ll shamelessly promote my past and present projects! See you all very soon!
Cheers! Dan.
01. Larry & The Gents - Little Queenie (Delaware)   
02. Larry & The Gents - Can't You Tell (Delaware)   
03. Dartells - Clap Your Hands (HBR)   
04. Dartells - Where Do We Stand (HBR)   
05. Jimmy & The Rackets - Baby Keep Your Love (Elite Special)   
06. Jimmy & The Rackets - Don't Just Stand There (Elite Special)   
07. Simon Scott - Move It Baby (Imperial)   
08. Trippers - Keep A Knockin (Dot)   
09. Trippers - Dance With Me (Dot)   
10. Majenics - Up On The Roof (Conroy)   
11. Majenics - I Want To Dance (Conroy)   
12. Sands - Better Man Than I (JCP)   
13. Sands - Little Things (JCP)   
14. Sir Douglas - She's Gotta Be Boss (Tribe)   
15. Sir Douglas - Quarter To Three (Tribe)   
16. Four Fifths - If You Still Want Me (Columbia)   
17. Four Fifths - Have You Ever Loved A Girl (Columbia)   
18. Iguanas - This Is What I Was Made For (Dunhill)   
19. Iguanas - Diana (Dunhill)   
20. Empty Set - Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Coral)   
21. Choir - No One Here To Play With (Roulette)   
22. Choir - Don't You Feel A Little Sorry For Me (Roulette)   
23. In Crowd - Why Must They Criticise (Tower)   
24. In Crowd - I Don't Mind (Tower)   
25. Joint Effort - Mary On A Go Round (Spin-It)   
26. Joint Effort - The Square (Spin-It)   
27. Love Exchange - Swallow The Sun (Uptown)   
28. Love Exchange - Meadow Memory (Uptown)   


  1. I wait patiently :)
    Good luck in your new home!
    See you
    Groeten uit Nederland

  2. Dan: Wow...a garage. I wish my house a had a garage. By the looks of that tree, you'll be raking a lot of leaves this fall. As always,thanks for the great comp.

    1. Oh, that's not the only tree. There's another one in the front that you can't see, plus the two silver maples in the back. I have a 1/2 acre of lawn to mow so I got myself a $250 rider mower at a real nice "redneck" auction. It definitely makes life easier. Thinking about getting that leaf gathering gizmo that I've been seeing on those infomercials........

      P.S. My next door neighbor is a FREAK with the trimming and edging. I see a competition brewing.........

  3. Hi Dan. Good to see you back on line and a new garage! The weather down here is autumn rapidly approaching winter. (I have never been comfortable with the term "Fall". I guess its about leaves falling but in Oz the native trees do not lose their leaves. Although where I live we do get distinct seasons and sometimes snow but mostly its hot.)Perhaps you should compile a weather related download? Paul, Australia

    1. Well...Up here in the states we use the term "autumn" regularly, but I'm such a lazy bastard I just use the term "fall" to make life easier on myself (yes, those extra keystrokes take up so much time....)... but seriously, I must admit I am a geography freak, and I want to know where everything is in this wonderful world, and what is happening there. Hope your winter is not too cold and I wish you all the best.

    2. Oh yes.. songs of winter summer spring and... autumn :)

  4. Hello Dan

    Your new house looks really beautiful. Hope it's a happy place for you and your wife in the future.
    Keep up the good work with 'In Dan's Garage'

    Colin a.k.a. EXPO67

  5. Congratulations on the new house!

  6. Best of luck with your new HQ.
    I've been enjoying your collections.
    Good health; long life

  7. Thanks for the latest volume. Looks like you've got a nice new house to live in--more room for all of those 45's--lol.

  8. Nice house. Looks like it has plenty of room for you to buy more records;)

  9. Much obliged for the music Dan!

    Greetings out east in Skaneateles, NY, Nice spread!

  10. Dan..I temp dj playing 60's hits with garage obscurities. Are any of these compilations for sale or what. There is a lot of great songs I would like to play on my show and I want to make sure I do it legally. One group, The Mavericks-Trains, is something I have been wanting to play but I only saw it on your site. Anyway. any feedback would be appreciated. My email is

  11. more room for more music dan.

  12. Your compilations are magnificent, since the beginning (2009 for me), yesterday I listened again your " Best of part2 " with the cover "Little Queenie by The Furys at the top (this comps is FANTASTIC!), and it is really a lot of discovery for french as I, I am always connected with Dan Garage!...No problem!
    ... And congratulations for your beautiful house (there is "Grand" Gagage!...I suppose!)